"I'm alive and kicking" Pastor Cash Luna denies rumors of his death |

Yesterday a false news was spread by social networks about the supposed death of the Pastor Cash Luna.

Like the latest sensationalist news about the Psalmist and Pastor Marcos Witt and the Psalmist Jesus Adrian Romero, of which the rumor spread that Witt would officiate the wedding of Ricky Martin and Romero had suffered a terrible accident in full concert.

This type of news increases causing impact and influencing the Christian field. However, nothing is further from reality.

The same pastor Luna, founder of "House of God" shared a message with his followers to invite them to "EXPOLIT", thus eliminating any doubt.

Luna took the opportunity to clarify that she is well. "Here I am alive and kicking," he said in Instragram.

His days of "Nights of Glory" have led him to become famous worldwide, hundreds of people come to see him.

Pastor Luna with almost a million followers on Instagram and five million on Facebook, has become one of the most followed Guatemalans in that country.


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