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Satan inside the church and the Christian children of the devil. A good part of Christians serve the devil and the occult of diabolical conspiracies. Some knowing and others out of ignorance. The churches (congregations) have been infected by the tares. Pastors and preachers preach by diabolical inspiration. The Church is full of Devil's Servants. The false Christians of YouTube and the social networks that publish preach full of doctrines of demons that upload Christian music that adores satanás, that speak more of demons than of God and are more illuminatis than the Vatican because they criticize the new world order but promote it . There is a final judgment for all these false prophets of the antichrist. The gospel is nothing of what they speak.

These witches and witches who practice witchcraft and cabala, who mention names of demons invoking them and name their videos with words that represent spells. These are worse than cash moon and the false apostles of prosperity. These are apostates that precede the coming of Christ.

The possessed of Gadarene had more peace than them because they have lost the fear of God and serve Satan who is the father of lies.

Youtube channels such as Apocalypse, Diana Mendiola that educate Christians to believe in occultism and other extraterrestrials who say that Christians can be tattooed. Youtubers who claim to have seen Yiye Avila in hell, some who speak of having been taken to hell or to heaven and that each one brings a different description. The devil is the father of lies and we live in a world that as he approaches his end so Satan also takes power over men. You just have to look at the church to realize that there are more lost Christians than saved ones.

The devil has taken control of many great preachers and even denominations as he passed in the letters to the seven churches of the apocalypse and only a remnant faithful to Christ and God stay away from the demonic doctrines of this new era.

When I was a Satanist the devil revealed to me a large part of his plan against the church and against faith in God and I am going to tell him about it.

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