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God wanted to make a suitable help by marking two temperaments and two totally complementary forms. God thought of everything, man and woman are perfectly complementary physically, but so are they in their character. What has happened is that the plan that God had for the couple has been unbalanced, sin has distorted the relationship that God had provided. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. Historically, how do we see the relationship? *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. Who was more important ?, the man. Do you know what the rabbis said? What was the gratitude of the rabbis in the mornings? "Thank you, Lord, that you did not make me a slave, nor a gentile, nor a woman." That was his thanks. Did he have to see that prayer with God the creator? With the origin? Did he have to see? Did that prayer reach the heavens? I believe that it did come, and it produced pain in God. It did not come in the matter of receiving a blessing for her, but God did listen to this prayer, not to pay attention to it, but perhaps to see the failure of creation. Do you believe that God repented of having created man? The Jews, the rabbis expressed this every morning. How do you think your behavior could be as spouses or as parents of a woman's daughter? How do you think your relationship with your mother or your relationship with the woman could be? How do you imagine it? A person who gets up in the morning and says: "I thank you Lord because you did not make me a slave, nor a gentile, nor a woman". I think they also added: "Neither animal, nor gentile nor woman". What do you think could be the experience of that man in quotes, of God for his family? How could it be? What do you imagine? How divided family, how do you think the communication between man and woman would be? It did not exist, there was division, there was death. The man was the one who created the imbalance. Now what happened? Because the most wonderful thing about creation is that God puts the woman as final seal. The woman seals the creation given directly by God in terms of existing things, with the woman. The woman seal of creation. It closes it with regard to that form of creation, God puts the woman in a very special place, God puts the woman in a place of honor, God puts the woman in the place of fullness of her own creation, which marvels well the complement, and God satisfies the feeling perhaps more tremendous that the man could have felt, the solitude. It is said that there is no feeling more tremendous than the one of the solitude that the r amount of suicides, they occur when the person has not found to anyone with whom to relate. He says in Ecclesiastes 4 – 9: "Two are better than one, because they have better pay for their work, because if they fall the one will raise their partner. But there is only one that when it falls does not open second to raise it. Also, if two of them slept together, they would warm each other up, how could one heat up? "They are talking about man and woman here, yes sure. But also here has to do with what is the association of brotherhood and friendship, of what is the company, what is being with the other. But it has a very big emphasis on what is the couple and marriage It is God's creation. In the Greek or Greco-Roman theater, women could not have positions within the performances, only the man was the one who could be in public and thus characterized the roles of men and women's roles; They could not be musicians, they could not. What was going on? The women only had public performances as prostitutas.El body of women is what was marketed throughout history, it is the body of women that attracted society and what attracted man and it was the man who walked away of this feeling that God placed in women as a suitable complement for all his person and not only to satisfy his ego. It is the place that women currently occupy. You have heard about feminism, do you know what feminism is? Could someone define it? Feminism, could someone define it with simple words? What is feminism? What sounds to them as feminism? "Wanting equality between men and women". What else? "Recover the values". Feminism is an international movement that emerged as a product of machist oppression in the world to break or break an oppression and perhaps generate another. The desperate man seeks exit and the way that man It moves is through revolutions. The way in which God moves is through changes in the heart and return to values. God does not move in the history of breaking, God moves by creating. That is the form of God. What happened to feminism? As we said historically, man was generating in the world a tremendous oppression against women, where women lost their values. And so we come to the stage of Jesus to which we are going to pass now. What was the attitude of Jesus with the woman? Where the woman had no place, no opinion. The rabbis taught and said: "Beware that the Torah is going to teach it to a woman, because it is preferable that it fall into the hands of a Gentile." The woman could not speak, the woman could not comment, the woman was considered with an inferior intellectual level. How had God created her? The same as a person? What happened? What happened? Thus we come to Jesus, in this