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The subtitle requires an explanation, because there is certainly no more correspondence with the homonymous classic Castilian work (Fuenteovejuna) than the sense of solidarity among the entire Christian brotherhood.
Indeed, when looking at this study, there is good observation: 2 The Christians who established the collection of tithes in the evangelical churches were simply members of them or their ministers? The answer is obvious, given that in the old days the instruction Biblical, theological and doctrinal matters were the responsibility of the cult ministers, since a good part of the congregation of the churches was still illiterate. In addition, among those who did know how to read, they were happy if they had a Bible, hymnal and some devotional, among the few books that could be found in any Christian home. If in a particular place the practice was promoted by the so-called "laity" , such exceptional initiatives do no more than prove the genérico rule: in all history it was the ecclesiastical authority that proposed, promulgated and forced the payment of tithes. That the doctrine of the tithe should come from the same ministerial team responsible for teaching it, impose it , claim it and perceive it, logically it will awaken suspicions in any sheep with two fingers of the head. The sheep can be as stupid as some preachers say of the ovine species, but never to the degree of not perceiving the cold that corrodes their bones, every time they are trasquiladas in meetings. There are national and municipal taxes that are paid annually, semiannually, quarterly or monthly tea; but churches that have already exceeded the era of shearing and are skinning their sheep. The present study is therefore announced as of sheep origin, since it pretends to make use of the observations made by simple brothers, but in our current time they have soon and easy access to many reference works need to consult. Here is the detail, as Cantinflas said, that do not take into account the pastors who continue to remember, insisting and demanding the payment of tithes, as their ancestors did from their infallible pulpits before congregations unable to controvert them. Now you can easily acquire or consult in a bookstore or evangelical library the same works on which our preachers and biblical expositors are supported. At a relatively low cost you can also get positivo digital libraries for use with the computer, achieving in a few seconds access to different biblical versions and commentaries, concordances and biblical dictionaries. At present, and in our country, it will be very rare to find an illiterate brother; and it is enough to visit the believers by their houses to warn a select assortment of Christian books plus other computer programs (COMPUBIBLIA, Bible Online, Christian Library) with dozens of biblical versions and hundreds of consultation volumes, not counting Internet access to Web pages of biblical studies, and even propose any issue to the Christian Discussion Forums. It is therefore surprising that the pastors continue to preach the tithes with such unconsciousness, as the emulators of that John Tetzel who almost five centuries ago obtained funds from the rustic Germans for the Vatican coffers. You can go to them while the sheep in their pens take their diet of ignorance; but when they awaken to their need to feed on the unadulterated Word of God, what will they invent then?

To the brief title of Tithes will also agree another explanation. And when you consider this topic you have to be very attentive to the gross distraction maneuver, trying to confuse it with other related issues such as: the offerings that believers bring to their churches; and that of the support of those who are dedicated to the work of the Lord. These two duties and privileges of Christians, of course, are in force and nobody disputes our commitment in such aspects. It often happens that, sensing the danger of getting out of hand with a matter as brought by the hair as is the tithe, we try to mix it with the others so that in the dust of the entrevero it passes hidden.

It will suffice to resort to a Concordance to verify that the verb "tithing" is conjugated 6 times in our usual RV1960; the term "tithe / s" appears 41; corresponding to 47 references, 37 to A.T. and 10 to N.T. We will do our study having all of them in view, so that none of our occurrences could legitimize their validity in the church of Christ.

As a final clarification we must say, that: against any negative impression that suggests the treatment of the subject, as far as it goes against the legitimate sustenance of the servants of the Lord, finta the contrary! Precisely, the tithe system maintains low levels of poverty, if not indigence, to the majority of the Creole evangelical pastors. The tithe system was effective in primitive Israel, in its national and religious context of essentially agricultural communities and where compliance of the entire Mosaic Law could put an end to injustice.

Imposing it in the church of Christ can only be advantageous for the rich, who boasting of being faithful tithers can dispose at will of the remaining 90%; while to the poor it is a painful commitment. It also gives the tithe to pastors of great and prosperous churches; but it hunts those who are new, small and poor, mainly in the interior of the country and suburban neighborhoods. No doubt that the Christian ministry is superior to the Levitical, and superior is also the New Testament method of offering and contributing to the support of the workers of the Lord Nobody who approaches this study prejudges wrongly before reading us. May God convince us that what He has arranged is better than what our calculations envision.

Due to the length of the Study we do not publish it completely. To continue reading, open the PDF version.

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