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Some religions are ethnic like Hinduism. Others are nationalists like Shintoism. Some are traditionalists like Judaism. There are religions that teach ético and ethnic as Confucianism. Others are militarists like Islam. Buddhism is mystical. Animism is hidden. There are hundreds of religions in the world. Some are old and others are new. Even the teachings of Jesus Christ have been integrated into one religion and another, where is the answer? ALL RELIGIONS HAVE ONE THING IN COMMON. All offer a system of teachings, rites and rules of life to make you happy in this life and for eternity. Religion says that the individual possesses in himself the power to earn his own salvation on the basis of merit, or sanctity, personal. There are many commandments, rules and norms-enough to make anyone worthy to keep them. The standards of life of a religion can be the same, or as good, as those of other groups, but the basic problem of religion is not It has to do with the rules you have, or do not have. The problem is in man himself. He says and does not. He promises and does not comply. So the person fails his religion and his religion fails him. The fault is not in the desire to have communion with God, but in the method that is used to achieve it. RELIGION PUTS THE EMPHASIS IN THE PERSON THEMSELVES. It is assumed that the goal of practicing piety is to find a better way of life, that of the knowledge of God and obtain eternal life. Why are there so many religions if you are looking for the same thing? Because everyone does his will: each man makes his own god. The human imagination makes a figure and says, "Behold, my god." Does not it seem logical that if God exists and if He wants to have fellowship with the man he has made, that he himself would take the initiative and point the way towards The? God has not left the lost human being on this island of the universe with only his own imagination to help him find the answers to his greatest questions. God has spoken very clearly. Although many ignore them, God has left three faithful witnesses on earth. They are nature, the Holy Bible and the Lord Jesus Christ. Through nature, we realize that the creator is of infinite wisdom and power. He has made the expansion of space and the tiny microscopic world. We learn that he loves beauty, order and that he is ético. The design and sustaining of life itself speak of its infinite wisdom. The apostle Paul makes mention of this truth in his epistle to the Romans when he says, "Because the invisible things of Him, His eternal power and deity, become clearly visible from the creation of the world, being understood through the things made of so that they have no excuse "(Romans 1:20). God has delivered the Holy Scriptures to humanity through the prophets. God's answer to man's questions is found in the Holy Bible. Great spiritual, philosophical, psychological, geological, anthropological and many other sciences are found in the two testaments of the Bible. Everyone has opinions about the Bible, but many ignore what it says. They do not realize that she will be their judge and accuser in the final judgment. Jesus said, "He who hears my words and does not keep them, I do not judge him; because I did not come to judge the world, but to save the world. He who rejects me, and does not receive my words, must judge him; the word that I have spoken, she will judge him in the last day. "(John 12: 47-48) Jesus Christ is the supreme revelation of God. He himself said, "He who has seen me has seen the Father." (John 14: 9) To know Christ is to know God. No other religious leader of the major religions of the world has been able to say that he was God and prove it with his life as Christ did. The person who rejects this final and true revelation of God will lose hope of eternal life. "That is why I told you that you will die in your sins; because if you do not believe that I am, in your sins you will die "(John 8:24). Of all the religious leaders of the world, only Jesus Christ taught that the salvation of the person does not depend on his own efforts, nor on his own virtue, nor of his own works of justice; but it rests totally on the merit and sanctity of the Son of God. Only Christ taught that salvation is through grace (the unmerited amparo that God gives to the sinner) and that this salvation is simply received through faith in Him – more nothing and nothing less. THIS TRUTH SEPARATES JESUS ​​FROM ALL THE FOUNDERS OF THE RELIGIONS OF THE WORLD AND PUT IT IN A SEPARATE CLASS. He taught that everyone should repent of their sins. The repentance that God demands is a change of mind and heart, which transforms life. In addition, Jesus taught that salvation is received through faith placed in himself and in his Word. On the other hand, religion only offers suffering, penances, disciplines and punishments. Religion says you have to keep more commandments and do more works to "pay for your sins." Jesus says, "I paid everything for you, in your place." No one is good enough. No one can approach God by his own merits. In front of God, we are all sinners of one degree or another. This condition of the human heart makes it impossible for man himself to be saved. The practice of religion can affect the behavior of a person before the world around him, but can never change the heart, the interior of the person, and make it just. Jesus Christ offers a new life. This life begins with the new birth. You can work your whole life, but you can never become a member of the family of God through your own efforts, because the children of God's family are born, they are not made. Jesus Christ became a member of the human family so that we we could become members of the family of God. He was born in the land of Palestine so that we could be reborn to heaven. He died in our place on a cross so that we could live in his home in Glory. He rose from the dead to assure us a better resurrection for eternal life. Religion says, "Get your own salvation," but Christ says, "Receive the gift of God." Religion says, "Do your best" , but Jesus says, "Trust in God with all your heart." Religion says, "Do this and that," but Jesus says, "It is finished." Religion says, "Afflicted to yourselves," but Christ says , "Leave your dead works." Religion says, "Appease the wrath of God," but Jesus Christ says, "Accept the love of God." Religion says, "Pay your debts," but God says, "Accept my forgiveness. "Religion says," Lament, "but Christ says," Rejoice. "What must I do to inherit eternal life? The Holy Bible says, "This is the work of God, that you believe in Him whom He has sent." WHAT RELIGION SAVES? NO RELIGION SAVES, because religion always begins with the human being, and he is a total failure. The salvation that Jesus offers you, right now, will bring you forgiveness, peace with God and eternal happiness. He will erase the sins of the past. Religion will never be able to do this. God will give you a new heart, a heart that loves you and wants to please you in everything. The love of God will take the place of the fear of God you will be part of his great family AND NOT OF A RELIGION. May God Bless You By Leonardo Muñoz Muro, Posted in ForoCristiano.com (General Forum of Religion)

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