Reform of law on traditional marriage causes controversy by Christian signature |

The affirmation against the reform of a US law could cause controversy, since 250 Dutch Christians have signed for it, since they claim that the law is violated in its reform, which is being investigated by the authorities.

Reform of law on traditional marriage causes controversy by signing of Christians

Nashville's claim is the document that these Christians have signed since it has been created to express their discontent that the law that supports the belief in traditional sexual ethics (covenantal, sexual, procreative, lifelong union of a man and a woman), is being investigated by the Netherlands for possible reform.

Said affirmation is headed by the Council on the virility and the condition of the woman, they affirm that it is a "sin to approve the homosexual impurity or the transgenderismo", which has been signed by more than 20,000 Christian leaders since its shot in.

To make counterparts of these Dutch Christians who have joined this cause, LGBT activists in their country have spoken against, with the help of a pro LGBT opera singer have filed a police complaint against the promoter of the claim, Senator Djederick van Dijk, they say that "calls for discrimination against LGBT people."

Same-sex marriage in the Netherlands was legalized in 2001, being the first country to pass this resolution, without kidnapping the Christian organizations of the state reaffirm their full support with the statement, "Nashville's statement reflects classic Christian notions about relationships and sexuality in an updated and much discussed topic. These notions are shared across the borders of churches and countries, "van der Staaij said in a statement in response to critics.

Some US pastors do not agree with the statement, although the point of biblical sagacity seems good, they do not like the approach because it lacks pastoral wisdom.

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