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Notice one thing, that all the trees that bore fruit were too busy in their chores, so that none of them had the least interest in leading their peers. It seems very praiseworthy the lack of ambition of government in them, but this brings as a consequence that leaders appear fruitless, very willing to rule over others with a dominant and abusive spirit. I call them "leaders with bramble spirit", because, when someone is not subject to them, they threaten the fire that devours. The interesting thing about all this is that not all the fault is theirs, but those who choose them. Of course, because in the absence of others who could lead, to have more fruit and, therefore, r authority, the government of those who have this evil spirit is allowed. In all areas of human activity, complaints are heard about the bad leaders: in the government of a nation, in the congress, in the mayorships, in the trade associations, in the student governments, in the directives of the parents in the school, in the neighborhood meetings, in the ecclesiastical ministries and pastoral confraternities. But the big question is: Why is that bad leader there, ruling over you? The answer is very simple: Because you chose it, either by voting for it or not voting for a better one. Or what is worse: you are not willing to stand in that place. And if that is the case, you have no right to complain, because you who have fruit and a good spirit, being able to make a difference, have chosen to be so busy in your tasks that you do not have time or interest in governing over others. Thus, you have let someone who has the spirit of the bush reign over you and your peers. Do not complain, then, accept it silently and surrender without restriction. When the suitable men reject the responsibilities that God gives them to help in the leadership of humanity, they allow the spirit of the bramble to emerge, embodied in ambitious men of power, vain, who govern with arrogance and arrogance, demanding of subjection, but they do not submit to anyone, who set the rules, but secretly violate them. When true men do not take their rightful place for comfort, for not making trouble or for attending to their life projects, they allow those places to which they have been called to remain empty of authority or to be filled by the spirit of the bramble. Every time God sees a need he looks at where he has his men and makes up for that lack. When he looked at Israel plunged into darkness, with a king without character in the government, making the wrong decisions, he called a man according to his heart and offered him the throne of that nation and that "man" (a boy of 12). years) did not excuse himself claiming to be very busy in his life, but he accepted the divine commission and began to prepare to be a good ruler. And it was. The best that Israel has had in its history. It did not give place to the bramble. So he calls his men today, that they accept to lead with love and responsibility. I know an organization, with a national president very criticized by his subordinates due to his mismanagement, but with overlapping criticisms, between teeth, for the fear that there is Disagree with him or leave his side, because in that case, hell is waiting for the exit. No one tells him (the only ones who dared were persecuted), so he thinks he does it very well. And there they are, increasingly dry and lifeless, deceiving themselves in being the best and boasting of being very subject. And you, you complain about your authority? Are you able to stand in front of him and tell him his mistakes and be ready to take responsibility for that function? If not, accept it, get in and give it the best of your support, which is valid and shows true character, but do not complain about it. I embrace you through these lines. Rubén Rodríguez R.

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