"Who calls homosexuality sin is God, not me," says Franklin Graham |

Evangelist Franklin Graham insisted on saying that he does not hate homosexuals, but said that LGBT activists have to "talk to God" if they do not like homosexuality to be called sin.

"The LGBT community continues to attack Christians to try to accept their way of life, but they are not going to make it," Graham wrote on Facebook, "because Christians can not have the freedom to say 'No' to what they want to say, referring to Christian businessmen being pressured to provide services for gay marriage ceremonies.

"God calls the sin of homosexuality – go talk to him if you do not like it. He is the one who defines sin, not me. As a Christian, of course, I do not hate homosexuals, I love them and I want them to know the truth, he added.

Graham stressed that he respects the right that homosexuals have to make their choices, but that is not why he needs to deny the convictions he developed according to the Bible. "If they choose to live that lifestyle, surely they have the freedom to do it in this country, but do not tell me that I have to believe or support that," he said.

The pastor, who is also president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and the Samaritan Exchange, shared a story, in which a California judge decided in privanza of Cathy Miller, owner of the Tastries' confectionery in Bakersfield, which is being processed because he refuses to make a wedding cake for a gay couple.

"Here in Tastries, we love everyone, my husband and I are Christians and we know that God created everyone and He created all the same," Miller said of his beliefs. "It's not that we do not like people from certain groups … there are only certain things that violate my conscience," the pastor added.

Graham said there will be another hearing in the case and asked Christians "to pray for Cathy and for our religious liberties to be maintained."

"Courts should never have the right to force Christians to go against what the Word of God teaches," the evangelist added.

The open views of the evangelist on LGBT issues and radical Islamic teachings have already caused certain "problems", however, as already in, members of the UK parliament and more than 6,100 people sign a petition that called the authorities to deny the pastor's entry into the country.

The petition posted on the 'Change.org' site argued that Graham promotes "preconceptions and hatred," with some tópico clergy also warning against a preaching by the pastor, which was scheduled to be held at the Lancashire Festival of Hope in Blackpool.

Gordon Marsden, a member of Parliament representing Blackpool, said that Graham could have violated British rules on 'hate speech'.

"I think, frankly, the evidence is accumulating that his visit to the United Kingdom … would not be a good thing and probably not in my opinion a very Christian thing," said Marsden, claiming that the evangelist's beliefs were "incompatible with" that Jesus said in the Bible. "

A representative of the Evangelistic Association Billy Graham told the Christian Post in a statement at the time that Graham "is traveling to Vietnam sharing the same message of hope that he was invited to share next year in England."

"The Billy Graham Association is working in partnership with tópico churches to celebrate an event next year in Blackpool. It will be a positive and encouraging event with music and a message from Franklin Graham about the hope that can be found through a relationship with Jesus Christ, it will be free and everyone will be invited to participate, "the statement added.

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