context where the woman is less mentally as a person, she is almost a gentile, an animal. And Jesus enters the scene in these moments where He has to make a difference, not a difference between man and woman, but a difference in what men believe and what God believes. With the theme of the woman Jesus was tempted many times . There is a very great temptation that Jesus had with a woman, remember which one? It was when they brought Jesus, so that He would raise a judgment, to an adulteress woman. The gospel says, they brought the adulterous woman to him so that he could give his opinion, and what did Jesus say? He who has no sin to throw the first stone. Do you know what the law was at that time? They killed stones. Do they know that it was also customary to do with men and women? The man was hanged, buried in dung to the knees and then put a rope on each side with a towel around his neck so that the justice of God would not be noticed because the rope would mark the neck and two people would throw one on one side and another on the other until the person died by the law, the Jewish law. And the woman was taken out and stoned. What did Jesus do? He found himself simply with the product of his creation that was being hurt. There is a movie: King of Kings. Where there is a characterization of Jesus very nice, very firm, very good. Jesus is walking and this woman is brought to him and kicked out, and the woman falls. Jesus simply asks: "What did this woman do that deserves such treatment? There's nothing this woman could have done to deserve this. " What did he see in her? A sinner? Or did you see a person? A person. A person. Jesus' hand touched the woman, looked at her to give it life. What happened when Jesus was walking with the crowd? In Luke 8: 4, he is approached by a man named Jairus among the Jews who says he is sick, to whom? "My only daughter." Who was going to stop at that time for a woman and still, a dying girl? Who was going to stop her job? His walk? Who was going to stop a commercial caravan that at that time was so common for a woman, and sick, and death? For what? One less. Jesus stopped, changed course and accompanied this pained father, because his daughter was sick; and in this way in the same story Jesus goes walking and stops suddenly and says: "Who touched me?" And they all say to him: "Like who touched you, with all the people who are following you, who touched you? ? "Somebody touched me and he was cured." Another woman. Another woman. A woman who thought her blood flow had spent all her money, everything she had, was filthy. Do you know that the woman at the time of menstruation was unclean? A filthy woman. She was going to a dying woman and she has an unclean woman. Jesus is already stopping, stops, heals her, forgives her sins and continues, gives life to the other woman. What was the woman for Jesus? What happened when Jesus was walking? In the tremendous story of John, he meets a Samaritan woman. What happens inside the Jews and Samaritans? There was no talk of racial discrimination. Would it be ideological or religious? Jesus for, a woman of the world of life, He did not care; I had had how many husbands? Five. Did He care? No, who did he see? To a woman, to a human being. What happened when Jesus entered the Synagogue, related by Luke chapter 13 and finds a woman who was bent over almost all her life? A human wreck seemed. Jesus, who could have been talking about the great truths of Isaiah, of Moses, of all the prophets, of the kingdom, of his death; He stops in front of a woman for whom surely nobody would have given a penny, but Jesus stopped. What day was it when he cured this woman? Saturday. What happened after? Jesus cured her. The chief Jews, the priests, came to him and said, "How do you cure on a Sabbath day? In the law it is forbidden to do anything on Saturday. What did Jesus say? "Hypocrites." Because the law was more important than the woman. What was the attitude of Jesus? Helping the woman healed her. What happens when Jesus went walking, enters a house and a woman that the name that is given is Mary the sinner, and gives everything she had, a perfume and throws it on Jesus. That was almost a curse in those days. It was incomprehensible for a sinner to touch and give something to a priest. It was like putting a curse on the other, because his sinful behavior was projected in everything he had, however beautiful or expensive, he was contaminated with his death, with his sin. What did Jesus see? Did you see the sin? O What did your heart see? He saw a person. Jesus walking met women. Some talk about Jesus and women. What happened to Jesus? With Marta and María, what man would have entered the house of two women to share with them some time? At that time, and in these times, was exposed to say many things against him. What did Jesus do? He stopped and there is a very important element, if Jesus had been sexist he would have said to Mary: "What are you doing sitting there because you are not going to work and you serve me better?" Why did Jesus do the opposite? the hierarchy of being able to be with the same God, what is that? It is much more than doing everything the other way around than many times men think, the woman has to do, and one order sitting quietly so that one can be served. Jesus did not act