False prophets do not seem false

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As we saw in the previous article, the Lord warns us in Matthew 7:15 to take care of the false prophets "who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are rapacious wolves." These individuals do not arrive with a business card that says: "So-and-so, false prophet." No. They are wolves disguised as sheep; children of the devil who look like children of God. In the Bible the simile of the sheep is used to point out the believers. These men seem to be what they are not. Externally they look like gentle, gentle, harmless people. They seem to be sheep. But they are like wolves, ferocious, carnivorous animals that merienda reach their prey, they tear it to pieces completely.
The wolf does not exist for anything other than that. You can not use it as a pet at home, you can not eat your meat; That beast is there, and we must take care of it. So we must also take care of these men, who do not exist for anything other than to mislead the souls of those who are awakened by the preaching of the gospel, who stand near the narrow door, to do everything they can to prevent sinners enter through it.
They look harmless, meek, gentle, but the Lord warns us here that if we fall into their clutches they will devour us. In Rom. 16: 17-18 the apostle Paul not only warns, but he prays the brothers to keep their eyes open, because of the enormous danger that these men represent: "But I urge you, brothers, to pay attention to those who cause divisions and setbacks against the doctrine that you have learned, and that you turn away from them. Because such people do not serve our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own bellies, and with gentle words and flattery deceive the hearts of the naive. "
The words of these men are soft, easy to swallow. Paul uses a composite Greek word there: chrestology, chresto meaning "useful, good, beneficial", and sesión meaning "discourse". They do not come to us saying: "I do not believe that the Bible is the Word of God." They come covertly, talking about things that we find useful. And with those soft words, says Pablo, "deceive the hearts of the naive". How can we, then, discover the false prophets? What is distinctive? That is what I hope to deal with in the next article, if the Lord allows it.

Author: Sugel Michelén
He studied for the ministry in 1979. Later he was sent by the Biblical Church of the Lord Jesus Christ (IBSJ), in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, to the city of Puerto Plata, to begin a work there. But at the end of 1983 he was called to be part of the IBSJ pastor corps, where he serves the Lord since then, regularly exposing the Word on Sundays. He is also the author of the blog All Thought Captive.

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