Catholic Church leaves impunity to nuns who stole half a million dollars for illicit purposes |

Iglesia católica deja impune a monjas que robaron medio millón de dólares para fines ilícitos
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Two nuns from a St. James Catholic school in California, Mary Margaret Kreuper and Lana Chang, former director and former teacher, stole at least $ 500,000 from the institution, from the payments of the tuition and donations, who spent holiday trips and casinos In Las Vegas.

Nuns steal half a million dollars to play in Las VegasNuns steal half a million dollars to play in Las Vegas

The discovery was made based on an audit of the school's funds, as a result of a family requesting a copy of a check that had been delivered to the school, which was deposited in another bank account. fact.

Upon review of the school's income, one of the sisters, Kreuper to be exact, was nervous and ordered a change in the records, becoming the main suspect in the flight of income, as reported by an internal auditor.

But for more attempts to hide the embezzlement, everything went wrong because the truth came to light; as well as extra information to the case since it is believed that the nuns were stealing money for at least a decade.

These nuns belonged to the congregation of San José Carondelet, who took as a measure not to raise charges of the fact and they were sent to a convent to each one separately. Some parents rejected the decision not to press charges for these sisters saying that if the sisters were lay they would already be in prison.

Mary Margaret Kreuper and Lana Chang, former director and former teacher

"The rich uncle was us, the parents of St. James," said the representatives of the institution to the outrage of the fact. The monitoring of the police showed that these robberies took more than a decade and that this amount was only an observation from the moment of suspicion.


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