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Chapter 1
The conflict
Episode 2
The predestination and sovereignty of God
Chapter 3
Predestination and free will
Chapter 4
The fall of Adam and mine
Chapter 5
Spiritual death and spiritual life: new birth and faith
Chapter 6
Foreknowledge and predestination
Chapter 7
Is there double predestination?
Chapter 8
Can we know that we are saved?
Chapter 9
Issues and objections about predestination
The Arminian response
Some Arminians will respond indignantly to my treatment of this text. They agree that the passage teaches a firm idea of ​​divine sovereignty. Your objection has to do with another point. They insist that Paul is not even talking about the predestination of individuals in Romans nine. Romans nine does not have to do with individuals but with the election of nations by God. Paul is speaking here about Israel as the chosen people of God. Jacob merely represents the nation of Israel. His very name was changed to Israel, and his children became the fathers of the twelve tribes of Israel.
The fact that God favored Israel over other nations is not disputed. Jesus came from Israel. It was from Israel that we received the Ten Commandments and the covenant promises with Abraham. We know that salvation is of the Jews.
All that is true of Romans nine. We must consider, however, that in electing a nation, God chose individuals. Nations are made up of individuals. Jacob was an individual. Esau was an individual. Here we see clearly that God chose in his sovereignty individuals as well as a nation. But we must soon add that Paul extends this treatment of the election beyond Israel in estar 24, when he declares: "Whom he has also called, that is, to us, not only of the Jews, but also of the Gentiles. . "

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