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1. Preach with spiritual power
2. Preach with conviction
3. Preach with compassion
4. Preach with authority
5. Preach with a sense of urgency
6. Preach with brokenness
7. Preach with all your being
8. Preach with imagination

D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones said: "Preaching is logic on". What he meant is that a good preaching must bring together two elements: well-reasoned biblical content and intense passion. Many preachers lose one or the other part of the formula. At present there are many who are all emotion, but have no content; I have spoken about this imbalance in several of my works.
In this book, however, Alex Montoya deals with the opposite kind of imbalance: Preachers whose content is fine, but whose delivery is empty and without passion. More convenient for the usual "caricature" of a classroom than for a prophetic message from Almighty God.
Such preachers do not understand the damage they do to the cause of truth. They should truly love the Word of God and have a strong regard for sound doctrine, but their dispassionate delivery really communicates apathy and indifference. In the end, they undermine the existente work about which they believe they were called to carry forward. The world (and the church) would be better without such preachers.
I have often said that if a man is unable to be passionate about the Word of God, he was not called to preach. If someone can stay in the pulpit and make the Word of the living God sound dry and boring, he should sit down and let someone else preach.
This applies even to someone who has great academic credentials; Educational achievements by themselves can not make a person meet the requirements to preach. The mere logic without the fire of passion is far from the biblical ideal of preaching.
Indeed, I am convinced that even today in the most resounding and solid biblical churches, much of what is labeled as preaching really is not. Turn off the overhead projector, eliminate presentations with computer programs, stop giving people the notes with the outline, and let the man of God proclaim the authentic truth, with fervent heart, with energy given by the anointing of the Holy Spirit. That is preaching.
This is not an argument against preparing or training. Good preaching occurs when the well-prepared mind, full of knowledge, able to explain, motivated by love, by the truth, and with energy given by the Holy Spirit, speaks powerfully. The true preacher is not content to inform his audience a little about academic subjects. He wants to saturate them with the clear and powerful exposition of the Word in such a way that they feel the effect of God's truth on the most fundamental level.
Maybe nobody is better equipped to write about passionate preaching than Alex Montoya. He preaches with his example, with an ardent passion for the truth. Alex has been a good friend of mine and collaborator for many years. Everyone who knows him agrees that his passion is contagious. I hope that this book initiates an "epidemic" on the subject.

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