Your gifts and your abilities

In Romans 12, Paul indicates in different ways that a believer as a member of the body of Christ can serve. He amplifies it in first Corinthians chapters twelve through fourteen. We do not all have the same abilities. We, the calls of God, must recognize our own limitations; the strong and weak areas.
There are people who can do some things much better than others. Some have the gift of the word like, Apollos. Others are great teachers like Pablo. There are people with the gift of communication and with great ease who do, which is difficult to understand, clear and simple. These people allow people to be astonished and satisfied with beauty and clarity of speech. When there is controversy or heated arguments, they always come out ahead and with applause, while there are others who make it simple and intricate and the difficult can not clarify it.
On the other hand, there are people of deep thoughts and sublime expressions that unfortunately do not know how to communicate. It is possible to be an Apollos but the rhetoric itself has never built churches. In the first book to the Corinthians, Paul says:
"If I speak angelic and human tongues and have no love, I come to be like a metal that resonates and a cymbal that retunes" (13: 1)
The fact of speaking beautifully or differently does not guarantee, nor does it determine the ability to develop a church.
Such a gift is imperative for the pastor. The servant who has not developed, or who has not received this gift from the Holy Spirit, may not become an effective leader as a senior pastor.
In Ephesians 4:11, Paul says: "And He Himself constituted some, apostles; to other prophets; to other evangelists; to other master pastors. "
It seems very clear to me that to be an effective pastor it is necessary to be a teacher and imperative.
He has to know how to convince, communicate and exhort properly, to nourish and guide the body of Christ. The pastor who does not do everything possible to improve, develop and refine his teaching style and method will never be an efficient and effective pastor and leader. The preaching and proclamation of the pulpit is also didactic. There are a few pastors who have developed churches by this means, but most of those who have succeeded are because they are good teachers of the Word. That's why an evangelist can be charming in the pulpit and bored in the teaching classroom.
Good preacher, good teacher, but how is your ability to organize a good program of activities for your church? Do you know how to delegate responsibility and authority? It could be that you were one of those leaders who never want to let go for fear of losing pastoral authority. Remember only the insecure self fears delegating responsibilities to others. The pastor is responsible for the whole program of the church, but he can not do everything. He has to train people who are willing to serve and have to trust them.
This ministry task has been neglected to a great extent. The administration of a Baptist church program includes everything. Finance, buildings, justo issues, ministries, discipleship, leadership development, visitation, worship, as well as proclamation.
It is necessary to recognize our strong and weak areas. What we know not to be our ability, we should delegate to another person. There are times when the leader has to be a follower, without ceasing to be the leader. When the pastor develops a leadership team, he chooses and trains them, to complement and not to usurp the position. When there is self-assurance, there is no room for not letting go of the person who knows how to do better than me or you.
In effect, I believe that the administration is overcome when the pastor works as if he were a quarterback of American football, always looking for someone to give him the ball. He neither runs nor catches like the experts, few do. The one that scores points, it was not by his only ability, but by a team of eleven who did their job well. Each one in its place, giving 100% for 100%.
The pastor is creative and responsible is the one that fosters and controls the environment in the worship of the church. You must work very close to the people who make the newsletter, who direct the music and always be aware of everything that is going to happen.

Author: Daniel Sotelo
Born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, he emigrated to the United States in 1950. He studied at California Baptist University and at Golden Gate Baptist Tehological Seminary, obtaining his baccalaureate and was recently honored with a PhD. Since 1954 he has been a pastor in 4 churches and has served as moderator in three Baptist Associations in different areas of California. He has been president of the National Baptist and California Fellowship, in addition to serving as Vice President of the California Baptist Convention. He has traveled and preached in 55 countries.

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