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"While the King was at his kneeler, my nard gave his scent" (Song of Solomon 1:12). When the Christian is attracted by Christ to follow him, in response to the cry "Aim me, after you we will run", the first thing the Lord does is to introduce him into his chambers, and show him one of his most solemn and at the same time most terrible aspects of his glorious person: as the King.

Today there are kings on earth, but Jesus Christ is the King of kings. Today the kings of the earth do not know him, but one day, and it will not be long before that, when all the kings of the earth bow to our King and bow their knee to him.

There is a book of the Bible that shows us the Lord Jesus Christ especially in this facet of King. It is the gospel of Matthew. There is also much talk about the kingdom of God. And there are three chapters of that gospel – the 5, 6 and 7 that some call "The Magna Carta of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ." That is, the fundamental set of laws, commandments and ordinances that govern the kingdom of God.

Notice that at the end of this body of teachings, in the last estar of chapter 7, it says: "For he taught them as one having authority, and not as scribes." That is, these fundamental teachings were delivered with authority, the authority of King.

There will come a day, as we said, when the kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ will be established on earth. And then he will reign over the entire planet, but he will not reign alone. He will reign with a certain type of people, with a certain class of people, who will help him in government. And these people who will share their kingdom, are described – their character, their way of being, their essential features – in the first verses of Matthew chapter 5.

Preparing to reign
Here nine beatitudes appear. These beatitudes have been interpreted in many ways. It has been said, for example, that these nine beatitudes describe nine types of people that please God. Others have said that these are nine traits of the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. Both things are correct. However, we can also say that these beatitudes describe the characteristics of the children of God who will share the kingdom with Christ, and who are being prepared today – in the formation of a character, of a certain way of seeing and acting. These people with these traits will be entrusted with great decisions and great authority. They will have authority over cities, and over nations.

When governments in the world seek partners, they set their own requirements. A person who has to be a Minister of State in our days has to have a certain profile: a careful education, hopefully a egregio birth, must be an enterprising person, capable of making decisions, with capacity in the management of people, and with capacity for teamwork.

A strange profile
When we look at the profile of what a successful person in the world is, a ruler, for example, we imagine that this is how it should be. But when we look at these nine beatitudes that describe the character of men in whom the Lord is going to entrust the direction and government of his kingdom, then we are surprised, because these characteristics are strange, especially in the world in which we move. Let's see them

Matthew 5: 3-12:

"Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.

Blessed are the meek, for they shall receive the land for an inheritance.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be satisfied.

Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.

Blessed are the peacemakers, because they will be called children of God.

Blessed are those who suffer persecution for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed are you when they revile you and persecute you for my sake, and say all kinds of evil against you, lying.

Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven; for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you. "

Can we imagine a kingdom of this world governed by this type of people? These beatitudes do not show us any characteristic of what we can today call a successful man, of a person with command capacity, capable of imposing himself in his circumstance, of exercising authority or of arousing admiration. These characteristics describe, rather, people that we could call naive. They are not of an outstanding character, nor of those who take power in their hands or who break through with resolution.

Rather they are poor, humble, débil to pain (they cry), they are meek, they are dissatisfied. They walk through life always dissatisfied! Not of gold or silver, nor of delights. They could not be satisfied on this earth. They hunger and thirst for justice. They love righteousness. They are merciful, they have a clean heart, they are peacemakers. They are exercised in suffering. They are not victimizers: they are victims of the cruelty of others. They are vituperated, persecuted. They are the object of lies. They suffer. They do not react fiercely: they suffer.

But let us review, at least, three or four of these Beatitudes in detail.

Poor in spirit
"Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." (5: 3)

The poor in spirit are those who recognize their need, who do not have what today is sold so much in education: a good self-esteem. Unlike. They are those who, after struggling for some time, recognize that they carry within themselves a void, a poverty, an orphanage that nothing but God can fill.

