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PRAYER: Sir … We do not want more children of slavery, born according to the flesh, but children according to your grace, so that they are forever free.INTRODUCTION: Abram was a man like us, and we see him fall into a weakness very common in our days . Let us learn from Abram's impatience, not to wait for God's promise and the tremendous problems that this brought. Read Gn. 16: 1 to 17-22, then 21: 1-14 HISTORICAL BACKGROUND: God had called Abram to the land of Canaan, had promised him that he would make of him a great and numerous people from which the Savior of the world would come! This promise given by God, was delayed too much for Abram, year after year expected the birth of the promised son, and did not come.1- THE IMPATIENCE OF ABRAMAbram and Sarai his wife, wanted to help God to fulfill his promise. They planned through their servant Hagar, to give a hand to God, and when Hagar notes that it is on tape, it begins to disturb the peace of the home. From this help of man was born Ishmael according to the flesh, for Ishmael was not the son of Grace. of God, because the idea of ​​Saraí intervened and the ability of Abram who, despite his old age, could still be a father. Abram should have waited, and trusted the promise, convinced that God would do everything. God had not told you, You will multiply, but I will multiply you. When the man intervened, he ruined the whole plan of God, and God had to wait 13 years to erase all traces of this haste, during these 13 long years, God did not speak with his friend Abram. Let's not make the mistake of wanting to help God. Through the Bible, many men wanted to help God: Moses, hitting the stone, twice to give him water, ruining the figure of Christ who would be beaten only one. Peter, on the mount of transfiguration, wanting to make pavilions, because he did not know what he was talking about; Jesus did not build any temple, he was worried in the true temples of flesh and bone. Today we also want to help God; As sometimes the incomes of money are not enough through tithes and offerings, we have implemented substitutes such as: Empanadas, cakes and the famous choripán. As we have also invented courses to baptize believers, delaying this step of faith and obedience, which should be carried out together with conversion. Let us not help God, we are only administrators and not masters of the Grace of God.2- CHARACTERS OF THIS HISTORY AND ITS MEANING, Ga. 4: 22-31Saraí: Type of Grace of God
Agar: Type of Law, human effort
Ishmael: Born according to the flesh
Isaac: Born according to God
Agar: Generates children who are then thrown out
Saraí: Generates children who stay in the house forever
Ismael: Fruit of human effort … Man intervened
Isaac: Fruit of the divine effort … God intervened. From these two children 2 peoples were formed and in all the Bible their fights are mentioned, which continue in our days with permanent wars. Today we have these two classes of believers in the church; those born according to the flesh, the product of human effort, and those born according to God, not by human effort but directly by the work of the Holy Spirit. By the way, it is easier and safer for man to bear the Law, through of rules and prohibitions, that Saraí the grace, the sterile.For the first with us is enough, for the second it requires faith in God and patience to know how to wait.When a sinner comes to you Who do you turn to make him a Christian ? To Agar? To human rules and commandments? Such as: Do not smoke, hair, clothing, vocabulary, etc. Then, it will be born according to the flesh and it will be your product nothing else. We must wait in grace, Saraí; turn to her and you will give birth to a son born of God and will be a son of the house and not a slave of rules such as Ishmael, who, because he did not fulfill them, was thrown out. 3 – WHY DID GOD DEPRIVE SO MUCH TO GIVE THEM THE PROMISE? he gave them before because they were a typological marriage, Isaac his son had to be a type and example of the Pure Grace of God. God made Sarai wait, apart from being sterile he had to reach his old age, also that Abram was old and incapable of being a father, so that we all knew that Isaac, had not come by the effort of Abram, nor by the capacity of Saraí , but completely by the Grace of God. Grace, is when everything depends on God, so should be the children today, born according to God and not by human effort. APLICATION: If you thought that you had to win heaven, by following certain rules of the Bible or the church. If you thought that salvation is the fruit of your effort to fulfill, you must humiliate yourself !!! Well, everything is from God, Grace by Grace.
Pastor Do not hurry to work with new souls, do not turn to Hagar, it's easier, but only give birth to children born in slavery, who then for not fulfilling, are thrown out, you can ruin everything! Remember always: Salvation … Health … . Consecration, everything is for Grace. You should not boast of anything, it does not depend on you, but of the Glorious Work of Christ on the Cross, which gives children who never leave the house because they are the heirs of God! God bless you, DANIEL REGONDI
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