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"But now, knowing God, or rather, being known by God, how is it that you turn again to the weak and poor rudiments, to which you want to return to enslave?" Galatians 4: 9
I wonder what do you think when you read these words? They are harsh words and in spite of that many times we ignore them and continue reading. "Yes, of course, -we think- what happens to people after knowing God to go back to the same old ways, like the dogs that return to their vomiting, how thick!". And then mysteriously come to mind those people we met in the church and now their lives are a kite or just stopped looking for God from our perspective. And almost without realizing it, we shake our heads with a slight air of superiority and pride that we are not so bad.
But let me share something that made me reflect on reading this encontrarse. The apostle Paul makes a clarification: "but now, knowing God, or rather, being known by God." It is not that you have known God but that He first knew you. And having known you, he freed you from the bondage of the 'rudiments of the world' (v.3). What rudiments? There are so many; but although Pablo is talking about legalism, we can talk about tricks, lies, abuse, selfishness, always wanting to be "first me, then me and then me", wanting to take advantage of who is left, the lack of honesty even in small things, deception, vices, bad habits …
If God already knew you, if he already freed you from the bondage of all those things, how is it that we turn to the 'weak and poor rudiments' to return to being slaves.
Remember, God has already made you his son. And as Romans 8 says, and if children, also heirs and co-heirs with Christ. Let's not go back to the old practices, let's seek to honor God with our lives because that is the all in all.
Published in La Paz de Cristo by Jorge A. Salazar

Author: Jorge A. Salazar
Pastor Jorge A. Salazar is a doctor in Systematic Theology. He is a member of the Global Missions Team (Willingdon Church, Canada) and The Gospel Coalition. He is currently deputy director of World Serve for Latin America, Pastor Holder in La Paz de Cristo and Director of the Willingdon Bible Institute for Latin America as well as supervisor of the International Bible Institute in Arabic.
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