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This is Pharisaism, which is becoming a giant in the churches. They tell us what we have to do and they give us good doctrine, saying, but not doing, while they throw heavy burdens on us that they do not even touch with a finger. And so the churches are institutionalized, to become islands of worldly power, where the "rulers" lord it over the faithful, impelling the most outstanding the inertia of a race against the clock for the position of dignity of the ecclesial service, to be held by approved by men, leaving aside if God approves, or not. This disease appeared from the beginning of time among the people of Israel, but its most endemic regrowth was among the first Christians, who did not endure the persecutions and gave themselves up to sedentary life, exempt from spiritual exercise, falling into the more Viral Roman Empire: the Catholic Church.

Nowadays we can speak with more property of this evil, due to the developed advance of the means of communication, which have made us know more of the genetic nature that stimulates the propagation of the amnesic hypocrisy virus, which makes forget the purification of the old sins, until it seems that we were washed by ourselves at birth again. The first symptoms begin only by an unconscious amorous flirtation with a new lover: the ministry, and they are very difficult symptoms to diagnose, since they seem to be pure zeal for the work; but in the end it ends up being fornicated with the new one and with all the old lovers. Hosea describes it very well. And when spiritual amnesia reaches its terminal phase, we sell ourselves to political power, to fall into a trap of the devil, and never again to know to whom we owe our fidelity (and everything we have), whether to God, or to men. And this without mentioning the most shameless cases, in which the spiritual adulterer sells himself to money.

Shortly before reaching spiritual death, you can hardly feel in the members the feeling of who is committed, because the immune system of the order of priorities is totally damaged and irreparable. When the body has already died, without further preamble, it becomes part of the great harlot, the great Babylon (or the great confusion), mother of all harlots. It is inscribed (the deceased body) in the reglamentario records of all the ministries, in the associations that bring together the dead and dying, and, as often happens in all those who die, before entering a deep coma experience what seems like a miraculous recovery, fruit of the image of placebo that spreads among the members of the body, and there are even those who would say that the mortally wounded enjoy a splendid health.

A curious clinical case is the one that tells us a subject who escaped a miracle of this disease. He was also contaminated by the subtle deceived of the astute spiritual harlots, without understanding what was happening to him; until, already in the struggle for the position of dignity of ecclesial service, he could discover and feel the weapons that were being used, which were not spiritual, but carnal, and 10 times more destructive than the first ones, because they seemed what they were not. For that reason, he came to produce antibodies in an unrestrained way, to the point that a disconcerting month of God gave him a message for the church; but, far from having been approved by his pastor to share it, instead, he invited a professional of the philological gathering (he studied philology at the university), since he was on vacation and there was no one to give a word to the congregation ( as it seemed to the pastor). And this hunter of souls spoke to the congregation, to which the miraculously immunized subject belonged, about the service, leaving everyone, at the end of the message, the following lapidary phrase: "He who does not live to serve, does not serve to live". Immediately, all the congregation gathered there fell into a coma under the action of the message, which contributed to the strong summer heat of that Spanish city (by the way, there were no air conditioning, and it seems, by the news that we have recently arrived, they have not yet put it). He did not leave, as they say, "puppet with head", and the ardor of the protests went up to the pastor, who promised not to allow him to preach again in that congregation. In this impromptu preacher the trick of the harlot made a great dent, and the disease had invaded him almost completely, leaving him unconscious, without common sense (which was said to be the least common of the senses) and insensitive (for he believed in himself same that he was an irresistible preacher). The last time our immune friend saw him, the sequels were appreciated, and the illness possibly became chronic, because he had learned to live with her without being noticed by others, because I know that he did not even take medication ( it seems, the pastor did not scold him, he just did not invite him to preach any more).

Given the high risk of spreading the amnesiac hypocrisy virus in churches, I encourage siblings not to neglect the physical form of the spirit, refraining from the pernicious abuse of the "ministerina" (or addiction to the ministries), which is only good in the doses prescribed by the Lord, being thoroughly used in prayer and good habits of daily biblical reading, as well as in the fundamental observance of an abundant and healthy diet rich in love above all things to God, not forgetting the diary washing the dirty egocentricity with water in a solution of love of neighbor as oneself.

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