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Although many believers take advantage of the end of the year to make some resolutions, there are also many who prefer not to do them; either out of fear of failure or the fact that making resolutions may sound somewhat presumptuous: "I'm going to read the entire Bible in 2016"; or "I will break with that sinful habit with which I have had to fight throughout my Christian life"; or "I will watch less TV and be less aware of Facebook, to read at least 3 books every month during this year". This type of resolution can give the impression that the believer is depending on his own decision to grow spiritually.

However, in 2 Thessalonians 2: 11-12 we see that it is right for a believer to make resolutions in his life, as long as he fully protects himself in the power of God and not in his own strength.

"Wherefore we also pray always for you, that our God may consider you worthy of his calling, and fulfill every purpose of goodness and every work of faith with his power, that the name of our Lord Jesus Christ may be glorified in you, and you in him, by the grace of our God and the Lord Jesus Christ. "

The phrase that translates as "desire for goodness" contains the idea of ​​purpose or resolution of pursuing what seems good or appropriate. That is why the New International Version translates the text in this way: "That is why we pray constantly for you, so that our God may consider you worthy of the call he has made to you, and by his power perfect all disposition to good and all work that you do by faith. "

Paul is sharing with the believers in Thessalonica the things he asks for in prayer; and one of them is that God carries out the desires that they have to pursue what is good, and all that with the purpose that they may become worthy of their calling. So Paul is connecting here, in the same petition, the call of God on the one hand and our resolutions on the other. He is asking in prayer that God move us to pursue those resolutions that help us to be more and more coherent with the call that He has made to us.

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Author: Sugel Michelén

He studied for the ministry in 1979. Later he was sent by the Biblical Church of the Lord Jesus Christ (IBSJ), in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, to the city of Puerto Plata, to begin a work there. But at the end of 1983 he was called to be part of the IBSJ pastor corps, where he serves the Lord since then, regularly exposing the Word on Sundays. He is also the author of the blog All Thought Captive.

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