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Is 40.30-31
(The Courtship) Let us pray: … IntroductionThe Word of God recommends to the young man that no one should look down on his youth, that he be a CHEERFUL, LIVE, PROGRESSIVE person, that he is EXAMPLE of every good work before others, that he enjoys his life to the fullest. youth.The young man who serves God is of great esteem and pride for the Almighty (how many believe that God is proud of you ??). The father takes pride in his son when he is well behaved and does his will (Luke 2:33). The wise son makes the father happy, but the foolish son is sad for his mother. (Prov 10.1) Now, when a boy is wise? When he fears God (The principle of Wisdom is the Fear of Jehovah) The man who loves wisdom makes his father happy; but the one who frequents harlots will lose the goods (Pr.29.3, 15.20, 17.25) At no time does the Bible pretend that the young man does not have fun, that he does not enjoy his youth, his youthful strength, that he does not share with his friends. We can find this in the book of Ecclesiastes 11.9-10, 12.19 Rejoice, young man, in your youth, and take pleasure in your heart in the days of your adolescence; and walk in the ways of your heart and in the sight of your eyes; but know, that above all these things God will judge you. What God wants is for all men to come to repentance (2. P. 3.9) and to holiness (1 Thessalonians 4: 3) in order to find salvation, life. (seek me and you will live.) Amos 5.4) because without holiness no one will see the Lord (Heb 12.14) The Holy Word of God says to the young man: Eccl. 11.1010 Remove anger from your heart, and put away evil from your flesh; because adolescence and youth are vanity. Vanity: In the Old Testament is the translation of a word that gives the idea of ​​emptiness, "what is not", the false, the unreal (Ps 41.6). In Ps 4.2 and Hab 2.13 he has the sense of what must end in failure. Finally, in Is 40.17, 23; 44.9 equates to confusion, such as that which characterizes idol-makers. In the New Testament "vain" (in Greek, kenoŒs) has the meaning of "emptiness," as in 1 Co 15.10, 14, 58, emphasizing the absence of an essential quality, or in what is "without value" or "without result" (in Greek, maŒtaios) as in 1 Co 3.20; Tit 3.9; 1 P 1.18, so that vain things have to be rejected. The adjective denotes what deserves the most absolute repudiation.
and … Ecclesiastes 12.11 Remember your Creator in the days of your youth, before the bad days come, and the years come which say: I have no contentment in them. We find young people daily who want to die and even several they have achieved it, they commit suicide because they can not stand their problems, problems that they themselves have sought and mainly to walk in the delights of the world and do what they please. Problems that are caused by parents on many occasions. We see many young people "full of life" (material) spending it on vices, pimple, sex and how many things this world of perdition offers. And they are told about the gospel and reject this word of Salvation, they say that they are too young for it, too young to spend their lives glued to the Bible, that when they are older then they "get into" the gospel. As if the Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ was a teaching academy to be coming and going when it pleases him. THE GOSPEL OF JESUS ​​CHRIST IS THE POWER OF GOD FOR SALVATION, FOR THIS I AM NOT AFRAID TO BE A CHRISTIAN EVANGELIST BECAUSE I AM THE ADOPTIVE SON OF THE HIGHEST JEHOVAH OF THE ARMIES! (Rom 1:16). and if I were ashamed to be so, Christ would also be ashamed of me when he comes in his Glory (Mark 8.38). I am sure there is more than one young man who feels sorry to see him in the services, to see him with the Pastor or with the Bible, reprimand that penalty in the name of Christ and ask God for forgiveness, because your salvation is in danger. Christ must be served now that we are young, "alive, full of material life (and for his spiritual mercy) , because we become fishers of young people for the Church of Jesus and we will be USEFUL INSTRUMENTS IN THE HANDS OF GOD. (You are a useful Instrument in the hands of the Most Holy?) Because the truth is that an elder is very little that can be given to the gospel, because his forces are already declining, declining, retreating and no longer able to walk. a long time to bring the good news of salvation to a distant place; the old man is tired, he tires frequently, while the young man is strong like a buffalo or ox. Reading the Word2. Cor. 6.14-18, 7.1Oremos … Better to walk under the direction of Our Lord Jesus Christ, He tells us: Mt. 11.29-3029 Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am meek and humble of heart; and you will find rest for your souls; 30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. Luke 3:27 It is good for a man to wear the yoke from his youth. (BE UNITED TO GOD THROUGH CHRIST TO ARRIVE TO SALVATION Jn 14.6). CHRIST IS THE ONLY TRUE YOKE TO GET TO ETERNAL LIFE IS THE