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TEXT: ISAIAH 12: 1 IN THAT DAY YOU WILL SAY: I WILL CANTARE YOU, OH JEHOVAH; THOUGH YOU THOUGHT AGAINST ME, YOUR INDIGNATION DEPARTED, AND YOU HAVE CONSOLED ME.INTRODUCTION: Serving Jehovah is a privilege. I do not know man or woman who having known the Lord has repented of following him and serving him. Now whoever yearns to serve God with all his heart and have an effective ministry will still be subject to trials. The Word of God says that many are the afflictions of the just one and that from all of them the Lord frees him, how much more a servant of Jesus Christ! However, the ministry is not exempt from difficulties, problems and tests. Jesus had an excellent ministry, however, he was opposed by the scribes, the priests, the teachers of the law, his own countrymen the Nazarenes, the Jews themselves and still faced many difficulties with his 12 disciples. The Bible says that he had among his 12 a publican (Matthew) and a revolutionary zealot (Simon); I can imagine the confrontations between them, Jesus leading these men for 3 years, the Lord had to work with those hearts a lot. I already imagine the problems that our Teacher had to see and he walked with them the 7 days of the week.2. Jeremiah, the prophet, also had a ministry that was not exactly the best understood for his time. Those of his people were looking to kill him. Returning bad for good. In Jr. 20: 9 it says AND I SAID: I WILL NOT DEEP AGAIN OF HIM (JEHOVAH), NOR SHALL I SPEAK MORE IN HIS NAME; HOWEVER, THERE WAS IN MY HEART LIKE A BURNING FIRE IN MY BONES; TRY TO SUFFER IT, AND I CAN NOT. Yes, problems abounded for Jeremiah, and they were not small. Danger of death He came as a human to want to close his lips. He was tempted to give in, to throw in the towel. I do not speak more of the Lord, he said. I lived quietly, I lived comfortably, what do I have to do problems with these people, a leader could say. Every man who has a call to serve the Lord will definitely suffer hardship.3. God's call is irrevocable: THERE WAS IN MY HEART LIKE A BURNING FIRE IN MY BONES, TRY TO SUFFER IT AND I CAN NOT. Wanting to throw in the towel to all the servants of God has happened to us, we have all gone through those moments. However, as Jeremiah said I tried to do it, to try and I suffered but could not. Why a man like Jeremiah wanted to abandon everything ?: BECAUSE I HEARD THE MURMURATION OF MANY, FEAR OF ALL PARTIES …. (Jr. 20:10). Listening to murmuring weakens you, paralyzes you, giving in to fear makes you go back.4. But Jeremiah reacts: MORE JEHOVAH IS WITH ME AS GIANT POWERFUL; THEREFORE, THOSE WHO PERSECUTE ME WILL TROPEZE, AND THEY WILL NOT PREVAIL … (Jr. 20:11). Powerful is our God to be that wall of protection for his servants. It is written that the righteous run and he is lifted up. It is also written that we should not be astonished at the trial fire that has befallen us as if something strange, out of this world, beyond our strength, has happened to us. He is faithful God, there is a passage in the Bible that says that with tears it is sown but with rejoicing it is reaped (Psalm 126). In all work there is fruit. NAME: AMÉRICO DÁVILA ZAMORA

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