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I HOPE YOU TO BE BLESSED. YOU CAN MAKE ME COME BY COMMENTS BY EMAIL.1 Tm 3.16 – 4.1. The apostasy.1.a. The mystery of piety. (v.16) 1.b. The mystery of impiety and the last times. (1) Agents Deceiving spirits and demons. Liars with a cauterized conscience. (2) Doctrines – Prohibition to marry. (3) – Abstention from food. Your rebuttal. – Everything God created is good. (4) .- The Word of God legitimizes it and the prayer of gratitude (5). The attitude of the minister.- Do not hide the sound doctrine and refute the false teaching. (6) .2. Piety.2.a. Its opposites are the profane and old fables (7) .2.b. The need to exercise in it (8) – The low relative value of physical exercise.Benefits – Take advantage of everything.- There are promises for this life and eternity.2.c. The example of the apostles (9, 10) – Their work and effort.- Their hope in God.3. Advice for Timothy. – Teaching with authority (11). – That it is not held in little for being young but that it be an example in word, conduct, love, spirit, faith and purity. (10) .- Study, preach and exhort (13). Save that gift (14). Be intensely involved in the gift (15). · Caring for the doctrine and self (16). Comments.1. The apostasy.1.a. The mystery of piety. (v.16) I believe that the logical order of chapter 4 begins in this hallarse 16 of chap. 3. The mystery of piety is the central teaching of the gospel, the Incarnation of the Son of God (no doubt a mystery), his atoning death, his bodily resurrection and his ascension. We can separate ourselves from this mystery in two ways: 1) By preaching something strange, different and heretical, something that does not appear in Scripture or 2) By emphasizing other teachings of the Bible (tongues, healing, prophecy etc.) well neglecting the main aspects, or paying an excessive attention that separates us from Christ. I have seen Christians who are so obsessed with prophecy that they are leaving more important things. The devil's deception does not come from the front, it starts with something good and seduces towards more dangerous things. The attitude that we have to take when studying the Word of God is to look at Christ, to see how that truth, that text links with the Blessed person of our Savior, and to find the way in which we can know him better to adore him more and serve you more In Christ are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge, everyone who seeks "something else" is lost and does not persevere in the main, is removed from the true vine. 1.b. The mystery of impiety and the last times. (1) Satan's work acts like the tares, mixes with the true wheat, creating confusion and seeking to bring true believers to error. This work begins early, from the first centuries but in recent times reaches its peak. The apostasy has already begun, and many antichrists have risen (1 Jn 2.18), but the Bible speaks of the mystery of iniquity and this refers to the manifestation of the antichrist (2 Th 2: 7). If the mystery of godliness is the incarnation of God, the mystery of iniquity is the incarnation of the dragon, of Satan, the wicked one whom the Lord Jesus will kill with the sword of his mouth and destroy with the brightness of His coming. What we should do is not live thinking that all this will happen in recent times, but that the leaven of evil is already beginning to act with less force, and that the Bible calls us to watch and pray, to take care of ourselves. and of the doctrine. We must pay more attention to the things we have heard, lest we slip (He 2: 1), diligently study the Word so that we do not sleep or be deceived, walk in light, and expose the work of darkness. This demands courage, exposing oneself to be ashamed, and also wisdom to admonish with love the brothers who are letting themselves be dazzled by the false teaching. Encouraging deceiving spirits and demons. If the Holy Spirit is our teacher who guides us to the whole truth (Jn 14.6) the demons of Satan are the antagonists to the Holy Spirit, they are the unclean spirits who sow the doctrines of error. If you go to the Newsstand and look at the magazines of esoteric themes, Beyond, Year zero and others similar, you may think that these magazines are human invention, nothing is further from reality: they are deceiving spirits who move behind the scenes. In addition, they are the same mistakes of yesteryear, the same heresies. The Gnostics of the first centuries reappear in the church with a different face, but the doctrines are the same. Beware of fiddling with the world of Satan, let's stop listening to the teachings that make us ramble on the reasons of wisdom. Liars with the seared conscience. (2) While not all doctrines are the work of Satan, he also acts by lying, hypocritical and sinister-minded people. They are hypocrites because they pretend to be pious Christians, you see them indignant as if they were fighting for the true doctrine, they are liars because they propagate the lie and in many cases they know that they lie, and they have a seared conscience, they do not feel pain or remorse before their lies and theaters.Doctrines – Prohibition to marry. (3) Food abstention. It is curious that the Church of Rome has preached these doctrines: the abstention of certain foods in Lent and the