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The new name of God.

Actually, it is not. The name of the men of the Old Testament is really a key to the knowledge or measure of revelation that we may have about a biblical personality, the more the NAME of the Godhead will be!
The name of God as such and what we see in the Bible, in the language of the diferente Hebrew and according to the traditional pronunciation saved from generation to generation was and will remain a very well kept secret! In the Old Covenant, that is the Pentateuch, the Prophets and the other writings, called in Hebrew with the común name: Tanach, whenever the Jewish reader comes with his sight where the Name of God would be read, he does not pronounce it, nor It is not known today how this name is pronounced because it was lost in the haze of History and erased from the Priestly Annals that were burned in the destruction of the Second Temple.

Today when the Jew comes with his sight in the reading of his Bible to this name, which in reality are the letters YvY of the Hebrew, in short he sees what would only be the consonants of the true Name, but instead of the vowels he meets a "replacement" of reading symbols called "nikud" that tells us when we should pronounce Adonay or Eloim or failing only HA SHEM that means THE NAME.

The secret is revealed to those who believe.


When did this secret start?

The question is really very legitimate. Our Father Abraham knew Him personally, but the gift of knowledge is even earlier. It was from Genesis 4:26 when Men in común began to invoke the Name of ADONAY. Abraham is revealed to God as "EL SHADAY" (Gen 17: 2) the Almighty in Spanish and this name contains the revelation and confirmation of the Unconditional Covenant with Abraham of Gen 15: 2 where God is made known Lord-Hebrew name: Adon and composed of two parts, ADON YVY, that is to say the LORD "NAME" that we can not and do not know how to pronounce until today.

However, the knowledge of the Name of God had to pass unconditionally within the blessing of the Abrahamic Covenant, confirmed in Issak and bought by James from the hands of Esau, who had him by little and sold his birthright for a plate of red lentils.

The wife for Isaak was taken from Mesopotamia, Eliezer went to look for her, this was no coincidence, this was from the land where Nacor lived where the NAME was invoked (Gen 24). There where Rebecca received the blessing from her father and brothers to be the mother of thousands and that her descendants would prevail forever over the enemies (Gen 24:60).

In Gen 25:21 we are given the clue that Issak knew the power of prayer in the NAME, when Isaak prayed to YVY for Rebekah, the daughter of Bethuel, who was barren and was granted the gift of Esau and Jacob.


The scripture scholar should always notice the details. For example, that the blessing given to James is very special, different from the one given to Esau, not only because of the power that is granted to Jacob over his brother, that the sons of the mother bow down before you (James ), the best of this blessing is found in Gen 27:28 where the name of God is invoked, also in Gen 28: 3, on the eve of the farewell between father and son, namely Isaak and Jacob. However, on Esau the Name is not invoked at any time but only the goodwill of Isaak his father towards him but without contradicting the verdadero blessing proffered in the NAME. After this the NAME was presented to James really in dream, the dream of the staircase in Bethel, where YVY confirms the paternal blessing to James making him the son of Abraham as all of us of the FAITH are. Children of Abraham.

The NAME is invoked again in blessings in Gen 48 on the sons Joseph who are adopted by James and these become possessors of the inheritance that they would have within the 12 tribes or families of Israel. Ephraim and Manases Gentiles of birth become part of the People who would be chosen by God to receive through Moses the Levite the Tablets of the Law, symbol and heart of the Sinaitic Covenant.

The Blessing of Jacob (Israel).

The profound change that took place in Jacobo's life resulted in the change in the name of the Patriarch, in place of James, the one who follows or "comes after" (others say supplants), the name of Jacob is later changed to Israel (the one who fought against God and men and prevailed). Jacobo as all patriarch blessed his children before leaving, this happens in a remarkable and highlighted in Gen 49, the effects of Paternal blessing are unparalleled prophetic scope, and some even today are an enigma without any solution !.

Actually Gen 49 contains beyond a mere blessing. It actually contains prophecies concerning each of the involved Tribes of Israel. It also contains the Messianic Secret given in the prophecy to Judah, this is the specific name SHILOH, which is undoubtedly the name of the Messiah who is to come "for his own" (heb. Shelo) to his help, this name of the Messiah it is another of the secrets gradually and gradually revealed in the reading of the Covenants.


A serious problem is presented to Moses before the presence of God.

How would Moses be recognized by the elders of Israel? How would a man who is 40 years old in the desert, unknown and without name or fame, be received?

The answer to this question is unique: – Simply by knowing and possessing the secret revealed in the burning bush, in the Holy Land.

The NAME is revealed to Moses in the Burning Bush, I am the God of your Father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaak and the God of Jacob.

The most important thing is that when Moses asks: … what if they ask me what is their NAME?, .- What will I answer?


That is to say the one that IS forever, the ALPHA AND THE OMEGA the ALEPH AND TAV, the Beginning and the END, THE ETERNAL.

This measure of revelation was never given to any man, that is why in Deuteronomy 18:18 the Scripture says "Prophet will raise you up from the midst of your brothers, like you and I will put my words in his mouth, and he will speak everything that I will send him. " Allowing space from that time to the coming of the Messiah the only one who can change the order established by the Law.


It is the Commandments given at Mount Sinai that, to my understanding and the understanding of every Jew, originate the thought or rather the concept that the Name must be preserved in secret for the good of the Chosen People. The logic of the concept is based on the interpolation between commandments.

