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"So, brothers, I beg you for the mercies of God, that you present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy, pleasing to God, which is your rational worship. 2 Be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God. "Romans 12: 1,2" And for them I sanctify myself , so that they too may be sanctified in the truth. " John 17: 19 In this passage from chapter eight of the book of Leviticus, it is important to note what happened at the consecration of Aaron and his sons to the priesthood. The ram of the consecrations was brought; Aaron and his sons put their hands on the animal's head, which was then sacrificed and its blood spilled. Then Moses turned from the blood and applied it to each one of them, in different parts of their bodies. Here we have the two aspects of the consecration. The blood shed is the side of death; the blood applied, that of life. The blood shed represents life sacrificed, given, abandoned; but in the blood applied to man we have the life imparted to act in him actively and powerfully. When this is recognized, it is understood what consecration is and also what the imposition of hands means, that is, the act of identification with a life given to death. The applied blood represents a new position; it means that now there is nothing of man's own life, everything is of God because he lives by Him and for Him alone. This is the consecration. The seventeenth chapter of the Gospel according to St. John is known as the priestly prayer of the Lord Jesus. There he is, moving towards the altar, in the consecration of himself for his children, whom he wants to bring to glory so that they may see his glory, and so that they too enjoy that same glory. Here we have, without a doubt, what Aaron and his children represent. The High Priest sanctifies (consecrates) himself, as he says, so that they too may be sanctified (consecrated). The rest of the prayer is a wonderful exposition of the spiritual meaning of this part of Leviticus, chapter eight. Through these few lines we will try to understand it better. The whole man enters the field of consecration, in its two aspects of death and life; on the one hand the life given, abandoned, and on the other life, found, that continues, but on a new basis. This concerns the whole man represented by his ear, hand and foot. It is a simple and clear message to our hearts. THE GOVERNMENT OF THE EAR We begin by hearing: "…. and Moses took the blood, and put it on the lobe of Aaron's right ear "This symbolizes that the Lord must have the supreme government of the ear, that we must reach the point where the ear is dead to every other voice or influence that wants to dominate us, but that is alive for God and only for Him. It is clear that, in a certain way, the ear is what governs every life; not necessarily the outer organ, but the faculty of listening to the voice, of listening to any suggestion. Suggestions may come from our own temperament and our education. The things that inspire us in our life can be our natural desires and inclinations, the tendencies of our constitution, ambitions, hobbies and interests deeply rooted in us, simply because that is our nature. To hear those voices is to have life governed by our own interests. Or maybe it's other things, like the suggestions, desires and ambitions of other people for us, the voice of the world, the voice of human affections, the consideration of what others like. Oh, how many voices can call us! If we listen to them, we will become their servants and slaves; they will govern our hearing and, with it, our life. This significant truth of Leviticus Eight tells us definitively and emphatically to you and to me that this death, this immolation, is that of our hearing with respect to all those voices, and that the applied blood shows that we now have an ear only for the Lord, that it is His voice that should govern our life. The right ear, like the right hand, represents the place of honor and power in what refers to our hearing. Therefore, you and I, when we say that we are consecrated men and women, testify that we have died with Christ to the government or dominion that wants to exercise over us any voice that is not that of the Lord himself. We should not consult the voice of our own interests, our own ambitions, inclinations, or the voice of the wishes of any other person. It is a solemn and clear word for each one of us, especially for the younger ones, whose lives can be influenced by other considerations, given that their career has just begun. It may be that the sense of responsibility for their life is very strong, the feeling that it would be a disaster to be wrong and to waste time, in addition to ambition to succeed. Let this be the law for your whole life; and even if things develop in an unexpected way, that the ways of the Lord sometimes seem strange to you, that in the midst of deep experiences you have to pay attention to the exhortation that is given to us in the book of Proverbs 3: 5: "Trust yourself of Jehovah with all your heart, and do not lean on your own prudence. "… later you will understand that everything has contributed to God's success; You will see that you have achieved what God wanted and, in truth, is there something more important or more valuable than this? The road may be very different from what you had expected, thought or judged reasonable for your life, but what does that matter since God has achieved His purpose in your life, since your life is a success from the point of view of God. This is the secret: a living ear for Him, and dead for everything that comes from another source other than the Lord Himself. The seventeenth chapter of the Gospel according to John is a commentary on this truth. "They are not of the world, as I am not of the world either … "If we were of this world, we would accept their criteria for our lives, what the world judges as
