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When thinking about the written Word of God, we surely associate it with the old, with many years gone by, because it was precisely finished about 1,900 years ago, and started about 1,600 years ago.

It is not common for someone to associate Bible with technology … because "technology" unconsciously suggests "advancement". So then we link it with the present and with tomorrow.

This difficulty that arises, is due to misconceptions wrong or incomplete information that nest in us.

Can we say that the Bible is not a current book for the social, decente and spiritual life of the human being?

I would say rather that the Bible is "amazingly current" and with surprising indications of events of our present.

Many of its pages are intended to show sometimes symbolic descriptions, the future of those who wrote, or the present maybe for us, in order to warn, comfort, encourage, etc.

We will see later, how he mentions certain technological products of our time, and how he foresees the use of the computer to decipher his secret codes.

Technology practically came to exist together with man. Because when this was created by God, instants later he began to make technology.

God is the first and Grand Master of Technology.

"… he had not yet made rain (God) on the earth, nor was there anyone to work it." (Genesis 2: 5)

When he created the man he said:

"… Have many, many children; fill the world and govern it; dominate the fish and the birds, and all the animals that crawl. "(1:28)

And then the Bible adds:

"… God the Lord planted a garden in the region of Eden, in the east and put there the man who had formed." (2: 8,15)

How could man perform agronomic tasks if he did not invent some instruments that were prolongations of his members for such tasks?

Man began to be creative, because God showed himself to him as Creator and gave him intelligence for this.

He was alone and God solved the problem by taking a part of his body, his genetics, and transforming it into his ideal companion.

He taught him in this way, that before any need, he should be creative (as long as he was within his faculties.)

God created a "need": to have a very family of his, of beings similar to him; and he supplied it with the creation of man.

He granted Adam the privilege of naming the animals … and he not only named the animals, but plants, rivers, mountains, and everything he did with his own hands using ingenuity.

When he disobeyed the Creator, he was aware of his nakedness. The problem caused by the discomfort that caused his conscience, both he and his wife, God solved by killing animals and making coats. Labor that they could also do themselves from there on more.

"The Lord God made clothes from the skins of animals so that the man and his wife could get dressed." (3:21)

We can mention many technological inventions after these events, some well-oriented and others not.

The Tower of Babel was an ambitious technological project. It was intended through it, reach "to heaven" putting Ninrod and his reign in an arrogant position before the Creator, contrary to his designs.

How many inventions arise due to incorrect motivations, squandering arrogance, and logically resulting in damage to humanity.

"Then they said: come, let's build a city and a tower that reaches the sky. In this way we will become famous, and we will not have to scatter ourselves throughout the earth. "(11: 4)

Those who joined this project experienced confusion, which led them to disintegrate and lose the strength of the group.

"In that place the Lord confused the language of all the inhabitants of the earth, and from there he scattered them all over the world. That's why the city was called Babel (confusion.) "(11: 9)

But we see again the Grand Master of Technology giving Noah in his mind the design to build a huge and salvific boat.

Noah built it with great dedication, as it had been revealed to him.

The construction had a secret for that time; the boat had to be caulked with tar so that the water would not penetrate the ark and the woods would be preserved without being ruined by the humidity:

"Build a boat of resinous wood, make quarters in it, and cover with pitch all the slits of the boat inside and out, so that no water enters. Make the boat of these measures: 135 meters long, 22.5 meters wide and 13.5 meters high. Make it 3 stories, with a window about half a meter from the ceiling, and with a door on one of the sides. "

(6: 14-16)

This boat brought eight people well and therefore all of humanity. Those who rejected it, perished drowned in the waters of the Flood.

"… some people, eight in all, were saved by water." (1 Peter 3:20)

This contains a decente for our times too: Whoever joins an invention, or technological project contemplating what pleases God, will benefit significantly; the opposite occurs with the one who joins another machinated by selfishness and evil.

In 2 Chronicles 26:15 it is said:

"In addition (Uzziah) built in Jerusalem ingenious war machines to place them in the towers and at the highest points of the walls and shoot arrows and large stones from there. His fame spread far, for God helped him so extraordinarily that he became very powerful. "

Uzziah was king of Israel, and God had given him intelligence to defend His People from enemies.

God taught man to make technology, but for aristócrata and benign purposes. And all that invention or project that He approves, transcends and achieves amazing results. See the case of David and Goliath. David beat the giant with just a simple sling:

"… with his sling in his hand, he confronted the Philistine … David replied:

You come against me with sword, spear and javelin, but I am going against you in the name of the Lord Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have challenged. "(1 Samuel 17: 40,45)

Who was going to say that Edison's simple incandescent light bulb would illuminate the world? Does not it seem nonsense ?.

Cars, houses, streets, toys, etc., included his lamp. A small lamp illuminated the planet, just as the little sheepherd, with his leather sling, knocked down the great giant.

