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The Old Testament uses three different words to refer to GOD = "THE", and "ELOHIM." "THE" The mighty God. Its root means "power". "ELOHA" It is rarely used as an appellation, and is used to compare God by contrast with demons. Eloha is, then, the God whose greatness and power can not be compared or equated with those of other gods. Jehovah is an "Eloha" who is a kind and compassionate person, slow to anger and great in mercy (Néh 9:17). "ELOHIM" Can mean "the great" "the highest" and "the only God" "Elohim" is the God who created the heavens and the earth, "the giver of life, a living God, who has inherent life and the impart (Deut 5:26). "JEHOVAH": The way in which the proper name that the Israelites gave to their God has come down to us. "YHWH" (JEHOVA) is derived from the root "HWY" which denotes the idea " be, existin. "" ADONAI "Out of reverence and in order not to pronounce the sacred name, the Israelites read" Adonai "(Lord) or (Elohim." "EL-'ELYON" "Most High God", can also mean "exalted". When "ELYON" is used to refer to God, it is indicated that he is above "the heavens and the earth" as Creator. "SHADDAY" In the Septuagint, "El Shadday" was translated as "Almighty creator of everything created" or also as "Lord" (Kurios) "El Shadday" is used, in the river of times, within the context of blessing ión (Gen. 17: 1, 2) Blessings, abundance and prosperity, as in the case of Abraham. "EL RO'I" You are the God that you see. It is used only merienda in the Bible and is related to the incident of Hagar when she flees from Sarah (Gen. 16: 7). The eyes of Jehovah contemplate the whole earth to show their power to those who have a perfect heart toward Him. "ADON" "Lord of the whole earth" "ROCK" (ZUR) God is the Rock of salvation (Ps. 18: 46). The strength (Ps, 18: 2). A place of refuge (Isa 32: 2) (Ps 78:35). Jesus is the Rock (I Cor.10: 4) COMPOSITE NAMES OF JEHOVAJEHOVA-NISI The word "NISI" is a word composed of "NES" which means flag, standard, and the possessive pronoun "I" (mi) as subfix. That is why the translation is: Jehovah my flag or standard (of war). The word "nes" is intimately related to the character of Jehovah as the Avenger who fights against all those who oppress,. "JEHOVAH-YIREH" Abraham called the place where he was going to sacrifice Isaac "Jehovah-Yireh" (Jehovah Will Look). Jehovah is the one who looks and is the one who provides. Jehovah is the one who provides. Jehovah looks at our afflictions (2 Samuel 16:12). "JEHOVAH-TSEBAOTH" "Jehovah of armies. Three interpretations have been proposed for the expression" of the armies. "The armies of Israel.
The armies of the stars, the hosts of the heavens.
The legions of angels and spirits "JEHOVAH-MELEK" Jehovah is king (Isaiah 6: 5) "JEHOVAH-SALOM" "Jehovah is peace (Judges 6:24)." JEHOVAH TSIDEQENU "" Jehovah, our righteousness (Jer. 23: 6; 33:16). These terms point to Jehovah for his redemptive and restorative activity. These names and titles correspond to the one true God, creator of the heavens and the earth, the only one who is Holy and who demands our adoration. Outside of Him, the others are false gods invented by the human mind and do not deserve any adoration. E. Rivera L.

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