The power of the resurrection in the People of God (Jn 20: 1-18)

"Do not cry, do not be afraid" Christ has risen! (Mt 28: 5) The resurrection of Jesus Christ gives us enough reasons, reasons and certainties to trust and follow Jesus. The scripture tells us that "the first day of the week, very early in the morning, when it was still dark, Mary Magdalene went to the tomb …" (Jn 20: 1). In the midst of any darkness, disappointment or frustration we must return to remember that there is a new day and a dawn. Light triumphs over darkness, life over death, justice over injustice, truth over falsehood and love over hatred.

Apparently the purpose of the women to go to the tomb was to bring aromatic species (Mk 16: 1, Lk 24: 1). Perhaps they did not know the work done by Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea (Jn 19: 38-42). To the surprise of Mary Magdalene they had removed the stone that covered the entrance. The stone was very large (Mark 16: 4). She ran off to see Simon Peter and the other disciple. He said to them: They have taken the Lord from the tomb, and we do not know where they have put it! (Jn 20: 2).

Both disciples ran to the tomb. Upon entering, Peter saw the bandages and the shroud that had covered the head of Jesus. The shroud appears neatly rolled in a separate place. It was not a human theft. The other disciple who arrived first and entered later "Saw and believed. Until then they had not understood the Scripture, which says that Jesus had to be resurrected "(Jn 20: 8-9).

We, like them, are also in a process of understanding writing and being able to progress. Without understanding everything, we are called to believe and move forward. The only way to know Jesus is to walk with him. In the middle of the road the doubts are clarified and the certainty comes.

Mary Magdalene stayed crying by the formal (Jn 20: 10-11) and looks for Jesus as someone who is dead (Lk 24: 5). He does not see the risen Jesus. The same thing can happen in our lives when there are things that leave us enslaved and areas of character that have not been redeemed. We are tempted to think that the resurrection of Jesus Christ can not help us in our struggles, doubts and fears. Jesus invites us to change our criteria and way of understanding things.

We need to know and experience the power that was manifested in his resurrection as the apostle Paul expresses it in his letter to the Philippians (Phil 3: 10-11). "Without moral and ethical changes in our daily lives, our participation in religious activities is worthless. That is to say, our assistance to the cults and vigils can not take the place of the transformations that God expects to find in our daily life "(1).

The gospel is not an empty advertisement and is directly related to a transformation that is happening in our lives. The Gospel of John emphasizes a process of growth. Belief is a process of development. Jesus invites us to be part of this process where he questions, comforts, encourages and accompanies us.

Jesus, already risen, appears to Mary Magdalene and questioned her. Why are you crying? He wants us to see his presence in the midst of all circumstances. She could only see the one who looked after the garden (Jn 20:15) and did not realize that she was the risen Lord. The same thing can happen to us. As followers of Jesus we are called to have breadth and not stay with closed answers.

Jesus did not leave Mary Magdalene alone and calls her by her name. No situation is beyond God's control and it is his unmistakable voice that makes us reflect, have hope and recognize his presence (Jn 10: 3-4,16). She and the other women hugged his feet and worshiped him (Mt 28: 9) but his command was to encourage the brothers, go out into the world and not privatize the mission. We can not stop Jesus but let go and be in his following.

We are called every day to live a new experience with the Lord and not to be detained in yesterday. To experience the resurrection of Jesus Christ is to follow him spiritually, living his words, carrying out his commandments. "To live according to the resurrection of Jesus Christ is to allow his will to be the guide for every aspect of our life" (2).

In our fight against sin and death we affirm: "But thanks to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ! Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm and immovable, always making progress in the work of the Lord, aware that your work in the Lord is not in vain "(1 Cor. 15: 57-58). "By the grace of God I am what I am, and the grace he granted me was not fruitless" (1 Cor. 15:10)

Let's spread this news I've seen the Lord! (Jn 20:18) and that the resurrection of the Lord is proven by the activity and practice of the Church that is projected in the unfinished task. Let's not look only for Jesus for ourselves, but to unite ourselves to his mission. Let's go out with a mission of love sharing the whole gospel with all humanity

Questions for reflection

Has God resurrected in my life? Is there a change that is due to the resurrection? Is it an empty advertisement or corresponds to a transformation that is occurring in our being?

Are we looking for the one who lives among the dead? How do we usually face the challenges that arise at a personal, family and church level? Do we project ourselves with a broad mind to serve society, the nation and the world?

What practical implication does it have for the life of the church? I have seen the Lord !?

Carlos Scott

Local and Global Mission (GloCal)

(1) Slade, Stan: Gospel of John, Ibero-American Biblical Commentary, p .379, Kairos Editions 2006

(2) Ibid., P 383, Gospel of John, Ibero-American Biblical Commentary, Kairos Editions 2006

Carlos ScottAuthor: Carlos Scott

Carlos is a member of the executive committee and mundial leadership council of the Missions Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA), Resides in Buenos Aires.

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