What should we expect from a good sermon?

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spurgeon-preaching-300x231The Lord's Day is approaching and many sermons will be preached in many churches around the world. This note of caution from Graeme Goldsworthy about the praises we hear at the door of the church at the end of a message helps us to have a clear idea of ​​what we should expect from every faithful preacher of the Word.

"Many times the sermon is considered effective because the preacher stimulated us and even entertained us; or maybe it seems right because it confirms our preconceived ideas or our prejudices. But the preacher must be careful, because the many congratulations and conversations about 'what a good sermon' and how the Lord blessed us during his talk can be very seductive. "

These types of comments depend to a large extent on what has been taught to wait for our listeners. Keep saying Goldsworthy:

"Since it is the gospel that through revelation shows us the true cause of our human problem, and also God's response to it, that which is appropriate must be evaluated through the gospel itself."

So the first questions we should ask ourselves after listening to a sermon, "should not be: 'What was effective?' 'Was it helpful?' Or 'Did he bless us?', If not: 'How did the study or sermon gave testimony of Christ and His gospel, as the power of God for salvation? '"(Graeme Goldsworthy, How to Preach Christ Using the Whole Bible, pp. 95-96).

Sugel MichelénAuthor: Sugel Michelén

He studied for the ministry in 1979. Later he was sent by the Biblical Church of the Lord Jesus Christ (IBSJ), in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, to the city of Puerto Plata, to begin a work there. But at the end of 1983 he was called to be part of the IBSJ pastor corps, where he serves the Lord since then, regularly exposing the Word on Sundays. He is also the author of the blog All Thought Captive.

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