The Lord merienda said that he had come to preach good news to the poor. When one looks at the gospel, it seems that poverty in spirit is also associated with material poverty. It seems that material poverty helps or affects a person to be poor in spirit. That is why the material poor are the ones who have been enriched by God. They are accustomed to scarcity. They know they have a chronic deficiency, they do not have many things to draw on to be happy. (They can not practice expensive sports, they can not eat delicacies). They are restricted, and in that material poverty, they are easily able to throw themselves into the arms of the Lord to find true wealth.

The Scripture tells us that the Lord, being rich, became poor, so that we might be enriched (2 Cor.8: 9). A man and a woman poor in spirit will be enriched by God. On the other hand, a man who does not know poverty in spirit will have a very high concept of himself. He will feel satisfied, just as the church in Laodicea felt; therefore, he will never know the true wealth or the promise that the Lord makes to the poor in spirit.

I do not know if everyone who is here knows what this poverty is. A person poor in spirit, at some point in his life, will seek God. He can not conceive of human existence without God. He will not be able to keep going around life without God. I could not keep trying to fill the emptiness of his soul with material wealth, because he will soon realize that they are not enough. The moment will come when his soul will be broken, when he will bend his knee, in which he will recognize his misery.

What promise is made to this class of people? It is said that theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Can we imagine what that means, at least for a moment? How many fight on earth for having a command post, for a position in government, or for a nobility title in some kingdom of this world! But behold, the poor in spirit will possess the unshakeable kingdom, which will never end, because although the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ on earth will last a thousand years, his eternal kingdom will last forever and ever in a new heaven and a new earth where he dwells Justice.

And on that day, when the darkness that surrounds the world is gone, when we stop seeing things darkly as if by a mirror, then these anonymous, despised men who walked the earth looking to the sky, who never sought great possessions , who never intended to take root here or whose name would reach notoriety, those who merienda were poor in spirit, will shine with all the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ in his kingdom.

Can we imagine that? It is difficult for our mind, because we have never seen it with our eyes; However, those of us who know Jesus know that his promises are true and true. We anticipate announcing the establishment of the kingdom of Jesus Christ on earth, and that the poor in spirit will reign with him.

They cry
"Blessed are those who mourn because they will receive consolation" (Matthew 5: 4). In our society and in our culture there are many false tears. In a movie we see people who cry and maybe weep with them. But those on the recording set know what kind of tears it is. Those eyes are not really crying, because their hearts are not distilling tears. On the other hand, those who mourn (and are blessed) are those who have a heart that cries, who have a broken soul. These will receive consolation. They do not simulate, they really cry. They see their misery. They have known the failures. They long for the day when true, unshakable things manifest. How many times have these blessed ones cried, longing for the coming of the Lord! They are tired of suffering, of opposition, of adversity, of suffering, of persecution. That's why they cry. They have no other reaction when offended; they can not raise their hands to strike back.

The Lord merienda said to a king called Hezekiah, "I have heard your prayer and I have seen your tears" (Isaiah 38: 5). The king was afflicted, he cried out to the Lord and the Lord heard his prayer and saw his tears, and the Lord granted him what he asked for. How much they are capable of moving to God the tears of a man or a woman that spills before him! Remember Maria, Lazaro's sister. While her sister Marta reproached the Lord why she had not arrived before to prevent Lazarus from dying, Mary poured out at the feet of the Lord and wept with tears so anguished that the Lord, seeing her crying, also wept. It was the tears of Maria, and not Marta's arguments, that triggered – as it were – a miracle in valenza of Lázaro.

Let us remember that other sinful woman who came and began to water the feet of the Lord with tears. She felt accused in her conscience. She was a woman with a bad life. She had no merits to exhibit; I only had sins to cry. And the Lord Jesus welcomed her. And when that Pharisee gets up to point the woman with his finger, the Lord comes to his defense. What power tears have before God! How he hurries his hand to wipe them, and to defend whoever spills them in front of him!

"Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted". There are men who have so hardened the heart that their eyes are dry. They have not shed a single tear for years. And even if they wanted to do it, they can not. What a misfortune not to be able to cry! What a misfortune it is to have a heart of stone! Socially it is frowned upon to cry in public. "Anything, say some or some, but do not see me cry." They will never receive the consolation of God. They do not know the hand of the Lord when he caresses, or his ointment that heals the wounds. Those who mourn do have this bliss!

When we look to the Lord in the days of his flesh, offering prayers with great crying and tears (Hebrews 5: 7), we realize that for a Christian tears can not be strange. They are not occasional either, as it was not for Paul, who used to, says the Scripture, serve the Lord with many tears, admonish the brothers with tears, and write to the brothers with many tears (Acts 20: 19,31). 2 Cor.2: 4). He served with tears, admonished with tears and wrote his letters with tears!

Blessed are those who mourn! They have a heart that can feel the pain of others. And they can also feel their own misfortune, their own need, their own faults. How can we not cry after seeing that the Lord has been lacking again and again? How can we not cry after seeing that we have sullied his name, we have offended brother, we have sought our own defense and vindication? How not to mourn the misfortune of having such a still character? How not to mourn the misfortune of being so hard yet?

There is something that a person experienced in brokenness could say: "If you want to cry, fall first before the Lord." Then you can cry.

Tears before God

There is a estar in one of the psalms that is very comforting. It says: "Put my tears in your vial. Are not they in your book? My enemies will be turned back the day I cry out "(56: 8). None of the tears shed by a child of God goes unnoticed by the Lord. Those tears that you cried, he saw them and they are written down in his book. Is not this comforting? They are in your book! Surely that viario where our tears are have a measure, and it is necessary that this measure is completed. We will continue crying for as long as necessary until that measure is completed. We will continue crying for those we love, asking for those who offend us, and for all the adverse circumstances that we have not been able to overcome.

This estar also says: "My enemies will be turned back on the day I cry out." What confidence the psalmist has! It is enough that I cry and my enemies will be turned back. The hand of the Lord will intervene. The day I cry, something will happen, a movement will come from the heavens, the angels will move, the Lord will extend his hand. My enemies will be turned back. Have you seen it, beloved son of God? Blessed are you!

The Scripture also says: "Crossing the valley of tears they change it into a fountain" (Psalm 84: 6). This is something that may seem strange to those of the world. Christians cry, but with the same ease that they cry, they laugh. After the crying comes the consolation and the laughter. The tears are crying in the valley, in the hollow, but there, at the end of that hollow, there is a fountain that springs up with joy. There is a freshness in the soul. There is a laugh in the mouth … Beyond the tears, because they receive consolation.

In front of whom do we cry? There are tears in men who do not have this bliss, for which they will never be consoled. They are those that spill in front of the police when they break the law, or in front of the judge when they want to twist the hand of the law. They are the tears that cry alone in their arrogance, because they did not achieve what they wanted. Of those tears, they will not receive consolation. There are tears of anger, of impotence, that will never receive consolation. But "blessed are those who mourn (before God), for they will receive consolation."


"Blessed are the meek because they will receive the land for an inheritance" (Matthew 5: 5). The meek are those who submit to the designs of God. Those who bow their heads before the will of God, and say: "I do not know why you did it, Lord, but I accept it. I do not understand your reasons, but I bow my head to you. I do not know why this trial comes again, this fight, this gale, but, Lord, you are God, you are King, and I am only a servant. "The meek are submissive, they are gentle to deal with, they have no edges. There is nothing in them that hurts you. They are not rough. You hold your hand for them-speaking figuratively-and there is softness in everything you touch. His soul has been broken in his strengths. How much the Lord pleases in the meek ones! The Lord Himself merienda said a few words that continue to touch all of us: "Come to me, those who are worked and burdened, for I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am meek and humble of heart, and you will find rest for your souls. "Only a meek and humble man can find rest for his soul. Even if you wear the heaviest yoke, you will find it easy, delicate, soft, and you will find its load light.