BRIDGE AND / OR THE UNION BETWEEN GOD AND MEN (1. Tim 2.5) Yugo : Madero that unites two animals, usually Oxen, for the development of special tasks. Moses prohibited the union under the yoke of animals of different species (Lv 19.19, Dt 22.10). Thinking of the yoke as a symbol of union, Paul advises believers to avoid the yoke of marriage or marriage, and any intimate union with unbelievers (2 Cor 6.14, cf. Dt 22.10). Christ establishes that his yoke is easy (Mt 11.28). -30), in comparison with the yoke of the Law (Gl 5.1) and sin (Rom 7.23-25), of which He frees us. When Paul says in this passage that we do not unite in unequal yoke, he does not mean only to the relationship of couple, but in communion with the unbelievers, idolatry, in a few words friendship with the world, because the one such things practices constitutes enemy of God. (Oh, adulterous souls, do you not know that the friendship of the world is enmity against God?) Anyone who wants to be a friend of the world, becomes an enemy of God, St. 4.4) Let us read: 1. Cor 7.1, 1. Cor 7: 8-16, 24, 26-28 The Christians of Corinth had written to Paul asking him different questions related to the Christian life, marriage and sexual relations since they were surrounded by sexual temptations permanently. The city had a reputation, even among pagans, for sexual immorality and prostitution of religion. The Corinthians needed specific and effective instructions because of the immoral norms of their culture. The church in Corinth was in a turmoil because of the immorality that surrounded it. Some lived in free union, others had their sexual girlfriends (lovers), other brides without marital commitment. Some who were against immorality rejected both sex and marriage. The Corinthian Christians wondered if they should do the same, so they asked Paul several questions. "Because sex is perverted, should not we also abstain from marriage?" "If my wife is not saved, should I seek divorce?" "Should not single people and widows marry?" Paul answered many of those questions saying: "For now, keep as you are. Welcome the situation in which God has placed you. Do not seek to marry or stay single. Live the will of God every day and He will show you what to do ". Spiritually, when we become Christians, our bodies belong to God because Jesus Christ bought us paying the price to free us from sin. Physically, our bodies belong to our spouses, because God designed our marriage so that through the union of husband and wife, the two become one (Genesis 2.24). Both marriage and being alone are gifts of God. One is not better than the other, both are valuable to achieve God's purposes. It is important, therefore, to accept one's current situation. When Paul says that he would prefer them to stay like him (for example, singles), he was expressing his wish that a number of people could dedicate themselves completely to the ministry without having to live pressed by the worries of the spouses and the family, as he did it. I was not criticizing the marriage; After all, it is the creation of God, it is the way to provide company and to populate the earth. WHAT IS THE NOVIAZGO? It is the time of loving relationships between a couple (MAN AND WOMAN) BEFORE CONTRACTING MARRIAGE. (not as "modern people" who live under fornication, have children and say they are dating or in extreme cases, people of the same sex). In the Bible the word courtship does not exist. But, Know, which gives practically the same function to understand Man in general, has a lot of doubts and problems regarding the courtship, marriage and divorce. But the Holy Word of God gives clarity to all these doubts. Courtship is a period of great importance, because it is where the cycle of relationships begins in the choice of a couple. It is where we begin to know each other, share our ideals, thoughts, attitudes, weaknesses and strengths. The courtship is essential because this is where I should know who I choose to be my partner. It is where I must detect if the person I am in love with does identify with my demands or requirements. One of the most fascinating adventures for men and women is mutual attraction and conquest. Courtship is a fact that does not go unnoticed by any human being. Maybe it is one of the most beautiful stages of life, made to always remember her with pleasure, although not all courtships have been happy. Courtship is a phase of deep and transparent friendship in the choice and relationship of a partner. Probably already you have realized that the search for a good partner often seems too difficult and full of obstacles. On the other hand, you are probably distressed by the idea of ​​being wrong and being involved in a miserable and complicated life with your partner due to unhappiness, infidelity or divorce. Very common problems when there is not the presence of the Holy Spirit in the home. TWO TYPICAL ILLNESSES OF THE NOVIAZGO1. IDEALIZATION A disease of courtship is called idealization. Some symptoms are: losing your temper for someone