vow of chastity for priests and religious / as. Because they are doctrines of demons? At first they seem very holy and pious things, but they have no power to hold the flesh (inclinations to lust, sin, etc.). On the contrary THESE PRACTICES INCREASE them, excesses are known to those who lead these doctrines of demons, carnivals (after Lent), or the abuse of children by priests, or fornication in convents. Marriage is a good thing, lawful and blessed by the Lord when done according to his plan. The food is declared by God as clean. The devil knows this, so things that are good and holy want to make us see that they are bad. Sex: traditionally we have been made to see that it is something dirty, and the false Christians, the wolves dressed in sheepskin have preached things like that on Sunday we had to abstain from sex because Jesus was resurrected on Sunday, on Friday because he died on Friday , Wednesday because it was delivered on Wednesday, Saturday because it was in the tranquilo, and Thursday because I was suffering and being judged, so we only have Mondays and Tuesdays !, this is teaching of demons, and it only brings upset : "Because sin, taking occasion by the commandment, deceived me, and killed me" (Rm 7.11). The Bible says that "such things do have a certain reputation for wisdom in voluntary worship, in humility and in hard dealing of the body: but they have no value against the appetites of the flesh" (Col 2:23). We can not aspire to true spirituality simply by the mere fact of depriving us of things (licit or illicit things), to grow in holiness before the Lord and overcome sin we have: 1. Grab Christ (Col. 2.19) .2. Renew our understanding with the Word of God (Rm 12.2) .3. Meditate on God and know him better (2 Cor 3.18) .4. Crucify the flesh as well as walk and live by the Spirit (Gal. 5.24-25). Its refutation. – Everything God created is good. (4) .- The Word of God legitimizes it and the prayer of gratitude (5). The easy thing is to think that the bad is something that is outside of us and not that is in our flesh (Rm 7.18), who thinks so reduces sanctity to certain norms. The heart is the king, from there sprout the evil desires, we must look at our heart, what are the affections of our heart, their attachments, take away all weight and the sin that besets us and run with our eyes fixed on Jesus. The false doctrine of salvation by works makes people believe that sin is something that is outside, so that depriving us of certain things we will reach holiness. Far from that the Word of God teaches that everything is clean: "What God cleansed do not call it common" (Acts 10:15) was told to Peter, and says Tit 1.15 "All things are pure for the pure ones, more for the corrupt and unbelieving, nothing is pure to them; for even his mind and conscience are corrupted. "He who tries to subject believers to precepts such as" do not drive, or like, or even touch "(Col 2:21) has not persevered in the doctrine of Christ, Adventists, witnesses of Jehovah, etc … who want Christians to return to be under the law are wrong and should read Romans and study it carefully. The minister's attitude. Do not hide the sound doctrine and refute the false teaching. (6). The preacher must be clear, and many, out of a misapprehension, have preferred to remain silent, the Word of God does not encourage such attitudes, the error must be exposed, the man who causes divisions after one or another admonition must be discarded. Many congregations have been mined by the enemy because of fearful shepherds who feared to condemn the mistake by not giving importance, what Timothy is urged to do is preach the Word (and only the Word!) And everything that is according to HEALTHY doctrine It is necessary courage, zeal for God, it is necessary courage and a heart that does not fear man or what man can do, great humility and trust in God.2. Piety.2.a. Its opposites are profane and old fables (7). Is it possible that the Church of the living God, that which has been nourished with the pure milk of the Word of God, turns to fables? It is very possible. The pulpit is full of stories that are used to entertain, supposed miracles and healings that only seek to arouse the believers (and perhaps their money). Satan has decided to sow weeds in the midst of wheat (the true children of God). God has His ineffable Word, Satan has his fables, God has his ministers, Satan his false teachers. It happens that many believers by neglecting the Word of God (worldly entertainment and laziness) have lost their healthy appetite, and have opened their ears to These false teachers, they believe that with their deceptive teachings that distract the ear and inflate the flesh they are "fulfilling", they are on the right path that pleases God, the path of spiritual growth. Pablo has no hairs on the tongue: they are profane (irreverent) fables and old ones. Believer: stop paying attention to the teachings that make you wander from the path of wisdom. As a newborn child, desire the spiritual milk of the Word of God, sacrifice your time and tastes and give the first fruits to God. There is one more warning: this vain verbiage will lead MORE and MORE to impiety, that word will eat like gangrene, not you of those who hear the terrible words of Christ: "I never knew you, depart from me, you doers of iniquity" ! .2.b. The need to exercise in it (8) – The relative low value of physical exercise.Benefits – Take advantage of everything.