Father Luis Toro president of Venezuela

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The Catholic priest Luis Toro, better known as Luis Toro, is a Catholic "apologist" who refuses to carry out positivo debates with positivo apologists. In the Catholic social networks they proclaim it with the new president of Venezuela. When He Pastor Eduardo Gutierrez I challenge him to debate, he only agreed to debate on the tithe but not on a Catholic theme for fear of being defeated. This "father" luis bull also promised in front of hundreds of Catholics and thousands online to hold a debate on the primacy of Peter with the Pastor Eduardo Gutierrez but he did not keep his word.

Here is a sample of the stratagems of the so-called P Luis Toro:

On the other hand, Father Luis Toro flatly refuses to debate again with the Pastor Gutierrez to the point that I denied him the entrance to his events, here is the proof:

In this way, this Catholic priest looks for Christians who are not prepared to make their false debates that are more than debates, they are a show of bad taste. The positive of the case is that by hiding from the true Christian apologists, he is discovering that he can not sustain the lie in front of the truth.

This Catholic priest has bought immense properties in Venezuela because of the poverty that that country is living and the dollars that generate their false debates. According to videos posted on the net, this "father" has acquired cattle and huge tracts of land. According to the YoutubeMoney portal, father luis toro earns advertising alone around 115,000 euros. If we add to this the donations and the income from events we can say that he has become rich at the cost of false biblical debates with unprepared apologists. There is no doubt that the next president of Venezuela could be the winner. The problem is that I would leave it poorer.

The negative and ironic thing is that many Christians do the game and go to try their luck in their show instead of preparing well. This brings about that his fame grows and the gospel is vituperado.

Father Luis Toro is the clear example of Catholic idolatry because they worship a man who lies to them in front of everyone and so on Twitter, Venezuelan Catholics like Father Luis Toro, president of Venezuela, ask for it.

Leave your comment on how this priest has done wrong to the Catholic people by twisting the Bible.

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