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"And those who speak from afar, do not know anything / Those who have not been here, do not understand anything"
(Variations, Marcos Vidal)
Thinking of a modern parable that helps us think, I thought to write the following:
"They used to watch from afar. And so, without further ado, they sketched a thousand stories and ten thousand inventions whose occurrence had no limits. They said, for example, that the sun always emerged from the dark side of the mountain. With loose wisdom, they affirmed that the triangles arranged in parallel formed something like circles that hugged the horizon. With exaggerated self-confidence they pointed out the multiplicity of colors that reflected the grays of the sea. And in the same way they claimed that the questions of the mystery were only legendary myths that hardly deserved a cent of attention. But in truth they always spoke from afar. They did not come close. They did not explore. They also did not give themselves permission to try it!
"Generations left and new ones arrived, but the matter seemed to have no end. It was as if they were determined to look from afar, without giving way to that risky proximity and full of surprising concerns about the possibilities of new discoveries that would amaze the eye and touch the heart. Was it so difficult? Apparently, yes.
"The professors insisted on writing all kinds of things. The repeaters amplified theories and experiences of improbable verification. Higher structures of power intimidated anyone who dared to express circumstances in different ways (they even reinterpreted theories and practices). And the masses, very quiet but disturbing, spent sleepy in their varied occupations that left no more space than necessary to work, vote, eat, sleep and, from time to time, savor an offer in the weekly market.
"However, suddenly and without prior announcement, the day came when someone opened their eyes. Actually, he already had them open … but it needed to be approached. Perhaps moved by the fatigue that meant enduring all kinds of versions and absurdities (which in his time had embraced as auténtico absolute realities that did not admit questioning) began to walk slowly but steadily to the sound of fearful shocks acquired from his early memory. It was not easy to escape from the comfortable space of preconceptions of prejudice! And besides, who could guarantee that the disappointment would not find it when it reached its destination? What's more, was there such a destiny? He had no choice but to take risks …
«The usual sarcastic glances will say that it ended in misguidance, that there was no reason for their explorations far away, that sound judgment ended up getting lost when a person approached so much … As usual, the" dimes "and" diretes " they do not give or give truce with those who escape the stipulated picture of the whole.
"However, with serene peace of soul and a grimace of happiness that abbreviated everything in a gesture, the one who had stopped looking from afar finally began to contemplate the painting with dazzled eyes, expressing in a slow voice and in poetic rhythm:" They do not know what I feel / Those who were not there / Where arguments fall / Where it's worth beating "».
Parables more, parables less, I fear that something similar happens with the Christian faith: one can look afar and only notice the trifles that delight the occasional commentators. But up close, when you take advantage of the courage necessary to get out of the pile, a panorama of infinite possibilities opens up that obscures everything else.

Author: Cristian Franco
Born in the City of Buenos Aires (Argentina), Cristian Franco is an evangelist who has served the Lord since his adolescence. Over the years, his studies in Communication and Theology have provided him with useful elements of preparation when preaching the Gospel message, accompanying his vocation with a strong solidarity emphasis in relation to social action.
Since 2004 Cristian Franco is an associate evangelist of Dr. Palau, integrating the team of the Next Generation Alliance. He has had the opportunity to be a columnist and publish his creations in different press media. He is the author of the book "Breathe! Fresh breath for your spirit. " Since 2007 he officially integrates the Board of Directors of the Christian Alliance of Evangelical Churches of the Argentine Republic (ACIERA). Cristian and his wife are active members of the "Iglesia Jesus 100% Vida" in the City of Buenos Aires. He also serves as a member of the Argentine National Team of "La Bolsa del Samaritano". Their passion is to develop everything necessary to help people of all ages, nationalities, cultures and economic situations to know the love of God expressed through Jesus Christ.

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