being the path of success, prosperity and well-being. The spirit of the world sometimes enters our hearts to suggest that following this or that path would be disastrous. To give ear to that voice is to be conformed to this century. "So, brothers, I beg you, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy, pleasing to God, which is your rational worship." From the beginning, as regards the government of life, the main meaning is the ear. The blood must be applied to the ear; that is, it must be under the blood to be the means by which God rules. It means that we must have a spiritual ear. As children of God, we have, by the new birth, the faculty of hearing the spiritual and we must take care to exercise it as the Lord wants. This shows us that the ear must be attentive. Many people have an ear, they hear, but they do not listen. The Lord tells us many things and we do not listen to what he is saying, although we know that he is speaking to us. There must be in us a "quiet place" for the Lord. The enemy wants to fill our lives with other voices: petitions, duties and interests so that it is impossible for us to enjoy an attentive ear to the Lord. The ear must develop, grow in capacity. The little boy has an ear, but even if he listens, he does not always understand what he hears. The baby hears, but does not understand the meaning of sound. As he grows up he knows the meaning of those sounds. In the same way, the spiritual ear, the consecrated ear, must have the same marks of development and progress. In addition, this ear must be obedient so that, by listening, we obey. This is how God governs life from the beginning. THE WORK OF OUR HANDS Then we come to the hand: "… Moses took the blood, and put it … on the thumb of the right hand". The order is like this: first the ear, then the hand. The Lord must have the place of honor and power in the activities of our life, in the work of our hands. All this may seem very simple, but it is necessary to listen to what the Lord wants to tell us in this regard. The main thing is that, in whatever we do or intend to do, in all our service, the "I" must die; not serving ourselves or the world, not serving for our own gratification, our pleasure, advantage, honor, glory, position, exaltation or reputation. In the death of Him who gave Himself for us, we have died to all that; From now on, our hand, in everything he does, whether in the affairs of this world or in the many daily tasks, in any activity that he has to deal with, our hand must be dead to itself, and on the other hand work with You look to the interests of the Lord. "Everything that comes to your hand to do, do it according to your strength. Ecclesiastes 9: 10 Let us remember how the apostle warns us about the service rendered to men as to please men and not the Lord. He spoke above all to the slaves of that time, who had to do many things that were not to their liking, but he said to them: Do your service, not as for those men who are your masters, but as for the Lord. (See Colossians 3:17, 22-24) We must ask ourselves why we occupy a certain place, or what it is that leads us to desire such a particular place or work. What is the main reason for our ambition to serve? We should be able to say, before God, that all personal or worldly consideration is dead, and that now our service is not the one that feels obliged to fulfill it, but the service of one who voluntarily offers to do even difficult, painful things, those that are not pleasant or interesting, doing everything to please the Lord. Write these words in your heart: the Lord can not elevate you and give you another more useful, more profitable and more glorious work for Him, while you have not surrendered your faithful service, entirely as for Him, in that place and humble, despised, monotonous or unpleasant work. This means the surrender of the self to death continually. It is the path to ascension. It is the path by which we arrive at a position in which the Lord receives from our lives more than we think. There is a priestly ministry to do what is difficult and unpleasant for the Lord; But the moment we do it, we do not see that we are priests. The idea of ​​wearing priestly garments when we are sweeping the floor or washing dishes is far from our imagination. However, we give an effective testimony without knowing it. Maybe you see one day. Someone will tell us: I had the proof that Jesus Christ is a reality, simply when I saw how you did the things I knew you did not like, because I did them in such a way that convinced me that Christ is a living reality. This is not imagination, it is what really happens. The Lord is attentive