- There are promises for this life and eternity. Let's now analyze the value of piety. We can understand piety as devotion to God. Piety is the life of God in the believer, a life separated from the world and united to Christ. First: piety is not easy, it implies renunciation, renunciation of oneself, self, and flesh. Pity is the affection that unites us to God and moves us to say "with Christ I am crucified together" but also "Christ lives in me". Every day is a battle, God is on our side, or rather, we are on God's side. Every small step in valenza of obedience to God is a victory, and this daily exercise of piety is made up of small steps, small victories, because as the Scripture says, the one who is faithful in the little, is also faithful in much. Do you want to meet a godly Christian? You probably do not see him giving his life at the stake as a martyr (although he would gladly give it if the time came) but you will see him spending some time every morning to be with his Lord. You will see him dealing with his business with a clear conscience, clean in his words, just in his deeds, sober in his way of life and loving towards all. That is someone who faces every decision he has to make with a "Thy will be done" and "doing Your will, my God, has pleased me." Compared to physical exercise, the life of piety is invaluable. What Paul is saying here is not that we have to flee from physical exercise, that we become lazy and obese indolent, but that the only and limited benefits of physical exercise are contained in the few years that this life lasts, while mercy He has promises not only in this life, but in the life to come. He who makes his hobby for sport, turning in it and letting himself be absorbed by it, is losing the temporal and eternal blessings of the life of piety. What are the temporal blessings? In the first place is the delight in doing the will of God. This is the joy of the believer: the smiling face of his Father in the heavens. "My food," Jesus said, "is to do the will of the one who sent me." It is a joy to serve God, even the smallest service that we can do fills us with satisfaction, the Holy Spirit fills us, and our conscience receives the whisper of the Comforter saying: "well done". What are the eternal blessings? I can not go into this topic much, but I do not have the slightest doubt that there are. 2 Pe 1.10-11 says that "by doing these things … you will be granted ample and full entrance into the Kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ." The enjoyment of eternity depends a lot on our degree of fidelity here. I highly recommend reading the book Think of Your Future by William McDonald. The doctrine of degrees of glory is as biblical as the doctrine of degrees of suffering in hell. Some will be given responsibilities that others in the administration of the Kingdom of God, always depending on what they have done with the use of their talents.2.c. The example of the apostles (9, 10) – Their work and effort.- Their hope in God. Brothers, it is right that we remember the example of the apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ, especially in this apostate Christianity that praises the new "executives" evangelicals "great briefcase preachers, opulent in their way of life, denying the Lord who rescued them and bringing sudden destruction to themselves, which are cause for the way of truth to be defamed (read 2 Pe 2 and Jude). The life of the apostles was not a life of great missionary conferences and great funds at their disposal. His work was on a personal level, with the churches, encouraging, exhorting, working and being very close to the believers "on foot" (if I may say so), in no case behind a distant pulpit, but you can see breaking the bread by the houses, visiting the members, knowing them one by one. You will see them working with their hands (like Pablo who had to work with his hands to sustain himself), passing privations and contempt. But these are the men of God !, men with their sleeves rolled up and in the very first line of combat. May God in his mercy let us, men and women, be imitators of those who by faith lived and died like this "consider what the result of his conduct has been – this is meditated upon in it – and imitate his FAITH" (Heb 13.7) Not a faith of words but a faith that impelled them to live as they lived. The secret of lives like this resides in v. 10, in their hope in the living God. They are aware that God is real. The living God And it is the living God Who fills them with life, who animates their ministry and gives them strength to fight. The other aspect of their hope is in the Savior God (Jesus himself!). And not as some say that he is the Savior of a few, but the Savior of all, and especially of those who believe. The reality and the life of God, as well as his merciful plan of Salvation. Timothy's Advice.