How to overcome temptation and sin according to the Bible |

Como Vencer la tentacion y el Pecado segun la Biblia
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How to overcome temptation or temptations and sin according to the Bible. The temptations or sins of fornication, adultery, pornography, drugs, vices, drunkenness, smoking etc. can be overcome with the power of Jesus Christ. All vices and sins are of this world but we are of heaven. Pastor

Sin and temptation will never go far enough for us to abandon spiritual warfare. As long as we live we will be tempted by the devil, by the world and by our own lust for the flesh. The Bible says how you fight against temptations. God helps us in prayer, fasting and studying the Word of God.

Sin is not strong enough to turn you away from God. Only you can get away from your savior and lose your salvation. Sin invites you to abandon your faith but it can not force you to do so. God can help you, in the Bible is the answer we all seek to sanctify our flesh and our whole life.

Overcoming the temptation we will have better marriages, children and above all communion with the Holy Spirit.
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