Sowing values ​​in politics, pastor could become Minister of Brazil |

Damares Alves, a lawyer and pastor from Brazil, has been invited by the president of that nation, Jair Bolsonaro, to occupy the position of the Ministry of Family and Human Rights.

Sowing values ​​in politics, pastor could become Minister of BrazilSowing values ​​in politics, pastor could become Minister of Brazil

For Brazil it would be the first time that a religious leader or leader takes a political position; This decision is being supported by the Evangelical Parliamentary Front and its president, Hidekazu Takayama, who is also a Christian.

"It is an honor to have someone like her as a minister, because she has always defended the guidelines and banners of the Christian faith. We (the evangelicals) want to contribute to the change in the history of Brazil, "said Takayama.

Many support the work that Alves does, as they give testimony of what she has been doing during the time she has served as a pastor.

Deyvid Pereira says that she is excellent for the position that she can perform, since she is a good educator, human rights activist, defending the indigenous people and the family.

"Damares knows deeply the need of our people. Contrary to what they said out there, the Bolsonaro government can undo the ravages made by the governments of Lula and Dilma. We, indigenous peoples, were used by this government and then subjugated by the State itself, "says Sandra Terena, an indigenous journalist and filmmaker who has shared with Damares.


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