like that. He valued. As Christians, valuing women is the only model we have of the perfect man Jesus was. Here we have the teachings and this is for us men, who is my model, tradition? The arrogance? The comfort? The machismo? The coldness? To be despotic parents ?, Cold ?, Calculators ?, Abandoners? Or Jesus? How do we treat our women? How do we treat them? History speaks of death, of sin, that is why Jesus came to give us a new model. Feminism exists because the man never saw the woman as a person, and the woman was a desperate, correct, actual scream, she raises the scream desperate and alone, and the movement of feminism arose but that is now, it is the umbrella to cover under that the solitude of the woman, the homosexuality, the lesbianism, for that the feminine liberation the only thing that brings to him is more solitude and death. That's because of the man and it's also the woman's fault. What is the counter Christian proposal, to this society that is moaning for answers? The most advanced societies, such as Sweden, have the best systems of protection for women, especially the role of mother; However, there are fewer and fewer births. The industrialized societies try to solve it by putting laws, giving "status" to women, giving them opportunities, but without Christ. What are we going to do? What are we going to do? How many times do women, and this is for women, do not believe in their own identity as a woman? How many times have you women, maybe as a child or as a child, ever said "Because I was not a man?" Statistically more than 90% of women have that feeling in more than one moment of their lives, because God made you woman for the glory of creation, but how difficult it is to believe that in a world of oppression. But it is possible, Jesus started the way. But for that you must work as a woman using the roles of woman that God put in the Bible, when you have a boyfriend find a boyfriend who is a man, to be a boyfriend and not a son. When you have a child, mother, do not be the wife of your son's son or daughter. God created the roles in this way, when you are raising your daughters give them a woman model. The Bible gives you height, quality. Because you have time to work and time to stop and think, that you have time to create and that you have the same opportunity and the same rights of man, to sin and to be wrong, you are not less you're the same. The women's movement is trying to show that you are more, and sometimes it seems to be true, because as time goes by you will see less firm male roles, less men. It seems that marriages instead of being wife and husband is wife and son, where the wife is more raising a teenage husband than creating children, is creating her husband more than their children. Do not get hooked on this. God has given you the place to generate life in the world. The woman can do something that man will never be able to feel and is the mother. It is a feeling reserved for women. God cursed the woman to give birth in pain, but blessed her by having within herself the blessing of creation. Do men know that we will never have the privilege to feel it, even though we are successful at work, in the company, that we are skillful with the hand and we create great things. Life will never leave our body. Father your daughter needs you, Jesus has given you the model and the form, he did not stop, He looked at you and cared for you. As you treat your wife, as you treat her, a homogenous and balanced system is generated in your home where both weigh in opinions, where the two opinions are valuable. Have you stopped agreeing with your wife and thinking with her? Or is it not enough for her brain to think as brightly as you? Do not be a fool God created the woman to be the best help, listen to her. Treat your wife well, but never lose authority and never take your wife's authority, ever. Governments are crazy making laws and they do not reach because the law is already written, it is the law of God, the law of love, the law of vaivén, the law of peace, the law of faith, the law of complementation . Man, woman, brother, sister, father with children, brothers with sisters. What are we going to do with our role in the world? How do we want to live? Jesus gave the perfect model. What are we going to do? How long have you not approached your wife and asked her how she feels? Do you know it's hard to do that? It costs, because it will not be me and then what do I do? Cuesta, I have to stop my obligations, my things, my sermons, my books, my computer, my problems, to see what happens. Did Jesus do it because I did not? If Jesus said that when He left things we would do. And not only was He talking about casting out demons, he was talking about the behavior, if He stopped for a woman because I'm not going to stop for my wife and my daughter? We have the Master manual let's live it, let's live it, take care of your home, your children, feel useful to society, look for a place in society to find you, look for it, talk to your husband, if your husband is dictatorial, "stubborn", to try to find the best way to show him the Word of the Lord. Share that answer.GERARDO RAMOS ALATRISTESif you want to know more E-MAIL This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.I X O Y E

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