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The double moral in debate Pastor Eduardo Gutierrez and Apologist. There are great preachers and servants of God and there have been others before but we must let ourselves be guided by the Holy Spirit to develop healthy debates as the Bible says in meekness and reverence.

In first place, we should reply to the question: what is apologetics? Apologetics is the claim to exist a clarification, report and even cazoleta on the situation or method of an argument. In fact, the apologetic line comes from the Greek purist apologia. Communicating an apology meant then cashing a clarification to answer and contradict denunciations, to the exacto that in the famous incident of the Socrates plate. This may sound reasonable or intimidating, but it should not be. Daily we use apologetics in our offices, classrooms and living spaces. Every opportunity that we defend an option in a report, or we quote prototypes to repair an explanation, or we defend our location about a script, we are practicing apologetics. Therefore, what is Christian apologetics? For our finishing, we will define the Christian apologetics of the following form: Discipline that consists of assigning and showing help and proofs of the harshness and reliability of the Christian creed. Apologetics differs from evangelism with emphasis-though both are justly intertwined. Evangelism explains the sincerity of the gospel: who is Nazarene, what sin is, and how we can be saved from the eternal scythe. Apologetics defends the crudeness and reliability of these evidences, and provides a critique against false assertions. Note that Christian apologetics is defensive-defends the truth and reliability of the Scriptures-and is offensive-attacks false doctrines and unbiblical worldviews. When we talk about lashing out, we do not mean physical rage. The rivals of Christians are not other people, but mistrust. What to confess to throwing away is a proactive and essential courtship to exterminate the fables that Satan would disguise as certainty, to call them for what they are: error and distrust. A Christian apologist is one who defends the gospel, while also criticizing distrust.

"When apologetics and theology go in the same orientation, they can be of great help" are the Holy Scripture and theology compatible? Is there rancor between entreambas? the pastor hugo albornoz, gary lee, david diamond, yiye avila, antonio bolainez, and many others reject the so-called apostolates guillermo maldonado, cash cristalera, ana mendez, ana maldonado, dante gebel, benny hinn are apostates. "when apologetics and theology they go in the same management, they can be of great help ". "But it is the apologetic that curses the intendency in which it is necessary to meet.

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