- Teaching with authority (11). It is very different to be a despot and a tyrant like Diotrefes, to preach the Word of God. The church had certain problems, some were turning to fables, Hymenaeus and Alexander introduced false doctrines and others misused the law. What had to be done ?, teach with authority! It is curious that the false teachers teach with such authority (which certainly does not come from God but from the rebellious prince), becoming indignant when voices of sound doctrine are raised. I have seen that. I have read literature of charismatics and groups that take flags of false beliefs making a lot of noise and "tearing the garments", and I have also seen believers shyly stammering before these outrages to the Word of God, so as not to disturb anyone and in a false love to peace and a supposed unity of which the Bible does not speak. – That it is not taken for granted because it is young, but that it is an example in word, conduct, love, spirit, faith and purity. (10). Being young is not an impediment to serving the Lord. On the contrary, young Christians should not be despised because they are young, but should be an example in everything: in words: knowing how to use their words wisely, to edify and encourage their brothers, and never in idle conversations . In conduct: Living in an irreproachable way, giving a faithful testimony to other young people and to the church. In love: how good it is to see young brothers serving in the church! In fact, they are one of the most important motors, to see them in the campaigns, to work hard, to clean the premises, in their meetings, to see them evangelize in the street, helping people and young men share in our meetings (of course!) is a blessing. In spirit, faith and purity: There are many temptations that have to face in an increasingly depraved world, and for whom there is not the slightest fear of calling sin something normal, a clean life in the eyes of God and in the eyes of the men. A living fire that consumes them with zeal for God (that I enjoy seeing young people like that in the churches!), Hunger and thirst for God and purity in dealing with the opposite sexes, establishing solid spiritual bonds of brotherhood and friendship placed at the feet of Jesus.- Study, preach and exhort (13) .Avoid that gift (14). Be intensely involved in the gift (15). Timothy had a lot of work ahead, in the first part (verses 3.16- 4.1-10) Paul He gives instructions about his behavior in the church, in this second part (verses 11-16) he gives instructions about caring for himself. The servant of God can come up with what to the Shulamite of the Song of Songs, who takes care of the vineyard of others, he neglected his own. There are some brothers who only study for preaching, but no longer have a personal study! That no one is afraid, is more normal than it seems, and I myself have fallen into that network, there was a time when I had to preach four times a week, that wore me out and I left personal study, I turned in the needs of the congregation and neglected my own to my detriment. The exhortation to reading has commonly been understood as the exhortation to the public reading of the Scriptures (a good practice of the Church at the beginning), personally I believe that it is so, although I do not deny that it can be an encouragement from Paul to personal reading (to the self-instruction of Timothy and his preparation). John Wesley said that every Christian should spend at least four hours with the Word, and the preachers a little more. 13 emphasizes the development of Timothy's gift by being actively engaged in these pastoral tasks. Today many people covet (in the bad term of the word) the pastorate (precisely because of the bad examples that we have seen), but what they ignore is how much work they must perform, how many efforts and how many hours and hours of dedication. It is no exaggeration that a faithful elder-pastor is an extremely busy man. Many devotees of the Nicolaitans doctrine only want the height of the pulpit and not the effort and wear that the servant of God suffers. Here the call is to enter the Lord's fields and work hard. As for the laying on of hands of the presbytery, it refers to Timothy's commendation, which was further supported by a prophecy that was given concerning him. doctrine and of himself (16). Interesting exhortation. Sometimes the charismatic weapon of slander is used by charismatics on those who "are only interested in the cold and dead doctrine", the former TA professor at the Dallas theological seminary in his book on how doctrines were converted erroneous of the charismatic account of cases of students strongly orthodox in terms of doctrine, but habitual consumers of pornography, or adulterers. In the first place, neither one thing nor the other, this can never be used as an argument against sound doctrine. The Bible says: "Let mercy and truth never depart from you" (Pr 3.3). What is more important, mercy or truth? That question is absurd, it is like asking which of the two wings of an airplane is the most important, the left or the right? Both are important! Do not believe? Paul encourages Timothy to take a healthy care of himself, of his life before the Lord, is a call to be vigilant, to pray and persevere faithful, to live in holiness and love, but also to take care to have a sound doctrine, not to fall into error or make others fall into error. By: Martínez (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need to enable JavaScript to view it.) http: //

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