to all that we do. THE DIRECTED WALKING Now we consider the foot. "… Moses took the blood, and put it … on the thumb of the right foot" This indicates that the Lord must have the direction of our life, that all our exits and entrances are to be guided solely by the interests of the Lord. We are not always commanded to walk. Walking is sometimes easier; is to stop and wait for what it costs. We wish so much to go forward that often the Lord has difficulty in making us go by His way. In any case, we have here a simple message, a direct word. In our walk, both in staying and leaving, we must be dead to everything that is not of the Lord. Our own life has been handed over, abandoned, that is to say what life was lived for and for ourselves. Now we live on another level. THE SUPREME EXAMPLE Let's apply this to the Lord, our High Priest. Did He ever hear for himself, or for the world? Was not He listening to the Father only? Let's think about each step of His life. Satan came to Him in the desert and began to speak to Him. We do not know how it happened. We know that the Lord must have told it secretly to some of His disciples, since no one was with Him at that time. He was alone. We do not know if Satan presented himself in physical form and spoke to him with a perceptible voice, but it probably was not so and that he acted rather through inner suggestions, insistently harassing the Lord in His heart with certain considerations, showing him His own interest. There is no doubt that Satan spoke to him in one way or another, and He heard what Satan told him; but His ear was "crucified" and the power of that voice was paralyzed by His consecration to the Father. He triumphed effectively on this basis: I have no ear for you. My ear is only for My Father. Satan appeared to him in other ways, not always openly, sometimes in a covert way. Thus, on one occasion he used a beloved disciple, saying: "Lord, have compassion on you; in no way should this happen to you "(Matthew 16:22). The Lord turned and said, "Get behind Me, Satan! you are a stumbling block to me "(v.23). He recognized that voice as that of the consideration and preservation of himself. He was dead to all that; this way of the Cross was the way of the Father for Him. He had an ear for the Father only, and so it was all the way. Was this true in regard to His service? Was there a moment in which he worked seeking His own will, His own glory? Do not! If there was something that could serve the interests of the Father, there He was willing, even if he was tired, exhausted, exhausted; never seeking His own glory or what he felt; and I do not doubt that sometimes I suffered intensely. We read of Him who was "weary" (John 4: 6). We know what it is like when we are tired; how much we would like to not only sit on the edge of the well, but stay there, even if there is something to do. If we are of the Lord, we must be governed by the interests of the Lord and sweep away all the suggestions made so that we take care of ourselves, that we think of ourselves. It was like this for the Lord in all His way. Whether he had to leave or if he had to stand, all of His walk submitted Him to the Father. On occasion His brothers wanted to persuade him to go to the party, but He did not give in to their insistence or arguments. The only criterion for Him was: What does My Father think of this? At the wedding at Cana, His mother insisted that they had no wine. His unexpected response was: "What do you have with me, woman?" (John 2: 4). Put another way: What does My Father say about this? It was like this throughout His life; on the one hand, dead to Himself and to the world, and, on the other, I live for God alone. What a fruitful life of yours, lived for the satisfaction of God! There is a union with Christ in the consecration. "By them I sanctify myself, so that they too may be sanctified in the truth" "So, brothers, I beg you … to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy, pleasing to God, which is your rational worship". There is what is our priesthood, our consecration. Shall we hear this message? Will we take it to the Lord in prayer? Will we prostrate ourselves before Him with this message? Maybe it is the message that puts an end to some conflict, some struggle, and that eliminates the restlessness, the irritation, the lack of peace and joy. We may have been worried that we were talking about wasting our lives and that this has afflicted us. Are you governed by your own ideas, your own conception of things, what others think of you, what people or others would do in your place? It is not those voices that we should listen to, but ask ourselves: What does the Lord say? It is in this that you must wait and rest. It may not be understood now, but it is true that a life based on this will achieve God's purpose. Do we want God to succeed in our lives? God can do through us something of which we thought ourselves absolutely incapable because of our temperament and constitution. Until now you had thought that your character, what you are by nature was what should indicate the direction of your life. It is not like this. Let us come to the Lord in this regard and, if necessary, consider our consecration again. Austin-Sparks

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