you do not even know well; see approach an attractive body feeling how the legs falter and heart beats; imagine that that attractive shell must contain an extraordinary essence and insist on it. When a friend makes us see the defects of the idealized being, we get angry and call him a liar. Then the friend walks away murmuring that love is blind. But true love is not blind, if we walk under the will of God Because we look inside the "beautiful" shell superficially and almost every time we find nothing more than an empty shell. That is, a boy or girl "PLASTICO (A)". No feelings, no longings, no future. The foolish young man (the one who has no knowledge of God, the super hypermegaplay boy or girl, the corroncho or gomelo) falls in love with clothing, fashion, the way he pretends to talk , of the pearcing, of the motilated, of the glasses, fall in love with this type of people because they have a motorcycle or car that is sometimes from the parents or stolen, they have a cell phone that sometimes is not theirs or is deactivated, they use it to impress or screen as we say popularly, but in his heart there is nothing but deception, is a being that is worth much less than nothing. This can not be classified as love, but caprice or SIN. PREMURA PASSIONAL (HAVING PRISA OR PASURAL PASURAL PRESSURE) In love with a body, we also get sick with passionate urgency: a constant desire to kiss, to embrace, to feel the closeness of the other is awakened in us. We do not conceive an interview in which we simply talk or live together, because the main reason (and unique) to be next to that extraordinary body is to light the sensations of ours. Here in a very high percentage, what is sexual debauchery is presented … … (lasciviousness) that before the eyes of God is sin and before decent humanity is considered dishonorable. Why?: 1. There is no fear of God.2. There is no respect for myself.3. There is no respect for the other.4. It does not matter to cause harm to the other and theirs. In a few words the only thing that is sought is sexual pleasure without any commitment and responsibility, bringing serious consequences such as: sexually transmitted diseases (AIDS …), unwanted pregnancies that produces another consequence such as abortion or infanticide. TYPES OF NOVIAZGOS1. Destructive Dating When someone does not want to study or work hard enough, when they do not want to engage fully with the Almighty God or want the other person to do so, when they are not interested in sports with discipline or have the courage to face important challenges, they will look for boyfriend or girlfriend and will "crush" at his side evading their responsibilities becoming an obstacle. Destructive courtship suffocate, harass, subtract mobility, time, freedom. They obstruct and hinder studies, work, goals and large projects, pollute family relationships and friendships. In a few words, he is an ENFERMIZOUS GIRLFRIEND. A destructive boyfriend, for example, will not write letters to his girlfriend, will want to accompany her everywhere, suffers just by leaving her alone, will be constantly trying to experiment with her deep kisses and caresses, will only seek the sexual side of the relationship, will talk to you on the phone at all hours, will want to see it early and will try to say goodbye late at night; In addition, it will show jealousy, threats and manipulation. It is a courtship in which there is no respect and much less trust in the other. A destructive courtship has no rules, stands in the way of individual progress, demotivates, creates emotional conflicts and removes inner peace. It is a harmful courtship.2. Constructive Courtships In the constructive courtship there is affective treatment and caresses, but it is not based on the love of bodies; therefore, he does not suffer the disease of idealization or of passional urgency. The constructive courtship is characterized by spiritual growth and reciprocal help, providing, at the same time, enough time and space for the individuality of both. In it, young people attend moderately, write letters, reserve romantic details, communicate at a deep level, feel enthusiastic, happy and motivated by the relationship. Here there is a lot of love and fear towards God, they care about their salvation and their sanctity. This courtship, typical of Christians who are Truly Saints, never want to sin with their relationship. The most important thing, in the constructive couple, is that they speak clearly and They know how to establish rules and purposes. They leave by fixed, by mutual agreement, some aspects such as: 1. The fulfillment and responsibility towards God and the Church, study and work.2. Schedules and days to see.3. Individual and couple goals.4. The ways to demonstrate confidence.5. The attitudes of help and support.6. How far to get in a matter of caresses … Both are disciplined and help each other to maintain the rules. When one fails, the other is upright, and vice versa. A constructive courtship has rules, helps individual progress, motivates