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The day that Eisenhower married, he believed that his problems were over and that, the frustrations of childhood, became part of the past like the old photographs recast in the album of the Room of St. Alexis. But the ceremony, the party and the honeymoon trip – which seemed taken from a romantic movie – gave way to a efectivo hell that ended with the separation.

For Jorge Iván, a Latino who still faced adversity in adolescence and even grew up in the streets, the story was different. His marriage was simple. I did not have money. And his wife settled for a modest reception so that, one day later, she would be back in her daily tasks. In spite of the economic scarcity – hanging from them like a sword of Damocles – they enjoy relative peace and, in particular for Jorge Iván, each new dawn is full of opportunities.

What does happiness depend on in marriage? According to a study conducted by the American Psychological Association among 24,000 people for more than fifteen years, happiness in the home does not depend on the circumstances but on the attitude of the individual.

An unhappy bachelor will remain so when he gets married. If he is happy as a bachelor, he will be happy when his marital status changes. The specialists agree in assuring that each one determines whether he will be happy or prey to bitterness.

And his life? Is happy?

Interesting. This word synthesizes that scientific search about the secrets of happiness. But even when there is a disposition to make sense of existence at every moment, fluctuations can assault us. And depression will come, boredom and maybe bitterness.

How to ensure permanence in the predisposition to a pleasant and purposeful life? When it is born in the heart. And in what way do we achieve it? When God takes control of our being.

The sacred author wrote more than 2,500 years ago: "You gave joy to my heart r that theirs when their grain and their must abounded. In peace I will lie down, and likewise I will sleep; Because only you, Jehovah, make me live confidently "(Psalm 4: 7, 8).

It is in our Supreme Maker that we find full happiness. That does not mean that problems do not arise, but with His divine help, we will have the strength to overcome any adversity.

But is its existence complete?

Surely he will not be until he has an intimate communion with God. How? Allowing Jesus Christ to enter your heart. A simple sentence is enough. Say: "Lord Jesus Christ, I recognize that I have sinned and that I need you. Today I want to change. Enter my heart and make me the person you want me to be. Thanks for the salvation. Amen".

This simple prayer has marked the change in many lives. But one more step is necessary. Make prayer a permanent dialogue with God. Read the Word to know His will and, begin to congregate with other believers.

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