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• To this is added the emphasis of our society on materialism, superficiality and the search for happiness through the consumption of goods and advertising products, and the increase of individualism against community life and solidarity among people • One of those trends that have emerged in recent years is the so-called NEW ERA, which has become the refuge that many are going today looking for answers to their needs, to fill their spiritual void and try to find hope for their lives • With the advance of currents like the NEW ERA, we Christians have a tremendous challenge and a great responsibility. It is not enough to criticize and condemn. The challenge is not simple, especially because we live in a very secularized world, and many have been disappointed by traditional religion. We must proclaim as an alternative a living and dynamic Christianity, that does not bring condemnation to the people, but a message of grace and hope; and above all a Christianity that offers true and full answers to people's deep emotional and spiritual needs. • Here in CHRISTIAN CONVICTIONS we firmly believe that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life, and that the message of the Gospel is the only one which has the power to truly transform the life of the human being and to fully satisfy all his needs. That is why we have prepared this series of programs, to alert our listeners not to be deceived by this false philosophy of the NEW ERA, but to put their trust in the One who can give them salvation, eternal life, peace and joy in the soul, and a truly abundant life. "If you remain in my word, you will truly be my disciples; and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free. "(John 8: 31-32.) 1. WHAT DO THEY KNOW, WHAT THEY HAVE READ OR WHAT DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHEN THE NEW ERA IS SPOKEN? • It is difficult to define what the New Era is because it is not something homogeneous, like a sect or a philosophy. The New Era is a worldview, that is, a way of seeing the world and understanding reality. The New Age worldview has the following basic points: • The New Age says that a new time is dawning: the Age of Aquarius. The world advances to a transformation of consciousness and culture. After centuries of materialism, secularization, the threat of the Cold War, ecological disasters and political instability; The New Age is convinced that we are on the verge of a new mentality and a new éxito of spirituality, mysticism, peace and harmony. • The New Age says that everything that exists is one. Humanity, nature, God, everything is one, there is no separation. There is no difference between God and a tree, between a carrot and an executive. There is no separation between good and evil, since everything is one, therefore, any concept of morality is lost. If all there is is one, then God is everything and everything is God. Everything that exists is part of the cosmic energy. Therefore, God becomes energy. The idea of ​​a personal God does not exist for the New Age. • If everything is one, and everything is God, then we are gods. The problem, according to the New Age, is that man needs to realize that he is God. That is why the New Age encourages us to concentrate on ourselves, to develop ourselves as gods, to place ourselves at the center of the Universe. Through the transformation of our consciousness we will realize that we can control reality and achieve spiritual power, inner wellbeing, peace and harmony, absence of tension. • This transformation of consciousness is achieved through transcendental meditation, yoga, visualization, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, mind control, gracia or any other technique that serves to awaken our spiritual potential. One can also resort to the help of a guru who puts us in contact with spirit guides and universal teachers • The New Age teaches that all religions are equal, although the forms are different. All religions are different ways to reach unity with God. This is what is known as syncretism. • The New Age has its roots, basically, in Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism. Some of their beliefs are: – The idea that everything is one (Monism) – The centrality of energy – The answer is inside, not outside – The emphasis on the mystical experience – The belief in reincarnation • Some of the techniques that uses the New Age are: – Transcendental Meditation, Yoga, Spirituality centered on self or experience – Alternative Medicine (based on energy) – The Gurus – The New Psychology (based on human potential) – The New Science (based on the Tao of Physics) · The New Age has also taken some elements of Paganism, Occultism, Spiritism and Humanism.2. WHAT DO YOU THINK THEY ARE THE CAUSES THAT THE NEW AGE WAS SO BIG IN THESE DAYS? – We live in a generation that has a great spiritual thirst. The generations of the previous decades looked for answers in Marxism and Materialism. The Marxists denied the existence of God. For them, the spiritual world did not exist, and what was important was the concrete, the visible. The materialists were too busy with their businesses, their bets, to earn more money, to climb positions. They did not stop to think much about the spiritual. This generation has realized that there is something in the human being that material things do not satisfy. The human being is spiritual and has spiritual needs. People know that the answer to their deepest needs and desires are in the world of the spiritual and the supernatural. Unfortunately, traditional religion does not offer answers either, but a dead religion, without power, devoid of spiritual experiences, legalistic and condemning. The consequence of this is that people are pushed to seek answers in a philosophy such as the New Age, which offers a new spirituality. – We live in a generation that thirsts for experiences. The predominant message of the advertising media nowadays is "Do what makes you feel good". What matters is to feel, to experience. People seek experiences and strong feelings to feel that they are alive. This is what leads them to resort to techniques and spiritual exercises that promise them ecstasy, such as yoga, parapsychological experiences, contacts with extraterrestrials, astral travel, contact with the dead, etc. – We live in an egocentric generation. We have been informed through television, movies and printed media that the world revolves around us. The most important thing is to feel good, to achieve personal satisfaction at all costs. First me, then me. Personal satisfaction has priority over the couple, family, work, ethics, morals. Given any responsibility, the first question is: "How does this benefit me? What will I receive? "The New Age emphasizes individual overcoming of responsibilities towards others. It is a strongly individualistic philosophy that stimulates the egocentric character of this generation. CHRISTIAN RESPOSITION TO THE NEW ERA • Genuine spiritual life is intimacy with God. Only by being in communion with God can there be a full experience, a true spirituality • The spiritual life is the true life of man. But this has to be oriented towards God. When we live a spiritual life as established by God, we learn to know Him, who He really is, what His purposes are and what is our place within His plans. That is where we will find the true meaning and meaning for our lives. ESSENTIAL DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE NEW ERA AND THE CHRISTIANISMONUEVA ERALa final realityCosmic EnergyThe human beingThe center of the Universe, with unlimited potential The purpose of lifeThe realization and personal satisfactionGod and spiritual powerSomething we must learn to use to achieve our own benefitCRISTIANISMALa final realityGOD The human being Limited nature, subject to its CreatorThe purpose of lifeTo know God, to serve Him and to glorify Him through our life God and spiritual power God is my Lord and His power is a gift that it is given to me for the edification of others, not for my own benefit.

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