The First Commandment says:

I AM ADONAY ELOIM your God that takes you out of the land of Egypt, land of servitude.

What is really a unique declaration of the NAME of God in a delantero and cutting way, a powerful revelation made to an entire Town and through them to the whole World!

I AM ADONAY. This is in itself the Seal of the Sinaitic Covenant. This contains all the qualities of the God of Israel, Eternal, Endless, Personal (your God), Liberator of Slaves, HE IS Almighty.

However, within the commandments is written that ADONAY is a jealous God who visits the iniquity of the fathers over the children until the third and fourth generation, it is also written: You shall not take the Name of your God in vain.

The oldest legislators of the Law, the Levites, faced the problem of taking the NAME in vain were they the ones who propose the solutions. Being only they, the Levites, those who read the Law to the People explained it and applied it in the judgments.

The core of the secret is that the writing in the diferente Hebrew does not carry the consonants in común, nor the Name, therefore we spend the 40 years of the desert, only the Levites keep the writings and the NAME and the correct way to pronounce it for jealously guard against being taken in vain or worse falling into the hands of pagans and idolaters.

According to the tradition crystallized in the leaves of the Talmud, only the High Priest, on the day of the Atonement – YOM KIPUR – pronounces the NAME for remission of the sins of the People of Israel. Which gives us an idea of ​​how restricted the use of this NAME was and of the tremendous importance that it has until today for the Jewish People.

The answer to this other question is strict and simple NO !, the future Temple that will be the third in the chronological order, will not be called the Temple of God, it will be the Temple of the ANTICHRIST, in this Temple will not pronounce the NAME of God .

Solomon the wisest of all men is the one who inaugurates with his famous prayer, kept in the Sacred Scripture in I Kings 8, came by this Solomon to be called "friend of God" in Hebrew: Yedidiah. Solomon inaugurates the Temple apparently using the Name of ADONAY in his Sermon but the encontrarse of I Kings 8:16 also gives us the clue to the tremendous secret to keep "From the day that I brought my people Israel out of Egypt, I have not chosen city of all the tribes of Israel to build a house in which my NAME was, though I chose David to preside in my People Israel. " The reading of the diferente in Hebrew allows us to delve even deeper into the secret because the word represented by the name of ADONAY that was mistranslated in the King James Version, would have to be read Adonay, which is not really the Name of God but as we have said above only the replacement of the word Ds, therefore the key really is "house in which my NAME was". Also 8:29 speaks of the NAME that would be present in the House.

Other key verses are in the same chapter I Kings 8:31 and 33. The first refers to the sins committed between man and his neighbor. These men, in the absence of witnesses, are subjected to an oath test, based on "You shall not take the name of your God YVY in vain" and God is the one who justifies the righteous, the one who does not sin, and the one who sinned against his neighbor sins twice , first against his neighbor and then against GOD by violating the Law of God expressed in the Commandments.

The second is for the entire Congregation of Israel that being in sin or impure for any cause (The example of Hai in Joshua 6,7) is defeated in battles. "Turn to you", means that they return from their sins in a 180 degree turn. "And confess YOUR NAME", only in his name is the Door that leads to the remission of the offense of sin against God. "Pray and beg …" is the expression of the request in words uttered in the confession itself, that is why the Prayer in itself has no value if it is not done to the NAME due !. This is why YESHUA says ask in my name!

I Kings 8 is a chapter that must be studied thoroughly to understand the quality of the relationship between man, the human being in común, and God, not to understand it as a simple formula but as a powerful force of union formalized in the Covenant that God proposes to his People.


Today we live in the time of Grace and within grace there is that same Grace, but how Grace is expressed, how !!?

The answer to this question is given by Jesus himself in his intercessory prayer the night before his death on the Cross, John 17: 6 is where Jesus says:

"I have manifested your Name to the men of the world that you gave me; they were yours, and you gave them to me, and they have kept your word. "

Jesus actually manifested his name to the men of the world.

John 17: 11-12 contains the most bold and intrepid statement a man could ever have made, but Jesus is not man only but the incarnate Deity, the NAME, THE VERB, THE LOGOS, THE METATRON.

In encontrarse 12 it says: "When I was in the world I kept them in your NAME", in 11 it says saved in your NAME.

Eternal Life consists in the knowledge that we have of the True God.

The True God in the time of GRACE took a step forward to find us sinners in our immense needs and to grant us in principle antes knowledge, without having to delve into the annals of History, nor into the Books written in languages ​​that we do not know, but really gave us a powerful knowledge for salvation. This is written in Acts 4:12, where Peter tells us:

And in no other is there salvation (Hebrew Yeshua) because there is another name under heaven, given to men, in which we can be saved (saved = Noshaim the same root of Yeshua)

Today dear reader there is a NAME given to men in which God discovers a face of grace, of grace that actually becomes a free gift, but in a single name of Yeshua, this name that seems so simple so innocent to the common man is actually a powerful dialogue in itself that God entered into with man, a dialogue of Salvation (in Hebrew = Yeshua). This name should not be taken lightly, like the blood of the Covenant, of the New Covenant that was poured out by all of us for remission, not coverage (CAPAB) of our sins of which the NAME is only the SEAL OF TRUTH this wonderful Covenant.


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by Marcos Brodsky

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