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Former Bears and Chargers player Tommie Harris has delivered an amazing brave, honest and inspiring message at this year's Super Bowl Gospel event. The former NFL defensive tackle revealed how his wife died of a cerebral aneurysm just over a month after the couple got married. But that is not the end of his story, something that happened only 11 days before his wife passed away stunned the entire audience.

"I remember sitting in an auditorium with my wife and I was also watching a man come up and talk about losing his wife," the footballer explained. "While I was sitting there in the audience, I was only married for 30 days. I did not know that only 11 days later I would lose my wife. "

The crowd expresses a collective exhalation at the devastating news. But then, Harris delivered a beautiful message of hope that was nothing short of amazing.

"I realized that death is something that happens in life, it's not something that happens to life," he said.

"Make life count". Make it count! I do not care what it is. When was the last time you breathed deeply? At this moment, take a deep one. Let it go. While you have that in your body, you have the Brady effect. At any time, I have time on the clock, I can return at any time. I know things happen in my life, but I can make a change at any time. "

"I came here to encourage all of you who are going through a difficult time, that the problems do not always last. I have never seen a cloud sit in a person's house for a long time, this will also happen, it must be like that!

Then, Harris refers to a famous scripture, Psalm 30: 5 –

"The crying may last one night, but the joy comes in the morning."

"We have been made to endure the night, and our joy will come in the morning," Harris roared as the applause echoed in the auditorium.

Harris is open about his faith in social networks.

The speech clearly resonated with the others, as the reactions kept coming.

"There has to be a reason why this appeared in my feed today. There must be. I have been feeling as if that black cloud had been on me for a long time. It's time for me to take a deep breath and move on, "commented one person in response to the video. "I lost my youngest daughter 20 years ago next 17th and I can attest and witness that the joy certainly comes in the morning. Amen and amen! I have to share this, "added another.

Harris spoke about the death of his wife in a powerful article for The Players Tribune. He was in Austin when he got the message: his wife, Ashley, had stopped breathing. Immediately he jumped on a plane home. "I ran out onto the asphalt, and when I got to the plane, I knelt down and asked God to do his will in my life," he wrote. "I knew something was about to change. I could feel it. I just did not know what or how. "

After the death of Ashley, Harris through a harsh process of pain and healing, she also had to get used to taking care of the children. "For weeks after Ashley's death, I was stunned. Not only was I dealing with the loss of my wife, but I was also learning how to be a full-time father. I had to be patient, which was not my forte. I had to develop a level of compassion that I had never known, "he wrote.

Despite an adventure in the game he loves, Harris realized that he had to give up his football career and concentrate on his children. He remembered the promise he made to his wife just before he died, that he would take excellent care of his children.

"I had something like $ 25 million in the bank when I lost Ashley, and not a dollar had been able to help her. If I could, I would have given every penny to save my wife, "Harris wrote.

"Then I realized that although I had left my children with the nanny and knew they were in good hands, they were still not in my hands. And that's where I promised Ashley that they always would be. Instead of playing football again, for money, for me, for anything, I decided it was time to hang it. For my children For Ashley. "

"Today, I'm not the man Ashley married. I'm a much better version of that man, one I wish he was here to see, "Harris concluded. "But I know that she is here. Every day. Caring for me, Tyson and Tinsley. Shining the light that guides us as we do our best to keep her spirit alive and make her feel proud. "

"We love you, Ashley, and we miss you every day."

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