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"To understand wisdom and doctrine, to know prudent reasons …" (Prov 1: 2).
In the first chapters of Proverbs we are exhorted with numerous motivations to know God and live according to the wisdom from on high. In these first verses, the purposes of the book are stated in a summarized and persuasive way. It is written for those who want to learn to live-to live life as God designed it to be.
The one who approaches Proverbs does it to learn. To read it is to recognize that we have not arrived, that we need guidance and direction. The book is based on a presupposition: there is an ignorance in us that only God can eliminate. Even the wisest have much to learn (1: 5). The inspired pages of this book provide us with what we need. They will dispel the fog of ignorance that prevents us from making wise decisions, whether in speaking or raising our children, working or planning for the future. Wisdom is not innate to man, so he must seek it in the places designated by God.
"Wisdom" – is the key word in the entire book. Its authors pile up the synonyms of the concept on all its pages to impress the reader with their need. Being wise is more than having common sense; is to have a sense for nothing common in society. It is to live on the basis of the fear of God (1: 7) and to your liking. "Wisdom reflects the intention and discipline of making pious decisions in a world full of distractions and sinful shortcuts."
The term "doctrine" is translated as "discipline" or "disciplined training" in other versions. This is so because the idea is contained in the Hebrew word that is used here; and communicates the idea of ​​the process that sometimes requires the learning of wisdom. "Reading this book is beneficial, but not comfortable." Straightening the twisted can be very painful. It is not automatic learning nor does it allow shortcuts. It involves the correction of our casto faults and the shaping of our character.
Precious stones and pearls are not easily achieved. They are obtained with effort. It is not different with prudence, and for that reason it is compared to gold and silver in later chapters (2: 4, 3:14).
"Prudent reasons" or "words of intelligence" (NIV). This expression speaks of someone who acquires discernment. He can distinguish between the important and the vain, between the beneficial and the harmful, between the appropriate and the inconvenient (Hebrews 5:14). "The book of Proverbs can be very helpful in the process toward maturity." In the long run, we do not want our children to be just obedient; we want to see them discern for themselves the most excellent way.
Read Proverbs trains us for life. Do not you dare to delve into its content?
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Author: Salvador Gomez Dickson
Pastor in the Biblical Church of the Lord Jesus Christ in Santo Domingo and professor of the Logos Ministerial Academy.

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