them to grow and provides inner peace. Dear brother: Are you in love? Are you looking for someone special to share with? life? Do you already have a boyfriend? Are you happy with the person next to you? Do you want to improve your relationship? Do you want to do God's will? Do you want God to use you greatly? Do you want God to give you a ministry? Have you asked God if he wants you to be single? Is the boyfriend you have the will of God? Do you have your boyfriend (s) secretly? Who wants to get married? Why? For sexual satisfaction or why? Why not sin because you are burning? Much care that satan is marrying brothers in the church in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.First ask yourself why you want have a boyfriend, then ask her (Mt 7.7-8) To have a boyfriend in secret is to give field to the devil. The Bible says that he who knows how to do good and does not do it is sinful (St. 4.17). Having a boyfriend is not a sin, but hiding it is a sin; because there is no good intention if it is kept hidden. The Bible never forbids it: And Jehovah God said: It is not good for a man to be alone; I will make him a helper suitable for him. (Gen. 2.18) Nothing remains well secretly love, because the only thing they are giving is bad testimony and you come to judge the Church on the part of the unconverted. Talk to your pastor or pastor in all honesty, they will guide you; The good and holy advice you receive will avoid great headaches, and most importantly, these tips will help you to have a relationship according to the will of God. Speak also with your in-laws, be Light before them if you are not Christians. And if they are, show that you are also the son of the Most Holy, that you love him and are afraid of him. The Christian Bride I want to share my thoughts about the Christian courtship. It is likely that my point of view sounds very strange to some. My way of thinking does not come from the United States or from another culture. My convictions about courtship were shaped by the Bible, and also as a result of my observations. You should not look for a boyfriend if it is not for getting married. If it is to pass the time, not be alone or "kill" the time, there is a risk in high percentage of falling into sin, because it is displeasing God with such a worldly attitude and we become enemies of Him.Stg. 4.4-5 Oh adulterers! Do you not know that the friendship of the world is enmity against God? Anyone, then, who wants to be a friend of the world, becomes an enemy of God. 5 Or do you think that the Scripture says in vain: The Spirit that he has made to dwell in us zealously craves us? Christian courtship must include a total abstinence from physical contact. This includes refusing kisses, hugs, holding hands, etc. The boyfriends (believers) should not be in situations where they are alone, in non-public places, where there are no Christians. Being boyfriends does not mean that that person belongs to me, only belongs to me when he is my wife (under the marriage bond) because the two we will be one flesh (Gen. 2.24). And with being fondling, caressing, kissing, we are acting badly before the Lord. And we can not continue to act like the old man: So if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; old things happened; behold, all are made new. (2. Cor 5.17) And those who practice the things of the world become enemies of God (James 4.4) I. The facts speak for themselves. Over the years, it has been observed many Christian boyfriends fall into the sin of fornication. In many cases they were pious Christians, who seemed to have a deep desire to please God and do good. Of men and women of excellent testimony and used greatly by God, they become the reproach of the church and the family with their lives and ministries ruined by the trap of fornication, in which Satan delights. The spiritual state of a couple who has fallen into the sin of fornication is depressing, painful, sometimes it takes a long time for rehabilitation and in others it is almost impossible, because satan appropriates them captivating them completely in this sin and they continue to do it secretly or leave the Gospel. Dear Brother: Notice the shame that afflicts those who do not deny what God has reserved for marriage. Determine in your heart that you will do everything necessary to avoid being tempted with the sin of fornication. Ask the help of the Holy Spirit, call him into his life, invite him to be with you permanently and you will see that it is impossible to give the devil a chance because it is God who sustains you. Having sex is not a sin, as long as it is within the marriage bond, outside of him he is and the fornicator and adulterer will not enter the kingdom of heaven (1. Cor 6.9) II. What does the Bible say? 1 1 Cor. 7: 1 … it would be good for the man not to touch a woman; (REFERS TO THE SINGLE MAN) 2 Prov. 6: 27-28 Will a man take fire in his bosom without his clothes burning? Will man walk on coals without his feet burning? 