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He opened it with that strange feeling that awakens wanting to know its content, but at the same time, the disappointment of thinking that whatever the answer was, he had arrived late. He skipped the greeting protocols and went to the second paragraph, the most important one. There he was notified that, given his high qualifications, he was accepted into the engineering faculty. But now, that letter did not help … For some reason now it did not make sense to analyze in detail, the postman delivered the parcel in a neighboring house. It was inhabited by a woman of sixty years, with visible signs of senile dementia, and her only grandson, thirteen years old. The woman rewrote the envelope in a trunk in which she also kept newspaper clippings and how much jewelery she considered to be valuable. When he died, his grandson, without taking the trouble to check the content, kept it in a place in the basement. And he opened it, prisoner of a strange curiosity, twenty years later … He read the letter again. And he thought about the ironies. His neighbor, now in his thirties, smiled and walked away, not understanding what was happening. He stayed in the same place thinking that, if that letter had arrived on time, he would not be selling insurance in a third-category company with a salary that hardly served him to survive. A message that arrives very late … The incident occurred . And his protagonist lives, although I do not know what he thinks every day that looks at that mail that should have arrived at the right time. Maybe he feels anger or sadness or perhaps nostalgia because a mistake or an oblivion robbed him of the opportunity of his life … And I meditate on the dozens of people to whom we do not share the gospel, and they die without hope of salvation. And when we want to do it, we check as in the case of this story, that it is too late. Our addressee has died or is dying, or we simply visited him, but in the cold gravestones of a cemetery … At the doors of departing to heaven, the Lord Jesus Christ gave a clear instruction to his followers. He told them: "Go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all the things that I have commanded you; Behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age … "(Matthew 28:19, 20). And we believe, in a wrong way, that this is a commitment that the pastor or the leader of the congregation must assume . At the end of the day, for that we bring tithes and offerings, many will think. Others will reason that it was they who were trained in a theological institution. "They know more about those things than me. Let them do it. " And they delay their commitment. For later. For tomorrow. For never … You have your degree of responsibility … Imagine for a moment that, merienda in eternity, you accompany the Lord Jesus Christ to the gates of hell. He listens with pity to the cries and anguish that reveal those voices of thousands and thousands of souls, of all ages, nations and languages, in that cavern where they will pass forever and ever. And just when he decides to leave, he arrives, chained, someone whom he recognizes as his neighbor. The one he scarcely greeted when he hurried to the temple, with the Bible under his arm. I never speak to him about the message of Salvation. He did not take the time to tell him that his problems had a solution in Jesus, the Lord. You took care of other things that you considered most important: you participated in the deacon society, in the choir or perhaps in the social aid committee. But he did not bother to share even a word of the gospel with those he saw by his side. No, I was too busy. And so it happened with his neighbor. But now, when there is nothing left to do, look at his face of despair before entering hell. His look of despair hits him. But what hits him the most is that he says: "You were able to help me, and you did not …". The mission is not only to distant countries … We generally think that the term "mission" is closely linked to Muslim or African countries. Far from us. At points that do not even appear on maps. And we ignore that the mission must be developed there where we live. At home, on the block, at school, at university, at work, on the bus. Wherever we meet. A encontrarse that deeply impacts me, we find it in Paul's letter to the Romans: "How, then, will they invoke him in whom they have not believed? And how will they believe in the one they have not heard of? And how will they hear if there is anyone to preach to them? "(Romans 10:14). Let's make it practical. Transfer the image to a family member. How do you intend to transform your life if you do not have Christ in your heart? And how do you hope that you know Jesus, the Lord, if you do not share the message of Salvation? And how do you expect the world to be evangelized? If everyone remains locked in their comfortable temples, not knowing that outside, thousands are lost daily without knowing the Son of God? The message can not be delayed … In the middle of the last century, a renowned criminal was condemned to the gas chamber in the States United. Opinions were divided around his case. Dozens pointed him out as innocent. Many others accused him. And a good number kept silent. But his drama was one of the most shocking in American history. And looking for him not to be condemned to death, several civil movements were generated. On the day of executing the sentence, the telephone number of the penitentiary rang many times. No one was close to answer. It was from a state office confirming that he had been granted a pardon. When they finally had contact with the prison, it was too late. The inmate had been dead for two minutes … There are dozens of places where he has not left. Or possibly it was preached only merienda, and nobody came back. Think of Latin American fields. They are extensive. The distances that separate cities and towns from indigenous and peasant settlements are enormous. Nobody goes to them. Some argue that there is no way to sustain a pastor for those areas. Others say that there are not enough leaders with solid theological foundations. But whatever the argument, many die without Christ in their hearts … Witnesses outside the walls of the temple … On the outskirts of Jerusalem, the Lord Jesus addressed his followers for the last time. He told them "… you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be witnesses to me in Jerusalem, in all Judea, in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. And having said these things, when they saw it, he was taken up, and a cloud received him from his eyes "(Acts 1: 8, 9). Again an instructive one: the need to leave the four walls of the temple and be Witnesses of Christ wherever we unwrap. Our commitment goes beyond. We can not delegate it only to the pastor or the leaders. Winning the world for Jesus is everyone's task. If we do not, thousands will go to eternity to the dungeons of damnation. And in part, it will be the fault of those who refused their mission. At the beginning of a new year, it is necessary to review what we did in 2002. Do we fulfill our work of evangelization? Do we take at least one person to the feet of Jesus Christ? if that next person, for whom we profess friendship and appreciation, would die today? Would he go to the very presence of God or eternal darkness and torment? The answer is in his hands … If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to write me: Ps. Fernando Alexis Jiménez
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