When the people of Israel walked through the desert towards the land of Canaan, they thirst … but the first thing they found was bitter waters. The water was drinkable but bitter. A problem was raised, and God gave Moses (the leader) wisdom to come up with a solution. There was a sweet plant on the shore, which submerged in the waters, managed to sweeten them.

"… they could not drink the water that was there, because it was bitter … Then Moses asked the Lord and he showed him a bush. Moses threw the bush into the water, and the water became sweet. "(Exodus 15: 23,25)

We see a new lesson from the Master. He "knew" the properties of that bush (no doubt because he is the one who did it). That is why it is very important to "manage information", "know", to solve problems.

God also gave David the design of the temple, which later his son Solomon built as he was shown:

"Then David gave his son Solomon the plan of the vestibule of the temple, of its buildings, of the storerooms, of the rooms of the upper floor, of the inner rooms and of the Holy of Holies … All this was in a writing written by revelation of the Lord to David, which explained all the work that had to be done according to the plan. "(1 Chronicles 28: 11,19)

It says in Exodus 31: 2-5 about the construction of the temple in Jerusalem:

"Look (says God), from the tribe of Judah I have chosen Bezaleel, son of Uri and grandson of Hur, and I have filled it with the Spirit of God, and with wisdom, understanding, knowledge and CREATIVE CAPACITY, TO MAKE DESIGNS AND

WORK in gold, silver and bronze, to carve and assemble precious stones, to carve wood and to do any artistic work. "

Here is a list of very important conditions for those who must develop projects and technological works, have great success in their task:

-To have the Spirit of God. (Good relationship with God)




-Creative ability


All this provides God to those who seek it with sincerity, humility and faith.

Amos 6: 5 names those who wanted to imitate King David, inventing and building musical instruments.

We could cite more examples, but now we will focus on the relationship that the Bible has with technological advances of our time.

Can modern and unimaginable products be mentioned for writers of the Scriptures? Let's see some examples in the book of Revelation or Revelation:

Television and satellite:

"… it was given the power to GIVE LIFE TO THE IMAGE OF the first monster, so that that IMAGE SPEAKED and made kill all those who did not adore it" (13:15)

Control by computer:

"… made everyone … put a mark on their right hand or forehead. And nobody could buy or sell, if he did not have the mark or the name of the monster or the number of his name. "(13: 16,17)

Helicopters and tanks:

"The locusts looked like horses ready for war; On their heads they wore something similar to a golden crown, and their face had a human appearance. They had hair like a woman's and her teeth looked like a lion's. Their bodies were protected with a kind of iron armor, and the noise of their wings was like that of many chariots pulled by horses when they entered combat.

Their tails, armed with stings, looked like scorpions, and in them they had the power to harm people … "(9: 7-10)

"… And the horses had head like a lion, and fire, smoke and brimstone came out of his mouth … Because the power of the horses was in his mouth and in his tail; for their tails looked like serpents and they hurt with their heads. "(9: 17b-19)

The prophet Zechariah describes the effects of the atomic bomb:

"… his people will rot the flesh in life, and their eyes will rot in their sockets and their tongues in their mouths." (Zechariah 14: 12b)

Perhaps it is alleged that a very clear language is not used, but how could a contemporary person of Jesus describe products of our times but comparing them with elements of his time?

In Israel, a group of eight scientists met to design programs on special computers to find and try to decipher what for so many generations they had been looking for: the codes interwoven in the Hebrew text, as "coded messages" from God for His People, the signature of God in His Word.

Surprisingly, when they began their investigations they found that they were right, to the extent of leading those who had contact with the discovery, to recognize Jesus as their Messiah. Initially they programmed the computers, feeding them with the biblical text in Hebrew. Then they designed several procedures; one of them was to remove all spaces between words, assigning each letter a number. Then they began to associate the letters corresponding to sequence 1, 7, 50, 100, 150, …. finding words related to the text, brief messages about the book examined, allusions to Jesus as the true Messiah of the Jews (and this in the Old Covenant, prior to the coming of Jesus), the Hebrew name of God (YHWH), the word law (TORAH), and even a brief history of the Jewish people to this day.

No doubt we can not attribute it to chance or chance. It contemplates the appearance of the computer, as an instrument to decipher these codes, and suggests the authorship of God not only of these messages but of the entire Bible. For when the researchers removed a single word from the text, they saw the messages disappear. The Bible has an amazing unity.

Is it not remarkable that the Bible has been printed over time in various materials by the believing man, having to invent first the printing press, then the computer, so that we can take advantage of its reading and study for our decente health and spiritual ?.

We conclude by saying: "Technology has too much to do with the Bible."

Pablo Darío Rolando.

Las Varillas- Prov. Of Córdoba.
Rep. Argentina.

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