3 1 Cor. 10:23 Everything is lawful for me, but not everything is good; everything is lawful, but not everything builds. 4 1 Ped. 2:11 Beloved, I beseech you as strangers and pilgrims, that you abstain from the fleshly desires that war against the soul. 5 Rom. 13:14 … do not provide for the desires of the flesh. 6 Gal. 5:24 But those who belong to Christ have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. III. Avoid physical contact as much as possible Avoiding physical contact as much as possible can show that the love one feels is true. We live in a society that thinks that being hugged, kissing (and often without shame or shame) is evidence of true love. A true love worthy of marriage will include feelings of being in love and physical contact becomes a matter of minimum importance. Many times the couple think that they have a true love for each other, but it is possible that it is really just a physical attraction , that is feeding by arousing each other while being caressing. If a love is true, the couple must be willing to refuse any kind of physical contact until they get married. The Bible says that "… Love suffers … it does not do anything wrong, it does not seek its own … Everything suffers … everything waits, it supports everything …" (1 Cor 13). They must be willing to wait, if their love is true. When a person receives physical pleasure from his girlfriend or boyfriend, how can he be sure that he feels true love? The pleasure is very deceiving. God has made us in such a way that we can feel a strong physical attraction towards the opposite sex. This attraction alone is not a sin. It depends on what we do with that attraction. There is much emphasis on the physical in many Christian courtships. IF A CHRISTIAN COUPLE IS NOT LIKED TO DO THE SIMPLE THINGS OF LIFE TOGETHER, A MARRIAGE AMONG THEM WILL BE A FAILURE. There are 168 hours in a week. Married people-ask yourself: How much time do you spend in all forms of physical contact with your wife or husband in a week? The 1%? 3%? Here I have one more thing to ask myself. A Christian couple who has experienced everything but fornication will always be faced with that temptation. Would not it be better to avoid the temptation to want to kiss and caress during courtship, and thus not be exposed to being tempted by fornication? Amen! It is possible to have a Christian courtship without physical contact, and then have a successful marriage. Many have done it this way and 20 years after they are married it is as if they were still living on the honeymoon. When it comes to teaching young people that there should not be any kind of physical contact during courtship, many respond saying, " But you're old … you're already married … you did not behave that way before you married, etc. "Conclusion: I'm not saying that the fact of being kissed or hugging is fornication. But in doing so, it's like playing with fire. I will share what happens in this dangerous process (because it is more dangerous than a nail in a slide, or piranha in toilet): The first time the couple take each other's hands, it is a wonderful experience. The satisfaction is immense. How can it be possible that this exquisite experience is sin? But as time goes on, one wants to go beyond being simply holding hands. Surely there is something that will bring even more satisfaction. They kiss. Now being held by the hand seems child's play compared to the pleasure that a kiss brings. Soon they kiss more often, and for longer time. Then they want even more, but of course without committing fornication. They embrace. Then the hugs are stronger and tighter. What one feels for the other is inexplicable. To show their affection for each other in this very personal way, they find themselves more and more alone. As time passes, they do not realize that they no longer talk so much with each other, because physical contact brings them more satisfaction. Until now, the couple have not set limits, except fornication. But being alone, excited by this physical contact without barriers, it is almost impossible to avoid falling into the favorite trap of Satan in the courtship. THE FORNICATION OF WILLS Man is losing himself because he is not following the Will of God, but his. We find three types of WILL OF GOD: Man does exactly what God tells them. And always cares to please him and does very well in everything he does (such is the case of Joseph). THE PERMISSIVE OF GOD: God does not meddle in your affairs, sometimes backs you up as long as you obey him, because you have freedom of conscience or free will.THE MAN: He does what he pleases without consulting God and his end is defeat, misfortune and disappointment, ends up complaining, lamenting and denying life and God and wonders why TOMOTO: The young man worthy to imitate to please God Timothy was a young pastor (some biblical interpreters and theologians say that he was 17 years old when his spiritual father Paul commissioned him to bring spiritual encouragement to several churches). Paul describes him as a servant of God