Christian News – Churches buy guns at $ 50 to keep them off the streets |

Churches buy guns for $ 50Churches buy guns for $ 50

The money to buy back the weapons has been donated by members of the Union Chapel and other donations received.

The emergence of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has further increased the danger for Christians living in Iraq, Syria and southeastern Turkey, where the radical Muslim militia are imposing their rules with violence.

Born within Al Qaeda, currently ISIS works independently, and being much more radical because it advocates the restoration of the Old Ottoman Empire which is the union of all Muslim countries, which indicates that if fulfilled, a war will start against the Christians and the destruction of Israel.

According to the Digital Protestant and Christian World sites on the border between Syria and Turkey, ISIS is exterminating with all Christians. He has closed churches and is now offering rewards to those who hand over pastors and missionaries working in the area.

An evangelical leader who works in the region asked for help and prayer since the river of the shepherds are being forced to flee, however other pastors have decided to stay.

Archbishop Louis Raphael Sako believes that intervention in the region is necessary because priests, nuns and pastors have been kidnapped or killed constantly. Youssif Mirkis, another archbishop of the country, said that "few Christians see the possibility of continuing in the country in the future."

In cities where many Christians lived as Mosul, Christian minorities are leaving their homes to move in with their relatives in other cities or trying to leave the country. Several Christians were crucified in recent days in public ceremonies aimed at perpetuating terror in communities that do not align with ISIS.

There are reports that many Christians have to pay a kind of "protection fee" to avoid being killed by Muslim guerrillas. "They do not have electricity with just a little food or water," reported Christian leaders who remain.

It is estimated that the Christians of Iraq were 1.5 million in 2003 but the figure has changed since there are currently only 400,000. With the departure of the US Army and the invasion of the militias, it is estimated that soon Christianity in the country will be eliminated if the exodus continues at the rate it is going


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