The Coming of Christ and the return of the 12 Tribes to Israel |

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The Priest Luis Toro Wanted to Lose this Soul (Testimony)
The Coming of Christ and the return of the 12 Tribes to Israel. What the Bible says about the signs of the end in Israel and the coming of Jesus Christ from Genesis to Revelation, God, bible, Christ, Christian messages, Hebrew. Israel has great importance in the second coming of Christ and that the prophecy says it very clearly. The second coming of Jesus is linked to the 12 tribes of Israel and their history. The return of Christ to Jerusalem and the signs of the end of the world. In this debate about the return of the Messiah and about those who are lost. In this video I make a study of the subject making clear that Israel is not lost and that it will return when Christ returns in the final judgment.

The coming of Christ in this is not certain but we analyze in the light of the Bible the messianic and eschatological prophecies about Israel. Jesus Christ will come and gather his people. Israel will defeat the antichrist during the great tribulation.

year where new false prophets and signs of the second coming of Christ will appear in the clouds. The Christian church must be prepared looking at Israel and studying the Bible, especially the prophecies.

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