"The need of the Venezuelans is Jesus" say Christians who help immigrants on the border |

Due to the crisis in Venezuela, more and more citizens are migrating to Latin American countries to improve their economic situation without knowing that under what conditions they will do it or what is expected merienda they are out of their land, therefore an organization Christian has decided to do the same.

"The need of Venezuelans is Jesus" say Christians who help immigrants on the border"The need of Venezuelans is Jesus" say Christians who help immigrants on the border

Operation Blessing is a Christian organization that is helping Venezuelans on the border, because people who have fled the crisis are not better than before in their country, because many are sleeping on the street with nothing to eat and waiting for a miracle that Help them overcome this situation.

Several families have spoken with international media saying that many do not have the necessary money to get out of the crisis and go to another country to look for opportunities for a better life; Like the immigrants who were in the Honduran caravan of the United States, there are Venezuelans who cross from the border to Bogota walking, hoping to find a place in the refugee camps.

"The feeling of despair of these people is being made, you can smell it, you can feel it. It feels like something is cooking, you know? "Says Diego, director of Operation Blessing, on the border between Colombia and Venezuela.

"People are drinking water from rivers, polluted, contaminated … and Operation Blessing has many solutions, tools and equipment to provide clean water to people here in Colombia," he says of the situation in Venezuela during the 4-day blackout.

In addition to having material needs, Diego says that the need for these people is the thirst they have for Jesus, "But love, what is love? They are actions. That's why we want to be here. Operation Blessing wants to be the hands of Christ, of mercy. Provide food, water, shelter and medical attention, "he said.

For now, Operation Blessing is working at its maximum capacity to meet the need in these regions for extreme material and food humility.


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