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One of the most poignant sensations during the afflictions is that of heaven closed to our prayers. When, like Job, we moan, "I cry to you and you do not hear me". When the most intense prayer does not seem to take flight. When we plead with others to plead for us in case God hears the resounding tone of our prayer.
He, on the other hand, is not a passive spectator. His meticulous sovereignty, which counts all our hair, directs the storm but not from the cold laboratory but from the warm room of prayer. Incredible but true, God also has a place of prayer. In fact: two.
But how? Is not He the object of our prayer and not the subject who prays? He is prayed for, but He does not pray! He answers, does not pray! How could God pray, too? It would be an absurd antinomy!
It is not up to us to unravel this mystery. What we do know is that the Trinity is broken down as God into three persons with interactive individuality. And the most critical interaction to everything that happens to us in life is the intercession of Christ, and that of the Holy Spirit. Both raise a prayer for you to the Father, with an approach and place appropriate to each one.

The intercession of Christ
The prayer precinct of Christ is the throne "of the wish fulfilled". For every request is fulfilled to the one who is seated at the right hand of the Father. This is intuited by Paul: Who is the one who will condemn? Christ is the one who died; moreover, he who also was raised, who is also at the right hand of God, who also intercedes for us (Rom. 8:34). Every threat is counteracted by His intercession.
The idea of ​​this intercession causes discomfiture at first sight, for why would Christ have prayed when with his death everything was consummated, all guaranteed redemption. He has entered into his rest and walks on a special heavenly vacation.
The Ría de Cristianos do not know that the work of Christ is a chain of essential and inseparable events. Christ died for us, rose for us, sat at the right hand of the judge for us, and now, intercedes for us. Endorsed by his death, his intercession sustains us day by day. In a manner of speaking, each time Christ asks for something, he shows the Father the wounds on his hands, a symbol of the irrefutable and inexhaustible chest of his merit for which he is granted the portion of grace and benévolo providence necessary for our preservation.
For her, none of the inclemency of the test: hunger, nakedness, temptation, danger or sword can tear us apart. Pedro, he lived it in his own flesh. The devil selected him to shake him (Luke 22:31), Christ intercessor interposed and could live to tell it. For no Christian can fight with the devil on his own and leave unharmed and much less strengthened.
Christian, take a breath! Little are the sum of your prayers and that of all your brothers compared to the intercession of Christ. He paid a high price for you, and no matter how hard the storm rages, he will intercede so that his precious possession can be sustained.

The intercession of the Spirit
As if that were not enough, there is a second intercessory power. The Spirit that intercedes not from a throne but inside the pigsty of our heart.
The bloody journey through a fallen world and the inclemency of afflictions disorients God's will. The Spirit "intercedes for us with groans that can not be uttered, but he who searches the hearts knows what the Spirit intends, because according to the will of God he intercedes for the saints" Romans 8: 26-27. There is no doubt that we should all improve our prayer life, however it does not matter how foolish they are when they reach heaven they are as perfect as if Christ himself has raised them. The Holy Spirit is the editor of our prayers, with unspeakable moans he rewrites them so that they tune in to the pleasing and perfect will of God.
We are happy to know ourselves surrounded by the prayers of God, from top to bottom and bottom to top. They are like divine inspiration. In the prophetic books God comes to the prophets, in other books like the Psalms, the inspiration is from the bottom to the top, men come to God inspired by the same Spirit.
It is not about abandoning prayer and relying solely on the intercession of Christ and the Spirit. More because of this reality, our prayers are never thrown into the wastebasket, they are deposited in the heart of an affectionate and compassionate Father.
Christian, take a breath! During the valley of tears, God is in both the control room and the prayer room. His prayer for you is, so that as Job exclaimed, you leave the trial as gold, because we are his treasure.

Author: Tony Segar
A native of Mexico City, Tony is a Talbot theological seminary graduate. It was entrusted by John MarcArthur's church to the ministry of church planting among Hispanics. He is currently the director of the Hispanic Department of Biblical Software Logos. Find your personal blog in Biblical Thinking.

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