For the meek there is a precious promise: "They shall receive the land for inheritance." They are heirs. They do not have money in the bank, they do not have an inheritance: they will have the land, and the land is the r sign of wealth. "They will receive the land as an inheritance."

They are hungry and thirsty for justice

Finally we will see the fourth beatitude: "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness because they will be satisfied" (Matthew 5: 6)

To be hungry and thirsty for justice is not to want justice to be done for any injustice. This means rather having a deep desire for righteousness, for holiness. These are those who want to be righteous, to be perfect, those who abhor the mediocrity of a life in the flesh. Those who hate the inconstancy of their heart. These will be satiated!

However, you know that hunger and thirst are physical appetites, and they are recurrent. You can satisfy them now and in a little while they will return. So also with these men and women. Although they have been filled with that great hunger and that great thirst that they had before knowing God, however, now, having it, they are still hungry and thirsty. Because unlike physical hunger and thirst, this hunger and thirst for justice when it is satiated, demands more justice, awakens more hunger and thirst. One who knows the Lord Jesus, who knows his character, his person, his rectitude, his nobility, his beauty, will want to continue advancing in the knowledge of that beauty, of that beauty. He's going to want to keep appropriating what he admires so much.

It would be terrible to have no more hunger and thirst. It would be terrible to be satisfied that sometime five or ten years ago my hunger and thirst for justice were satisfied. One who walks near the Lord, one who is in the contemplation of Christ, will hunger and thirst again and again, every day, to be satiated again and again.

May the Lord raise up a generation of men and women thirsting for this justice! Let them launch themselves in a search for eternal values. That they are able to despise the passing things, the worries of each day. Let them look to the throne of God and to the right hand of Him who sits on the throne. Let them strive not for the things that perish, but for those that live eternally.

The healthy words of our Lord

Days ago we shared about Timothy, and how in his days there was a relaxation in the behavior of Christians. How there was a true apostasy; how an incongruity was lived between what was said and what was lived. How men had thrown themselves in search of new doctrines.

One of Paul's words to Timothy is: "If anyone teaches anything else, and does not conform to the healthy words of our Lord Jesus Christ, he knows nothing …" (1 Timothy 6: 3). These that we have shared today are those healthy words of our Lord Jesus Christ. They sound crazy, they seem like naivety in an impersonal world, where money, interests, pettiness, greed, hardness of heart, and fulminating gaze prevail. But the Lord keeps saying, against the current of the world, against the scoffers, against the victors of this land, against the successists, he continues to say his word: "Blessed are the poor in spirit … blessed are those who mourn … blessed are the meek … Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for justice … "How healthy are the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, although in the world they seem madness!

A few days ago a hill was made (the Gallup poll) in the United States about religion. In 80 percent, the Americans declared themselves Christians, but when asked who had said the Sermon on the Mount, they did not know it, in their great estuary. The healthy words of our Lord Jesus Christ are being ignored. That is why there are Christians who are also so hard, so inflexible, so proud, so proud, so loving of themselves, so greedy, so strong in themselves, so vengeful, so spiteful.

They say like Laodicea. "I'm rich. I do not need anything. " But the words of the Lord are dropped one after the other like swords of the sword. "Behold, you are a hapless, miserable, poor, blind and naked person. Therefore, I advise you to buy from me gold refined in fire, so that you may be rich, and white garments to wear, and not to be discovered the shame of your nakedness; and anoint your eyes with eyesalve, that you may see "(Rev.3: 17-18).

This kind of people

Beloved brothers, friends: The people we have described this morning are the kind of people that God approves of, and who will reign with him. May the Lord, who has discovered us this morning by his Word, help each one of us, to be among those blessed ones. Amen.
07 of 2002


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