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PRAYER: Lord … Teach me to be humble, simple and submissive in your presence, as you like.INTRODUCTION: Obadiah, means a worshiper of Jehovah. It is the smallest book in the Old Testament. His name is very common in the Bible, since it is mentioned a dozen times. It is not known with certainty in what time he lived, who was his family, because he was confined to his short prophecy, he does not give information about his time or reign. Obadiah was one of three prophets whose message was given to Gentiles, as was Jonah and Nahum. His prophecy consists of two parts: First: Judgment to Edom (descendants of Esau) Second: Restoration of the people of God (descendants of Jacob). The prophecy or message of God was clear and precise. The enemies of the Lord were judged and destroyed according to the Word of God. 1- JUDGMENT AGAINST EDOMLos Edomites were neighbors of Israel, descendants of Esau, brother of Jacob, and son of Isaac the patriarch. When Esau despises the birthright, selling it for a bowl of lentils, his spiritual decline begins. He becomes a persecutor of his brother and then his offspring would be Israel's perpetual enemy. From there, it is the Lord's anger towards this corrupt and treacherous offspring of his own blood. The Edomites lived near Judah, they were carnally related to Israel. But their lives and actions did not please God. Not only did they desire evil against their people, but they also helped the pagan enemies, against the People of God. This hatred and persistence caused God to prosecute them before time.2- SOBERBIA – PRIDE AND ALTIVITY The Edomites lived in the rocky mountain ranges, their houses were made in the crevices of the stones; a good strength, they looked down on everyone, their arrogance was so great that the Lord said: The pride of your heart has deceived you; You who say, Who will shoot me to the ground? Though you go up like an eagle and put your nest in the stars, I will tear you down from there, says the LORD: All your allies have deceived you, even those who were at peace with you and those who ate your bread put a snare under you. There is no worse blind that one who does not want to see, right? What good was such pride? God could not stand it and even in our days he can not stand it either. The apostle Peter advised to be humble and submissive (especially to young people), because God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble, 1 Pet. 5: 5. 3- THE JUDGMENT BEGINS … With final sentence a- You should not: Have looked at your brother on the day of his misfortune.
b- You should not: Have been happy about the children of Judah, on the day
they were lost.-You should not: Have boasted in the day of anguish.d- You should not have: To have entered by the door of my town in the day
of his breach.e- You should not: Have looked at his illness on the day of the breakdown. f- You should not have: To have used their property in the day of their calamity of their calamity.g- You should not: To have stood at the crossroads, to kill the
which of them escaped. h- You should not: Have given to those who were left on the day of
anguish. You foolish, were loaded with everything that does not please God; therefore their sin was like those of Sodom or like the generation of Noah. Do not do the same, escape from what irritates the Lord; we must extend our hands to the poor, anguished and needy. Deal with the same love for your neighbor, as for your close brother. The believer must demonstrate the love and grace of God in his life. Being submissive and respectful to the Lord, will always lead you to victory. Six things God hates: The haughty eyes, the lying tongue, the hands shedding innocent blood, the heart that concocts wicked thoughts, the quick feet to run to evil, the false witness who speaks lies. And one more, abominates his soul! He who sows discord among the brethren, Prov. 6: 16-19. The terrible judgment of God would fall upon them and Obadiah does not prophesy an invitation to repent and turn to the Lord. There is no suspension of punishment for them; Obadiah prophesies destruction for the persecutors of his people. The Edomites were almost completely exterminated by the Babylonians, a few years later. Then they are mentioned as a remnant defeated and with much contempt: I hated them and turned their mountains into desolation and abandoned their inheritance for the desert jackals; the people against whom the LORD is indignant forever. Mal. 1: 4. After Rome destroyed Jerusalem, 70 years AD, never spoke of them or their descendants again.4- GOD WILL EXALT HIS PEOPLE There were always enemies against the people of God, but in time they were executed by the Lord. Others in the Sheol , they wait to be judged, and others, like the angels who sinned, kept in prisons of darkness, thrown into the abyss, until the day of judgment, 2 Pet. 2: 4. God is extremely jealous of his people, and his enemies, later or early they will be judged. As you did, it will be done to you; your reward will return over your head. He who sows winds will reap hurricanes. He who sows love will reap life. Therefore, let us not grow weary of doing good, especially those of the family of faith. More on Mount Zion (Jerusalem) there will be a remnant that will be saved; and he will be holy and the house of Jacob (Judah) will recover his possessions. These Edomites, figures of the enemy, are still against the people of God; scheming in their hearts evil. As the psalmist said: Shaking his head and stretching his mouth, Ps. 22: 7. These enemies who mock the believers, may God have mercy on them and in time repent and in time He will save them. Did the enemy take something away from you? Did he steal you? Did it strip you? He mocked? Wait on God! There is no enemy so great that the Lord can not overcome, today encourages you: Your possessions will be returned. The house of Jacob, will be fire, the house of Joseph, will be flame and the house of Esau, (your enemies) will be tow; therefore they will be burned and consumed; do not hurry to act on your own, all mockery of enemies, will have its end in God, the believer should not take the place that belongs to the Lord. Do not fear, God encourages you to believe, not a remnant will remain of them, Jehovah has said it. CONCLUSION: Mount Zion represents Jerusalem, under the old covenant. Mount Zion today represents the heavenly abode under grace. The prophecy of Obadiah ends in that the Lord's people will inherit the earth and reign with Christ. This prophecy will have faithful fulfillment with the second coming of Jesus, where it will be permanently established: THE KINGDOM OF JEHOVAH God bless you DANIEL REGONDI
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