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PRAYER: Sir … By thinking of you, praising you and thanking you for your love, I do it through Christ, our true altar and Savior.

INTRODUCTION: It happened after these things. It happened, it means God allowed it, it was not chance, God wanted it. Once again God tests Abram. God wants to be sure of his faith through his works, and not just words. God had already tried Abram on several occasions. First: In his call to leave Ur. Second: In the obedience of leaving all his family. Third: By waiting patiently for more than 20 years for God to give him the son of promise. And now: Asking his son … His only son, to sacrifice him on an altar.


It was made with stones, on them wood was put, and on the wood a lamb; It was in this way that God indicated to Adam, the construction of the altar; then his children thus presented themselves before the Lord. Then Noah, after the flood built the same altar. Abram spent his whole life building altars. It was not something new, the construction of these altars almost had by a daily practice. God wanted to prove Abram in an extreme way; God wanted to know if his faith was really founded in Him, that it was not a passing emotion or something fictitious. Abram would be the Father of faith, therefore he should be tested to the fullest; according to the Bible, we are put under constant analysis by the Lord; our faith must be founded on a solid foundation, so that through these tests we affirm ourselves and bear fruits of victory; To every believer who is tried by God, he is found later, in a remarkable growth in his spiritual life.

The tests are an exercise in faith.

Thank God for them, and grow in Him.


Abram knew God, it was his voice, he did not doubt, he did not ask God for confirmation, he was mature in the spiritual; He was willing to accept the challenge and the proposal of God. What an altar and what sacrifice God asked! Abram takes the wood, lifts his donkey, takes two servants and taking his son goes to the mountain that God has pointed out, it was a long road of three days, there was a lot of time to think, follow or turn, a thousand thoughts will have passed by his mind; just at the third he raised his eyes and saw from afar the place that God had pointed out. Why did God send him so far? Maybe near his house would have been the same? But no! Because in turn this whole scene and journey would be an exact figure of Christ; none of these figures had to be altered: firewood, donkey, servants, three days, mount, son, father; for each of them typifies God and his son Jesus offered by us in holocaust or sacrifice, for our sins.

God saw reflected in Abram and Isaac, giving to Jesus more than 1900 years later; that in the clock of God it would be about two days.


Putting the wood on Isaac, and taking it in his hand the fire and the knife said: God will provide himself as a lamb for the burnt offering my son, and they went together.

Of this trip, they were only two, Abram and his son, the last meters would not be easy to walk, and arriving at the appointed place built the altar (his last altar) put the wood and on it to his son and taking the knife To kill him, an angel from heaven shouted (shouted) Abram … Do not do anything to your son, because I know that you fear God. This passage of scripture moves to tears; the feelings of any person are reached, God speaks through his spirit.


During the remaining 1930 years until Christ by God's command, man built altars to worship and offer to God. The altar of the Patriarchs was built and moved (symbolically) to the campaign tabernacle made by Moses, under the direction of God. Once the people of Israel were established, Solomon built the temple in Jerusalem and the altar at the entrance to offer burnt offerings and offerings to God. It should be noted that this temple was considered in ancient times as one of the 7 wonders of the world for its luxury and decoration.


Offerings, lambs, shed blood, altars, smoke, burnt offerings, tabernacle and temples, are figures of Christ. All these altars offered by man to God, had fulfillment as a figure of Christ and even Christ; when dying on the cross and giving his life in perfect sacrifice, which rose up to God as a pleasant perfume: And behold, the veil of the temple was torn in two, from top to bottom, leaving an open road. Free to God, without barriers; the altars made by man were completed, the tabernacles made by man were finished, the temples made by man ended; Jesus took the place of shadows and figures of heavenly things.

Christ is now our altar, tabernacle and temple, lamb and holocaust, priest and minister of the sanctuary, of the true tabernacle that raised not the man, He.8: 1.2.

Take your eyes from the walls, from your works or sacrifices and start looking at the true and only altar of the cross, do not go to God without going through this Altar of Calvary. Well this is the only one or a ¡¡¡Dios – Cristo!


Jesus is seated at the right hand of the throne of God, until his enemies are placed on his footstool. So brothers, having freedom, let us enter the new and living path that He opened for us through the veil, this is his flesh.

We must present our bodies to God in sacrifice Alive … Holy .. Pleasant to God … That is our rational worship; Do not be conformed to this century, if not renew yourselves so that you may prove the good and perfect will of God. Our life must be considered together with Christ, the last altar, as a total surrender to God.

CONCLUSION: The altar … The Tabernacle … The Temple … The sacrifices and offerings have been translated in Christ to the lives of those who receive Him. Make your life more than a temple, a Cathedral in Jesus to praise God! in purity, consecration and holiness.

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