Living under the authority of God

"He served his own generation for the purpose of God" Acts 13.36

When we think of the servants that God wants to use, the heroes of the faith come to mind (Hebrews 11). The people God has used at different times had a common denominator: "They knew how to live under the authority of God."

King David is defined by the scriptures as a man according to the heart of God: "After dismissing Saul, he made David king, of whom he gave this testimony:" I have found in David, son of Jesse, a man according to my heart; he will do all that I want "(Acts 13:22).

"The person God uses is the one who lives under his authority and serves his own generation for the purpose of God."

What should be the characteristics of such a person?

1-It is a person who responds to a "Call"

The Psalm tells us "he also chose David … he called him" to shepherd his people (Psalm 78: 70-72). He called him as he did with Abraham (Genesis 22:11), with Moses (Exodus 3: 4), with Gideon (Judges 6: 14-16), with Samuel and now he calls each one of us.

It is a call to see things in a different way and to belong to him. Live the quality of a new relationship and know that there is a future. It implies a deep commitment and a new lifestyle. The caller is "I am who I am". I am everything my people need. It is a big demand and when we do not respond to this call everything becomes a void.

It must last a lifetime. This certainty changes our own history and changes the course of history. God himself has made himself present. He calls us through blessings, but sometimes things go too well and we do not hear. Other times he has to call us through difficult circumstances. "He whispers to us in our pleasures, he speaks to us in the conscience, but he shouts at us in our pains: It is his megaphone to wake up a deaf world."

David loved the Lord and sang to him with his harp. It touched his heart to follow him. God strengthened him to face the bear and the lion. He began to do his will day by day and God was with him: "wherever he went, he was the winner". But God formed him by means of brokenness.

2 – It is a person who experiences the loss. Therefore David learned to be brokenhearted.

An integral heart is formed through trial and affliction. A never-ending relish for God to affirm his men. He discovered that there is no point in having a proud, proud, haughty heart, that's why the Psalms say "Who can know their own mistakes? Absolve me from those who are hidden from me "(Psalm 19:12) and" Search me, O God and know my concerns, know my heart, try me and see if there is in my evil way and guide me in the eternal way "(Psalm 139: 23 -24). We do not know our heart, but we can ask God to make us conform to his heart.

David was broken. He suffered because of Saul's jealousy and envy. I threw spears when I was at your service. He was deceived, it was not given to Merab, Saul's daughter as promised. They reduced him to a military level, tried to kill him, persecuted him, walked in caves, in the desert, had to pass as crazy to be accepted by foreigners and enemies. He suffered the mockery of others: "you are one of those who say you killed ten thousand …". He suffered the incomprehension of his 600 men on several occasions: "How did you not kill Saul?" Brokenness that gives integrity. "I do not touch the anointed one of God". Love to God and subjection to his purpose. Brokenness takes us to a new level of maturity and faith.

3-It is a person who is strengthened in God in the hardest affliction

"And David was strengthened in the Lord his God," "And David consulted with his God" (1 Samuel 30: 6-7). His fate seemed to end up in the hands of Saul or the enemies of his people. Would you fight against Israel? God gave him the exit but it was heartbreaking for him … Saul and Jonatan killed in the battle. David said: "The brave have fallen on Mount Gilboa, the beauty of Israel has perished. My friend Jonathan. Saul and Jonatan Noble people! They were lighter than the eagles, stronger than the lions, united in their life and in their death, the beauty of Israel has fallen! "(2 Samuel 1: 17-27). Simply, … David a "man of God."

God calls us to "Serve our own generation for the purpose of God." He fulfills his purpose although sometimes it does not seem so. David thought: "Saul is going to kill me", nor would he remember that he was called to be King … but God fulfilled his purpose in David because he "lived under his authority".

Questions for reflection

How is a person formed according to the heart of God? What should be the most important characteristics? What does it mean to be filled with the Holy Spirit? What does the fruit of the Spirit imply? Where is character formed? How do we prepare the servants for the work of the ministry? What should be evident when we are going to serve another culture and context?

How do I usually react to adverse circumstances? Am I hard to accept the authority of writing and what the spirit speaks to us? How should our ecclesial relationships be or with one another? Do I know God's purpose for our generation? How are we serving it?

Carlos Scott

Local and Global Mission (GloCal)

Carlos ScottAuthor: Carlos Scott

Carlos is a member of the executive committee and completo leadership council of the Missions Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA), Resides in Buenos Aires.

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