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PRAYER: I ask you, my God, to take me to this abundance of waters, healthy waters, that reach the depths of my soul and my spirit so that, after me, rivers of living waters flow.INTRODUCTION: Water is a symbol of the Spirit Holy. Water is the expression of life. In the beginning of the Bible it is mentioned that there was in the Garden of Eden, a river to irrigate, which was divided into four arms, and the Bible ends, speaking of a clean river shining with living waters that came from the throne of God. Rev.22: 1-2. Jesus said: Let him who is thirsty come to me and drink … And streams of living water will flow from within him, and the Samaritan woman said: Whoever drank of the water that I will give him will not have thirst ever! And she answered, give me to drink from that water, Lord! What a vision Ezekiel had! Waters that went below the threshold of the house towards the east (the world).
These waters will reach the Dead Sea and their waters will be healed and there will be many fishermen there.
God can only produce these miracles and even the spiritually dead can have life.
And there appeared a man, a figure of the Holy Spirit, who measured those waters and measured a thousand cubits and made Ezekiel go through those waters.
Allow that from this moment, the Lord will take you to the deep, great and mysterious of his power.
Then brothers, let's move on.1- FIRST THOUSAND ELBOWS – Up to the ankles This is a figure of those who know the Lord and take their first steps in salvation. Few waters, but they provide rest to the tired and thirsty. This produces so much joy that the Bible calls it First Love, or The Joy of Salvation, and it is no wonder the experience of the dryness of the world, the water of God! True rest begins when we encounter Christ … When We accept you as our Savior and Lord, through the faith and guidance of the Holy Spirit. This miracle occurs when we go through the cross and its sacrifice and allow its blood to cleanse us from all sin. It is one thing to be convinced and another to be converted. Salvation is the greatest privilege that man can attain.2- SECONDS THOUSAND ELBOWS – Up to the knees
He speaks of one who does not conform to conversion, but now walks forward, seeking obedience and fear of God. First, he is baptized in water; what symbolizes dying to the old life of sin and being born to the new life in Christ, and in the second place; enter the communion of the Church by participating in the Holy Supper, becoming an active member, participating in the Chorus of the Church, of Music, as Master of the Sunday School and other activities.
This is a great step of faith, it is the path to consecration that is achieved through prayer, and reading the Bible. The last attitude is better than the first.
Become a friend of God! 3- THIRD THOUSAND CODES – Even the loinsNos speaks of one who does not conform to salvation and to be an active member in the church, wants more … is on the way to consecration and sanctification He wants to be filled with the Holy Spirit, but discovers that speaking in tongues is not everything, but only the beginning of spiritual growth. The apostle Paul says: Procure the spiritual gifts, follow the love but above all that you prophesy, because it is he who prophesies, that he who speaks in tongues, How beautiful is all this! And this obedience and respect for God will lead us to a sanctity without which no one will see the Lord:
These are brothers who come to think more about God than about themselves and are willing to say: Yes, Lord, to all his commandments, statutes and precepts, but he does not yet reach the place that God He wants to take him … Ezequiel, he has his head out of the water, he acts with his carnal mind and his feet touch the bottom of the river, he relies on his own strength, he is not perfect. We still do not please the Lord completely.4- FOUR THOUSAND ELBOWS – A river that could only be swum. This speaks to us of total dependence on God. Plunged deep into the will of the Lord, those who came here say as Paul: I no longer live, Christ lives in me, for me to live is Christ and to die gain, it is not only the 9 gifts; now there are 5 ministries to reach: Masters, Pastors, Evangelists, Prophets and even Apostles; ministries given by God to perfect the saints. In this depth men such as Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Joseph Moses, David and others like John the Baptist, John the beloved disciple, Paul, and Christ par excellence in the days of his flesh came to live. Note with less agreement, even God wants to take you there !!! The depth of these waters also shows us the depth of our security in Christ, because we are hidden with Christ in God: Who will move us from the love of God? Tribulation or anguish? Persecution, hunger or nakedness? Danger or sword?
As it is written: Because of You, we are dead all the time and before these things we are more than conquerors through that Jesus, who loved us.
The life of the Christian is a life of constant victory and growth in God. These waters bring healing … They are healthy waters, millions need them and you can be God's channel to this world in crisis!
Are you thirsty? Come to the source and the river of God CONCLUSION: Our spirit and soul cry out for this water of life, so much so that the psalmist said: How the deer bellows for the currents of the waters, so my soul cries for you … My soul thirsts for God, for the living God! Ps. 42: 1-2. God bless you.DANIEL REGONDI
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