in the gospel with some prestige among the apostles (1 Thes 2.6: 3.2). The letters of Paul's captivity present Timothy as a faithful companion and collaborator. Paul sent him to strengthen the Gentile churches (Phil 1, Col 1, Phil 1). In Flp 2.19 he appears carrying a direct report of the state of the Philippian church. He was one of those who worked the most to raise the Gentile churches. Paul emphasizes the genuine interest that Timothy has in believers (Phil 2: 20-23). ​​It is easy to deduce or affirm that Paul saw in him his SUITABLE SUCCESSOR, given his efforts and virtues to lead to sanctity the church of Christ. Timothy was a young pastor It could have been very easy for adult Christians to look at him with contempt because of his youth. This happens very often in our congregations, adults do not trust us young people, always relate youth with sin, with disorder, with irresponsibility, why? Timothy, had to earn the respect of his res giving example in his teaching, way of living, love, faith and purity. And he succeeded because he always had his heart and gaze set on Jesus Christ and became an excellent Christian pastor and became the YOUNG WORTHY TO IMITATE TO REACH HOLINESS. Despite his age, God can use you. It does not matter if you are young or adult, do not see your age as an impediment. LIVE LIKE THAT OTHERS CAN SEE CHRIST IN YOU. Because if Christ who is the Father of Light is in your heart, you are Light in this world of darkness, a world full of sin and spiritual darkness. Amen.! Bride. Betrothal of a good wife, Proverbs 18.22.He who finds a wife finds good, and attains the goodness of Jehovah.Wife of Christ, 2 Corinthians 11.1-3; 1 I wish you could tolerate a little madness! Yes, tolerate me. 2For I jealous you with zeal for God; for I have married you with one husband, to present you as a pure virgin to Christ. 3But I fear that as the serpent deceived Eve with his cunning, your senses are somehow misled by sincere fidelity to Christ.Apocalypse 19.7; 7 Let us go and rejoice and give glory to him; for the marriage of the Lamb has come, and his wife has prepared. 8And she has been granted to wear fine linen, clean and shining; because the fine linen is the righteous actions of the saints. TACTICS AND STRATEGY IN THE NOVIAZGOMi tactical is: Look at you, learn how you are, love you as you are. My tactic is: To speak to you and to listen to you, to build with words an indestructible bridge. My tactic is: Stay in your memory, I do not know how, or know with what excuse or excuse, but stay in you. My tactic is: Be frank and know that you are frank and do not sell us drills, so that between the two there is no curtain or chasms My strategy is: On the other hand, deeper and simpler. My strategy is: That on any given day I do not know how or with what pretext, at last you need me. Mario Benedetti THE PLAN OF GOD FOR GIRLFULNESS, COMMITMENT AND MARRIAGE Relationship
The goals that we want to achieve in this stage
The consequences if we do not follow the plan of God The Spiritual Wedding NoviazgoEl main purpose of the engagement is to reach spiritual unity. This is achieved as each believer seeks to get as close as possible to God in his personal life. There will be deeper communion between them when each one is developing spiritual opportunities. As each one gets closer to God, they get closer to each other.
When they reach physical intimacy before spiritual union, they are covered by a cloud of guilt and remorse that impedes their relationship with God. As the physical contact begins, the relationship focuses on reaching further each time and they forget the spiritual. This prevents spiritual union even after marriage. Commitment
Intellectual, Emotional and Will Union This intimacy is achieved as the couple shares their plans for the future together. They share profound things about what they think, feel and want to do. They begin to focus their expectations and emotions of their plans as a couple.
If there is physical intimacy at this stage they do not get to know the other person deeply. Since they have not developed intellectual, emotional and will-related union, decisions about the future become conflicts because they do not agree. When the romantic feelings disappear, they struggle to feel united to the other person. Marriage
Physical Union Physical intimacy is consummated in marriage. Si se ha seguido el plan consumado de Dios, la unión sexual llega a complementar una relación que ya es sólida por la unión espiritual, intelectual, emocional y de voluntad desarrollada en las etapas anteriores.
Cuando la relación se ha basado hasta ahora en lo físico, hay desliz de unión y comunicación, y el reparar de que son extraños el uno para el otro. Hay coche-condenación por no activo seguido el plan de Dios y rencor en torno a la pareja por su billete. Sentimientos de culpabilidad causan frialdad y frustración.Sugerencias o comentarios:E-mail: Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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