Pastor Eduardo Gutierrez Biography

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Biography of Pastor Eduardo gutierrez

Eduardo Gutierrez He was born in Havana Cuba in an atheist home, so he grew up without religion. These non-theist roots led him to be an enthusiastic advocate of atheism during his adolescence. At the age of 19 I leave atheism to begin in budu or palo monte a religion of Bantu African origin which gives worship to the devil and the dead. After several years officiating as a draper blinded by arrogance he decided to make a direct pact with the devil to start as a satanic priest. Here began the most difficult period of his life.

The now pastor Eduardo Gutierrez he had become a "famous" sorcerer who even attended to the religious affairs of relatives of the late Cuban President Fidel Castro. With money and power, his life was emotionally and physically shattered because although he cured others of cancer and other diseases, his body was seriously ill due to an incurable ailment.

Eduardo Gutierrez I thought I was going to die but the day less thought by the grace of God received a vision of Jesus Christ who came to his bedroom and spoke to him audibly and in vision saying "son open your heart, I love you". Those words of Christ transformed his life and led him to convert to Christ.

In 2001, when he was already a missionary and having founded several missionary works in Cuba, he began his pastoral and theological studies, having to date attended several evangelical Christian seminars and giving theological classes in others. The Pastor Eduardo Gutierrez He has been a teacher in theological schools in the fields of homiletics, hermeneutics and personal evangelism.

Currently minister as Pastor in the Christ Church, source of Eternal Life in Florida, and holds seminars, conferences and congresses throughout the USA. He is a well-known apologist defender of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, of which he has carried out debates and written several books which you can find in

See full testimony in Video. Soon a book will come out about everything that the Pastor Eduardo Gutierrez step and how your experience can be useful in the Christian life.

God bless you.

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