Bible Seminar

This Christian seminar is not framed in a format but is completely integral. Each class is directed to prepare you with a positivo biblical vision. Each biblical doctrine, theological or apologetic element will have a three-class pussy if its complexity is small, 5 if it is medium and 10 classes if it is high. Each class will be on video and you can access it online at Students will have a password to view the videos.

We will study both the Bible and history to place everything in its historical and cultural context. We warn that although each class will have a minimum of 10 minutes and a maximum of 15 minutes the studies will be deep so it is possible that a subject has more than 10 classes to cover all the angles.

Each class will include the hermeneutical study of the text and context, the exegetical analysis of the text and context and the historical cultural situation. In addition to the refutation of arguments wielded by doctrines foreign to the Christian evangelical church.

This seminar has rules and are the following:

1-The offering must be sent the month before, ie the students who participated in must have sent the offering in.

2-The offering will be monthly. It is not admitted to send the offering for several months the same month because that would bring confusions. The videos of each month will have a new password so we will send this password to those who have offered. For this reason we do not want to have brothers who have offered for several months because it would be a great job to review month after month those who have offered to know if anyone did for several months.

3-It is strictly forbidden to copy, record or download all or part of the audio or video of each class. You must take your notes in your own notebook or document.

4-It is strictly forbidden to use the knowledge that appears in the videos and publish it on the Internet even with your own words.

5-It is allowed to use the knowledge of the seminar to give courses in your específico church, Bible school, theological institute or courses in any city in the world, as long as it is not broadcast on the Internet and the material is not printed or recorded in audio or video. That is, you can invite the churches of your community to a específico or church and impart all the knowledge you receive in this seminar and even receive an offering for it. But you can not sell or give away printed or recorded material in audio or video or allow the course to be transmitted or published on the Internet.

6-It is allowed to use course content on the Internet in debates and evangelization, that is, when preaching or defending the faith.

7-This seminar is open to all people regardless of their faith or doctrine as long as each of their word before God to follow the rules of the seminar.

8-Upon receiving this course you are giving your word before God that you will follow the rules of this seminar while you are studying and after the course ends or you leave school.

9-Each week will be taught a pussy of 2 classes and a maximum of 4 classes. These classes will be in video on the page in high definition. The classes will be there permanently and you will have permanent access to the classes you gave so that you can continue to consult them in the future.

10-The key that you will receive to be able to see the videos you can not share absolutely with anyone except your wife or husband, children and parents. The family member who receives the key from your hands can not share it with anyone without exceptions.

We recommend installing Whatsapp on your phone because we will open a group on WhatsApp only for the seminar where you can give recommendations on topics that you would like us to play in the seminar.

Below you will find information on how to offer the ministry and enter the course.

Minimum to offer:

USA, Europe and countries or brothers with good economy = 25.00

Countries with serious economic problems: 10.00

Venezuela due to the economic crisis = 3.00

Unemployed or chronically sick brothers = 1.00

For offerings less than 10.00 contact us at whatsapp 786 370 5555 to send you the link to Paypal.

We always encourage if you can give more than the minimum but with the minimum is enough to enter the seminar.

-Credit card or bank or Paypal you can offer in

-Cheque or money order on behalf of my wife Maite Vazquez Gonzalez at POBOX 1393 Lehigh Acres FL 33971

-Western Union or Moneygram on behalf of my wife Maite Vazquez Gonzalez to collect in the State of Florida USA

God bless you, we wait for you in the seminary!

Pastor Eduardo Gutierrez

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