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Marcos Witt and the inciterMarcos Witt and the attacker

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ARGENTINA. – A video about two people trying to provoke the psalmist Marcos Witt, has generated controversy in the social networks, the video was recorded in Buenos Aires, according to the memorándum of Marcos he was in Argentina in this year.
One of the attackers shown in the video is Alejandro Zurita a provocateur, who does not do this for the first time, last month he attacked Guillermo Maldonado for being named "apostle", shouting that the last apostle had been Pablo, this He made at the end of the event "Invasion of God's Love", which was held at the Luna Park stadium in the city. Zurita has also published videos discriminating against Christian women, noting that they can not exercise any kind of leadership in the church.

Alejandro Zurita was in the exit for several hours just to try to record Marcos Witt with accusatory and discriminatory questions, Alejandro Zurita, rather than looking for an answer, sought to provoke the psalmist with a misplaced aptitude and far from being a Christian son of God, accusing him with lies that he went to sing to the Vatican, information that is totally false. in the attempt of these two individuals to incite a reaction from the psalmist who did not respond in a violent way as they expected, but he felt intimidated and tried to respond calmly to the questions.

This is the story of the video:

Zurita: Don Marcos Witt, I can ask you a question, why do you follow ecumenism? Why are you deceiving the church of Christ? Why is he selling the gospel? Why is he a merchant of the Church? faith?

Marcos Witt: Listen to me, listen to me …

Woman: What does a child of God do in the Vatican … singing?

Marcos Witt: I've never been to the Vatican.

Woman: You have never been?

Marcos Witt: Never!

Zurita: Did you say there was a different path?

Marcos Witt: Would you let me answer? … I am not ecumenical, I have never been ecumenical and it is a pride to be an ambassador of the Christian evangelical church throughout Latin America. God bless you.

Zurita: Represent her as such then and stop selling the things of God. The evidence is in video and we will continue to follow it.

The controversial videos of Alejandro Zurita, rather than seeking to carry the gospel, seek to attack him, using false accusations only to intimidate his victims. at the end of the video they threaten Marcos with following him up, they are surely looking to destroy his career, but from what he sees, they are destroying themselves by using lies in their provocations.

It is worth noting that God called us to peace, and the commission is to make disciples of all nations not to attack or to divide. There are millions of souls that are without Christ, there we must spend our strength in rescuing them for Jesus our Savior.


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