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PRAYER: Sir … The victories achieved are not ours but you-yas, because you give us the power to win !!! I thank you for every triumph achieved.
INTRODUCTION: Melchizedek was a priest of God, an employee of the Lord, whose ministry was to receive from God and give to the needy. His name means first King of justice, also King of Salem (or Jerusa-lén) which means king of peace, this meaning of his name goes well with his personality, he was a perfect figure of Christ: Our King, Sacerdo-te, Justice and Peace.1- WITHOUT A FATHER, WITHOUT A MOTHER, WITHOUT GENEALOGY, He.7: 3Melquisedec, was not God, nor angel of God, but simply a man sent by God. This Canaanite man who was not Jewish, served the true God like Abram. Some writers highlight this man and Job, who without being Israelites were devotees of our Lord. Melchizedek is shown without genealogy, because in this way typifies Christ as a child of God who is without beginning of days and without end, Alpha and Omega. -ga. His only appearance in the Bible is very important and what we know about him, is through the revelation given by God to the Apostle Paul, He.6: 20, Cap.7.2- THEN MELCHISEDEC … PRIEST OF GOD This priest appears just at the precise moment, because it moved in the will of God to interpose between Abram and the king of Sodom; A few minutes later they could have been desdichado in Abram's life.
Abram, came from the defeat of Quedorlaomer, one of the four kings of the north that for years plagued the region. Abram with a handful of peasants, falls on him at night and defeats him. As it did? He knew nothing of war, he did not even have weapons to face such an enemy, he rescues his nephew Lot, all the prisoners of the valley and his riches. It really was not Abram, it was God. I am sure that the applause for Abram, the cheers, the words of joy, would humanly tempt this man to take something or part of the glory. But the victory corresponded to God alone! How easy we are to tempt ourselves, so quick we take advantage to figure out how the flesh likes to pretend to be with the Lord, that is why Melchizedek appeared, to warn the man of God! 3 – AND I BLESSED YOU … PULLING OUT BREAD AND WINE The priest was known to Abram, because he allowed him to stand between him and the king of Sodom. Abram was simple and humble, this does not like the devil, he wants us proud taking what is foreign, especially the glory that belongs to God. Melchizedek brought out bread and wine, a figure of communion, of the sacrament, of the body and blood of the Lord, at that time? What curious! Well, God has ways of speaking and means to strengthen his servants and every believer against the temptation and innuendo of the enemy. As he reminded Mel, he told Abram that it was not him, but God who delivered his enemies into his hands. Immediately after the blessing, Abram gave him the tithes of all the spoils. What interesting things! The blessing, the bread, the wine and the tithes.All this scene between Abram and Melchizedek, would surprise the king of Sodom figure of Satan, desperate to tempt Abram, who strengthened by this blessing, rejects this offer and says: I will take nothing of everything that is yours, not a thread or a shoe strap, so you do not say I enriched Abram. Brother Fill yourself with God! Participate in communion, prayers, to strengthen your spiritual life and reject each of the offers of Sata-nás.4- ACCORDING TO THE ORDER OF Melchizedek This order represents the spiritual priesthood, distinct from the Levitical or Aronic order, which was constituted to a carnal, human and temporary order, given by God through Moses, which was transmitted from parents to children and none could obtain it if it was not from the tribe of Levi, whether they were bad or good. This is why the appearance of Melchizedek is so important, because it serves to demonstrate that it existed before the law, and of that aronic order. The important thing here is to show that Jesus was of the order of Melchizedek … A spiritual and permanent ministry. That is why the Jews rejected him because he was not from the tribe of Levi or the family of Aaron, but from the tribe of Judah, of which Moses spoke nothing about the ministry. But Jesus was of a much higher order than Melchizedek. A: It existed before Aaron and remains forever.
B: He was ordained by God and not by men
C: Being without genealogy, it was not by succession5- CONTINUING THE SAME ORDENAl to end Christ with the order of the law, a new covenant is given, to a new order, like that of Melchizedek; so today the Lord calls his ministers, workers, employees, according to his own order regarding the ministry, and through his Holy Spirit he separates them, fills them with anointing and power, gives them gifts, ministries and sends them to preach, and no one takes this honor for himself … But he who is called by God Hallelujah! Today of any people, race, color, He makes his ministers, Abram the father of faith, received the spiritual blessing of one greater than him, He.7: 7, to whom he gave the tithes of the spoils. God through Abram supported his employee, priest and worker Melchizedec economically. For that the ten-mos were used. Then when the law came, the Levites and priests being of a carnal and passing order, even to them God sustained economically through the ten-mos, Nm.18: 21-26 and gave orders not to forsake their employees, Dt .12: 19. Today in grace, the Apostle Paul confirms the same1 Co.9 (Read the whole chapter especially Verses 13- 14) So also did the Lord command as in the time of Melchizedek, as in the time of law, as in the time of grace with tithes we must keep the Lord's workers !!! CONCLUSION: What a great man was Melchizedek and what a great ministry he had. A perfect figure of Christ, that the Apostle Paul served to give a great teaching that until today serves us. God bless youDANIEL REGONDI
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