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Juan Ponce de León spent the rest of his life searching for the elusive Fountain of Eternal Youth, which, they said, had the virtue of returning the beautiful bloom of youth to that happy mortal who had the joy of drinking from his mystical waters. A discovery of this magnitude assured the discoverer a wealth beyond all avarice and the prestige of a Nobel Prize (something that in those times did not exist, obviously), however we already know the end of the story, Juan Ponce de León aged and He died without having found the happy fountain. Many have gone astray in the search for happiness.

Renew is a word that comes from the Latin that means to be new again. Thus we find that when something is renewed it means that something is restored to the quality it had at the beginning, as when it was newly made.

Renewing is a word that antagonizes aging, obsolete.

Renew means putting a number of forces in motion to fix what is necessary and return the pristine position to something. It is dynamism, it is strength, it is precision and patience. It is to return the deteriorated, the hurt, the wounded, the worn out in something that marvels, in something that defies the nature and the laws of entropy. That's right, to renew has to do with challenge, with challenge, with character, with effort. It is not easy, but the mere fact of knowing that there is a possibility that it can be encourages us, inspires us, drives us.

A maritime dock should be carefully checked several times a year, due to the power exerted by corrosion near the sea. The salts and humidity cause any construction to age rapidly and end up rendering a work of millions unusable. When an object loses its usefulness, its precision or its beauty it is said that we must renew ourselves of the object and the most common way could be discarding what no longer serves. And that's how it ends up in a trash can, in the same place where many dreams end, many projects.

When we feel useless, tired, with a sense of loss and reluctance we could decide to discard what we are today. In one way or another there are some individuals who think to take a positive change, but the river of people decides to hide, cloister or in the worst case disappear.

If God reasoned like men do, he might put some in the trash, bury them forever, and surely he would take better ones instead of those. But the Maker who is powerful to create new worlds thinks differently. He always takes the initiative of searching, he looks at us on the edge of despair, of the abyss; He looks at us fallen, he knows that we are lost, and he takes the road to humanity. It is as if He could not live without us, when it is we who without the Creator could not exist.

The Scripture, in its richness says: So that if anyone is in Christ, new creature is; old things happened; behold, all are made new. 2Co 5:17. This beautiful passage shows us that any individual within the body of Christ is a new creature, in Greek it is written Kainos Ktisis, where Kainos means: new not in time but new in form or quality and Ktisis, which means creation or institution. The Bible a Day says it this way: Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, it is a new creation. The old has gone, it has become new! That's right, the past in the past, the anxious future awaits us with better expectations. On the other hand the word used by Paul for old things is one in Greek: arcaios which means: the old, from an earlier era. From it derive archaic and archeology. The back is behind, everything is done again, then take the opportunity to start again!

The wonderful thing with God is that it gives us the opportunity to be made new, to be rejuvenated:

He is the one who forgives all your iniquities, He who heals all your ailments; The one who rescues your life from the hole, the one who crowns you with favors and mercies; He who satisfies your mouth with good things So that you rejuvenate yourself like the eagle. Psalm 103: 3-5

When everything goes wrong, when one wants to look for him, when we need horizons, we leave everything behind us behind our backs and let us look at God, at the one who makes our forces like those of the buffalo. Therefore, we will look for his face, his power so that we can renew in the race, and as the apostle Paul, the apostle of the Gentiles, said: Brothers, I myself do not pretend to have reached it; but one thing I do: forgetting what is left behind, and extending to what is before me, I press on to the goal, to the prize of the supreme calling of God in Christ Jesus. Fil. 3: 13-14.

In the end many will be happy for the simple fact that God loves them and takes them into account. In these times the opportunity to be as good as at the beginning of our lives is not easily rejected, and even better! Because now we have experience on our side, because if we fall, we can get up now. In the most important of existence, both present and future, we have the joy of being able to start over again, of being innocent children again in a sea of ​​doubts and indecencies, and a blessing is only granted by the Creator, who is offended Because of our bad behavior, he seeks to give us a new day full of mercies:

Remember that I am wandering and afflicted, that I am seized with gall and bitterness. I always keep this in mind, and that's why I get depressed. But something else comes to my mind, which fills me with hope: The great love of the Lord never ends, and his compassion never runs out. Each morning their benefits are renewed; Your fidelity is very great! Therefore, I say: "The Lord is all I have. In him I will wait! "Lam 3: 19-24. (Bible a Day)

Jorge CantoAuthor: Jorge Canto

Pastor of the New Jerusalem church in Merida, Mexico and international master of the Assemblies of God ISUM (Institute for Ministerial Overcoming). He has collaborated as a writer in different educational projects of the publisher ECCAD.

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